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The news that Yang ChuChu has given birth to a young son successfully, and that his mother and son are safe, has been spread out. The media is also very active in reporting, and there are also reporters who have photographed Luo Jin's Royal Guard in the hospital, who has not come out. It can be seen that he is a very responsible husband, and he will certainly be a father who loves his children.

In the presidential palace, LAN Yanxi walked out of the elevator with a big stomach for nearly seven months. In recent months, she felt that she had only a long body weight, no brain, and her memory seemed to decline. She clearly remembered that the mobile phone was placed upstairs, but after a round of searching, she found that the mobile phone was thrown on the sofa by her. She went to the sofa and picked up the mobile phone, a little annoyed Suddenly, I saw a message sent to her by Yang ChuChu. The background was the ward of the hospital. She stood up two fingers, pointed at the screen, and there was a little baby beside her. She was sleeping sweetly.

"Wow, it's born."

LAN Yanxi couldn't help but be happy for her. Looking at the healthy and ruddy little man, she subconsciously reached out and touched her belly. In another week, it's seven months. The little man danced happily in her belly. Especially when she was going to sleep at night, she was not sleepy. The little man pulled away like a happy one. The one with the left foot and the one with the right fist would not be born A little devil of the world, right?

Think that she and Ling Mo Feng belong to peaceful people. If you have a naughty kid, it's a headache.

LAN Yanxi quickly sent congratulations, and then asked about the pain of giving birth to a child. Yang ChuChu quickly replied to her, saying that she didn't want to experience the second time.

Lanyan Ximei picked it up. The closer she was to the due date, the more nervous she was. But maybe this is the only way for a woman. If she didn't have a baby, her life would not be so complete.

Another year is coming to the end. There are white snowflakes floating outside the window. LAN Yanxi stands at the window and looks at them. It's dusk, and it's dark.

"Madam, it's cold in front of the window. Please add a coat."

Please come and help the aunt, take care of lanyanxi, everything for her.

"Thank you, Aunt Wang."

LAN Yanxi took over his coat and put it on his body, grateful.

Auntie shook her head and smiled, "I'm going to prepare dinner. It's time for Sir to come back."


Said LAN Yanxi with a smile.

During this period of time, Ling Mo Feng was very busy in his work. For a period of time, he had been visiting abroad for half a month in a row. Lanyanxi thought he was going crazy, but this was her husband. He was excellent and excellent, but he was seriously responsible for his work. In this world, there will never be anything that is perfect. Yes, it must be lucky.

The snowflake fell, and a strong light came from afar. Blue Yanxi raised his hand to cover his eyelids. When he was happy, Ling Mo Feng came back.

She couldn't help but walk to the door and wait for him to go home, as if it had become the most expected thing for her now.

The car stopped at the door. After the door opened, there was a steady footsteps. Then LAN Yanxi saw Ling Mo Feng wearing a black long windbreaker, stepping on the steps, and she saw him.

Windbreaker slim, will he straight tall body, more lining of domineering a few.

LAN Yanxi likes to see Ling Mo Feng dressed in formal clothes, handsome and fierce, with the noble temperament, especially charming.

Ling Mo Feng has been working for a day. He just had a rest in the car. At this moment, when he saw the woman at the door of the hall, he was in a good mood. He walked quickly to her with long legs. His eyebrows were slightly twisted and he said: "Yan Xi, I told you how many times. Don't stand at the door and blow cold air. It's bad for his health."

"It's OK, just a moment."

LAN Yanxi is not obedient, smiling at him.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help shaking his head. He couldn't help it. He just couldn't remember, and then he forgot.

"Sir, you are back."

Two aunts immediately came forward to say hello.

Ling Mo Feng smiled politely at them and went upstairs with LAN Yanxi.

Because LAN Yanxi is pregnant now, and the month is big, Ling Mo Feng has installed an elevator at home, so he basically takes the elevator upstairs now.

One side of the elevator is transparent, which can reflect the shadow. LAN Yanxi glanced at it carelessly, and found that she seemed to have gained a lot of weight recently. She subconsciously put out her hand to cover her face. The baby fat that disappeared before seemed to come back.

"What's the matter?"

Ling Mo Feng looked at her lovely little action and couldn't help laughing.

"I weighed my weight again today. It's less than a week. I seem to have gained another Jin. If I go on like this, I won't have 120 Jin by the month of production."

Lanyanxi is young and fond of beauty. Although she is pregnant, she is determined to be a beautiful pregnant woman. But now she finds that she has to go up. It's hard to be beautiful.

Seeing that she was tangled up with her body, Ling Mo Feng couldn't help comforting her: "don't worry, you are not a person's weight now. You are still pregnant with children in your stomach. The last time you took a picture with those small athletes, it was very beautiful. That picture, I had it developed and put in my wallet."


How can you develop that picture? "

LAN Yanxi's face is unbelievable. Last time, she attended the opening ceremony of the children's sports meeting and took several groups of photos beside the children. Ling Mo Feng even thought that her photo was beautiful. But LAN Yanxi thought that she was like a ball, unable to see people.

"Yan Xi, you're not fat now. You're just beautiful."

Ling Mo Feng said, can't help but reach out and wring it on her soft and clear face. The skin is tender and smooth, and he can't help it.

Some of Baoma's skin will get worse when she is pregnant. Lanyanxi has worried about this problem, but at present, her skin seems to have changed little, and it's more ruddy.

"By the way, she sent me a message just now. She has been born. She is a son. That little guy is so cute."

LAN Yanxi said, he found the photo in his mobile phone and enlarged it to Ling Mo Feng.

Ling took a serious look at it and nodded: "it's pretty, but it looks so small."

"The baby just born is so small."

LAN Yanxi explained with a smile.

"Well, I'm looking forward to the birth of our baby. I want to see what he looks like."

Ling Mo Feng's heart is moving. He can't help but hope for the birth of the baby.

"You've been holding me back from taking my child's sex. Do you regret it now?"

LAN Yanxi asked him with a loud voice.

"No, I said. I like boys and girls."

Ling doesn't regret it at all. He doesn't want LAN Yanxi to have a burden in his heart. Who said that he must have a son? If he gives birth to a beautiful and lovely little daughter like LAN Yanxi, he will spoil her in the palm of his hand.