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LAN Yanxi couldn't guess that the man came to her suddenly. He followed Ling Mo Feng with a face covered in circles and walked towards the meeting room nearby. As soon as she entered, the man reached out and closed the door.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes fell on the man's face. Looking at the tone that he was looking for her to settle accounts, he thought that he had made him angry. He was wondering that the man suddenly approached her, and his deep eyes moved gently on her face. The tone was gentle: "is it freezing to the martyrs' garden today?"

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi opened her eyes in surprise, then she bit her lips and shook her head: "no, why did you come to me all of a sudden, not afraid?"

"Scared you?" Ling Mo Feng chuckled, "if I didn't use that tone to talk to you just now, I'm afraid that others will misunderstand me."

LAN Yanxi knew that the man was acting just now, and she stared at him angrily: "can you say something in advance for the next acting? I really thought you were going to do something to me."

"What can I do with you?" Ling Mo Feng saw her face angry, Jun face instantly nervous: "in the afternoon you almost fell down, not hurt it."

"No, the man next to me gave me a hand." LAN Yanxi shook his head and raised his mouth slightly: "I didn't expect that you even knew this? I think you're very engaged in talking to that leader. "

Ling Mo Feng leaned against the edge of the desk, put his hands in the pocket of his trousers, had deep eyes, and coagulated her small face without blinking: "I really want to see you, want to care about you, but I can't be in front of the outsiders, Yan Xi, sometimes, I really can't control that feeling."

LAN Yanxi looked at him with astonishment, and Mei Mou blinked twice: "so you come to see me now, just to see me?"

"Otherwise!" Ling Mo Feng raised his eyes slightly and looked at the monitor in four corners of the conference room: "even talking to you in this conference room, you may be monitored."

LAN Yanxi's heart leaped and he became nervous immediately: "then Then you asked me to come in and talk. "

"It's OK. As long as I can't bear to kiss you again, they don't know what we are talking about!" Ling Mo Feng bowed his head and chuckled with thin lips.

"Since it's so dangerous here, let's go home. It's time to get off work anyway." Lanyanxi felt uneasy at the thought of being watched.

"Well, I'll see if I can get there later. I'll have a dinner party later. Go back first. Be careful on the way." Ling Mo Feng really wanted to reach out and hug her in his arms. Even if he could only feel her temperature, he could not do such a small wish in this place full of danger and eyes.

"Well, I'll go back first. Don't take this risk to see me again. What's the agony in front of us so that we can love each other well in the future? Anyway, I don't think it's hard to get along like this. " LAN Yanxi said softly, as if he was comforting a man.

"Yan Xi, I really owe you so much for your kindness." Ling Mo Feng's heart beat hard. He really loves her so sensible.

"Don't worry, I will ask you to compensate me later. I will compensate me with your lifelong loyalty." LAN Yanxi's face was small.

"Well, I will!" Ling Mo Feng locks her pretty face and agrees gently.

"Then I'll go first!" Although LAN Yanxi didn't give up to leave, she turned away with acacia.

Ling Mo Feng didn't follow her out immediately, just looked down at the floor and pondered.

As soon as LAN Yanxi came out, he saw that some of the colleagues who were going to leave just now were crowded in the conference room, as if they all wanted to listen to the gossip between her and Ling Mo Feng.

"Cough! Are you still working? " As soon as LAN Yanxi came out, he had a hot face, cut his hair on the side of his ear, and forced him to greet them with a smile.

Those people immediately rushed away, laughing and leaving.

LAN Yanxi is out. How about the vice president?

It seems that the conversation between the two people is not pleasant. Otherwise, why hasn't the vice president come out yet?

LAN Yanxi knew that everyone was curious about her way of getting along with Ling Mo Feng. She packed her bag and left without saying a word.

After a long time, LAN Yanxi has left the office. Ling Mo Feng just walked out of the meeting room slowly. His handsome face is dark, which makes people dare not touch his scale and pretend to bow down to do things.

Ling knows that everyone is staring at his fragile relationship with LAN Yanxi.

He sighed in the bottom of his heart that his arbitrary and reckless actions would cause trouble to the little woman again. He did not know how the rumors of tomorrow would be written.

Maybe he will try to control his emotions in the future and can't be impulsive any more.

Since he can't love her openly, he should at least give her a good working environment, and he will never act so impulsively in the future.

He would think of her difficulties and position in everything first, instead of greedily trying to satisfy his own selfish desires.

"Brother in law..."

Just as Ling Mo Feng walked through the corridor and was going to take the elevator back to the office, suddenly, a clear voice came from the corridor next to him.

Ling didn't connect the voice with himself until the man came up with him again and called out to him with a sweet voice: "brother in law!"

Ling Mo Feng stopped, looked back and saw a familiar face.

"You are..." Ling Mo Feng is in a disordered mood at the moment, so naturally she can't recognize her at a glance.

The sweet smile on blue microfiber's face, when he heard the man's question, suddenly became a little stiff.

"My brother-in-law is so forgetful. I'm blue and slim. Yanxi is my cousin." Blue fiber's heart is like being cut twice by a knife. It's painful and humiliating. I can only introduce myself again.

Ling Mo Feng thought of her identity and said lightly, "Oh, it's you. How can you be here?"

"I just applied for the job today. I work in the news department. My brother-in-law. Please take care of me in the future." Blue fiber hands back in the back, nervous wriggle, voice light and light said.

She bowed her head and looked coquettish, but she gave people a delicate and moving look.

"Why do you come here to work?" Ling Mo Feng heard that she had applied to the news department. He looked a little heavy. He knew that the relationship between the two sisters of the blue family and Yan Xi had never been good. The presence of this woman here inevitably made him think more.

"I My father wants me to find a job to experience myself. I think my cousin is very happy to work here, so I want to try it. " Blue microfibril heart quickly rotating, but no matter how she thinks, can not find a better word for a while.

"Well!" Ling Mo Feng responded with a faint look and turned to the elevator.

Blue slender mouth Zhang desire words, but found that the man looks indifferent, so that she dare not say anything, a pair of eyes stare at the man disappeared in the elevator figure, the heart light swing.

She just wanted to get off work, but suddenly heard that Ling Mo Feng went to the Ministry of foreign affairs. It seemed that she wanted to ask LAN Yanxi for trouble. She came here in a hurry. Unexpectedly, her luck was so good. She really waited for Ling Mo Feng, who said a few words to him in a hurry and got familiar with him.

"Ling Mo Feng, you will come to talk to me one day." Blue fiber a face confident murmur.

Although Ling Mo Feng's attitude is very cold, blue fibril is not angry at all. On the contrary, it's a good feeling to talk to this man at such a close distance. Especially in this place, the noble temperament of the man is more and more obvious, which makes blue fibril inexplicable.

LAN Yanxi drove towards home, thinking of the man's impulsive look for her expression today, she couldn't help laughing.

She always thought that Ling Mo Feng was a very restrained and calm person, but unexpectedly, he would also have the impulse to ignore the moment, although it seems to be taking risks, but it can also prove that this man's feelings for himself are very warm.

When LAN Yanxi returned to the vice president's office, someone sent hot meals. She slowly finished her dinner alone and walked upstairs. Ling said that she might come here tonight, which made her have more expectations.