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C1381 yearning

The old blue man looked at his granddaughter and frowned at once: "Why are you thin? There's no meat on your face? "

LAN Yanxi listened, hurriedly put out his hand to cover his cheek, smiled and said: "Grandpa, I like my face smaller."

"Nonsense, as thin as a pole, men don't necessarily like it." The blue old man despised her.

"Grandpa, did he ask you for tea?" LAN Yanxi heard Ling Mo Feng mention it on the phone before. They didn't have time to talk about the tea together. That night, she flew home.

"The Lings are very attentive and nice to talk to, but you and him are in a very dangerous situation now, which makes Grandpa very worried. I regret that I promised you to him at the beginning." In front of his granddaughter, the old blue man naturally tells the truth.

"Grandpa, don't think so. If I don't accompany him through all these storms, how can I have the chance to see the rainbow with him? Anyway, I'm not afraid. I'm sure of him. " Lanyanxi immediately turned around and answered firmly.

"Well, you're right. It's not useless for you to accompany him through all this. He will surely love you and cherish you more!" Blue old man also knows the character of her granddaughter. When she decides to do something, she is very persistent and firm.

"Grandpa, have you discussed the result?" Lanyanxi immediately turned around and asked.

"Ling Mo Feng has come up with a way to get engaged by our elders. You two young people perform a trick to let the outside world know that your feelings are not harmonious. In this way, those who want to use you to threaten Ling Mo Feng will naturally die. Yan Xi, don't you object?" Blue old man asked her seriously.

"No, you can decide. Anyway, I have no idea. I just want to keep my life and fall in love with him." LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

"Heartless." The old blue man laughed and scolded angrily.

"Grandpa, that I won't have dinner with you. I have to go to him to discuss some details. " LAN Yanxi walked back with a dry smile on her face, afraid that Grandpa would keep her for dinner, but she had made an agreement with Ling Mo Feng to meet him at home.

"I don't want to leave you. Go." How could the blue old man not understand his granddaughter's careful thinking? Naturally, he would not be willing to force her to stay.

LAN Yanxi ran downstairs with a smile. As soon as he got to the hall, he saw LAN Er Shu. LAN Yanxi stepped down and called out to him.

Uncle Lan's face changed. He looked up at the stairs. Why did he call back the smelly girl? Doesn't it mean that she went abroad to receive any training?

Lanyanxi was never close to the two uncles, and naturally had nothing to talk about. She rushed out immediately, drove her car and left.

Lingmo Feng came back home in the dark. He has come back with the fastest speed. He can't wait to go home before all the work at hand has been finished. He has never felt this urgency.

In the past, he put his work first, and any private affairs are postponed. But today, he finds that there is a feeling he can't control, that is, his missing for lanyanxi.

Ling Mo Feng's motorcade stopped at the gate, and the man opened the door quickly. As soon as he stepped down, he saw a delicate figure flying out of the living room door.

The girl was only wearing a sweater with a high collar, as if she could not even put on a coat, so she ran out quickly.

Ling Mo Feng walked towards her quickly. Next second, warm big palm grasped her wrist, and the low and hoarse voice came: "go inside!"

Blue Yan Xi a pair of beautiful eyes full of smile, let him so strong drag to the living room, warm heart ocean.

The door of the living room is closed, the air conditioner in the room is warm, and the motorcade outside quietly leaves.

Ling Mo Feng has a chance to have a good look at this little woman.

He bowed his head and coagulated her smiling face. Those big watery eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of moisture, and even more ripples, which made people feel buoyant.

Before Ling Mo Feng came to hold her, LAN Yanxi had plunged into his arms, closed his eyes tightly and felt his firmness and warmth.

Ling Mo Feng also gently trembled breath, thin lips raised a smile, as if all the worries were put down at this moment.

Slightly stiff arm, slightly tight, man's thin lips in her forehead.

On the way back, all kinds of pictures in my mind no longer exist.

That kind of want to kiss her, to press her idea, this moment, only this gentle embrace, evil thoughts in the warmth, become a little lighter.

"Just pick you up!" In the ear, the man's deep voice sounded.

"A lot of work?" LAN Yanxi is a person who is afraid of troubling others. She is afraid that because of herself, she will disturb Ling Mo Feng's work rhythm. That's what worries her.

"No, he just threatened the old president with the evil things that Qiao Zhuo and Zhang Lu did. In front of all the people, he didn't dare to stand up and speak for Zhang Lu. Your safety was also concerned by all the people, so he decided to take you back." Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice.

"Will JOJO and Zhang Lu be abandoned by the old president?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"Qiao Zhuo has been a useless abandoned son for a long time. Then it's Zhang Lu's turn. They help the old president to do evil things. Naturally, they have to think about their own consequences. If the old president doesn't deal with this bastard himself, let the law be enforced. In short, Zhang Lu is going to be over!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes suddenly turned cold. There is absolutely no tolerance for those who are not kind. If you want to maintain the order of this country, the first leader must have a positive body and a positive shadow. A little bit of disorder will lead to the disorder of the order of the country.

"Don't mention them, mention them, I have a headache, let me have a good look at you!" LAN Yanxi took a step back from his arms, raised his eyes, and looked at the man with clear and big eyes.

Ling Mo Feng was embarrassed by her big eyes. He reached out and pinched her face. "What's good for me? It's you. You seem to have lost a lot of weight!"

"It's good to lose weight. I'm worried about losing weight." LAN Yanxi found that the man did not seem to change, or so good-looking, exciting, she also blushed for a while, smiling and joking.

"But I hope you don't lose weight. It's heartbreaking!" Ling Mo Feng said with a deep sigh.

"Don't worry, I'm hungry and skinny. The food there is strictly controlled. I can't eat and drink too much. I'll be fat in a few days when I return home." LAN Yanxi is a foodie. She let go of her mind to eat and drink. The result must not be optimistic.

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her funny words, but her fingers still reluctantly fell on her pretty face, touched her soft skin, and didn't want to leave.

Four eyes touch each other. In the air, there seems to be a sound of electric current flowing through. In fact, their heartbeat is speeding up. Everything around them becomes unimportant or even fuzzy. Their eyes are intertwined and they see strong feelings in each other's eyes.

As if all of these have changed, I don't know who leans forward first, and the lips touch each other gently.

Gentleness is only two seconds, and then, LAN Yanxi's body was hugged by the man. She was trapped in his arms, and the man's thin lips became crazy.

Lanyanxi is a little powerless to parry. Next second, she just feels the world turning. Then, she is pressed on the broad sofa beside her. Her brain is covered and her beautiful eyes blink twice.

Has the man become enthusiastic after coming back from abroad for a few days?

Just when LAN Yanxi was happy, the man suddenly put up his hands, and then sat up, and he stretched out his hand to hold her firmly.

LAN Yanxi's heart lit up a little fire and died instantly. She couldn't help shouting. She thought too much.

"Yanxi, have you had dinner?" Ling Mo Feng began to pay attention to his daily life.

"No, but I don't think there's anything to eat in your fridge!" LAN Yanxi came here a long time ago. He has been swiping mobile phone news until now. It's not true that he is hungry.

"I'll have the food delivered!" Ling Mo Feng reaches for his cell phone.

LAN Yanxi has no different ideas. Three meals a day is also a big event in life.

After Ling Mo Feng made a phone call, he put the mobile phone aside. LAN Yanxi stared at the mobile phone with beautiful eyes. He was thinking about mischief. Is there any secret in this man's mobile phone?