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Seeing that Tang Youkang is very alert to him, Ji Shanghan immediately laughs: "Mr. Tang, please sit down first and let's get to know each other well."

Tang Youkang took a look at the box. He used to be a businessman. He had a lot of entertainment. He knew that this shop was also famous and expensive in this city. Tang Youkang frowned. The people who could consume here must be both rich and expensive.

Tang Youkang has no way back now. He pulls out a chair and sits down. His expression is still defensive.

"My name is Ji Shangqing!"

"What? Are you from Ji's family? " When Tang Youkang heard his first words, he immediately jumped to his feet and pointed at him angrily: "what do you want to do to me?"

Ji Shangqing just wanted to test Kang Youkang's reaction. When he saw him, he immediately became angry and hated him. He said with a thin lip: "Mr. Tang, don't be angry first. Ji's family members also have different positions. Do you hate Ji Xiaohan? As it happens, I hate him too. "

As soon as Tang Youkang heard that he had changed the topic, his expression was also stiff: "do you hate him? Why? "

"If you have to find a reason, it's that he robbed the things that originally belonged to me, the management power of Ji family!" Ji Shangqing said this, immediately hate to bite his teeth.

Tang Youkang then heard a little eyebrow, and sat down again: "who are you from Ji family?" "I'm his cousin. Five years ago, my father took over the management of the company. However, he used mean means to frame my father and put him in prison for five years. He even flattered my grandfather, gained his trust and seized the company. Do you want me to hate him? That was my company. " Ji Shangqing's face turns cold and gloomy when he talks about it. He even thinks about something more. If he is the leader of Ji family, he must be the one Tang youyou came to see five years ago. Maybe he is the one who has children with Tang youyou now.

Ji Shangqing's face is more angry and resentful when he thinks of new hatred and old hatred.

Tang Youkang finally understood what he meant. He frowned and said, "so you really hate him. What are you looking for now?" "I'm looking for you to cooperate with you. I have a listed company in my hand, which has been developing abroad. But when I go back home this time, I find a vacancy in the domestic market. So, I plan to establish a branch company in China, and I'm looking for all kinds of talents. I know that Mr. Tang has run a company before, and the company has done well, which shows that the management ability is also very excellent So, I want to hire Mr. Tang to be a pioneer general for me, and we will develop together. " Ji Shangqing didn't immediately ask about Tang Youkang's affairs from Tang Youkang's mouth, because he suddenly thought that

he had a better way to pull the people who hate Ji Xiaohan into a camp, which is still powerful. What's more, the man in front of him is Tang youyou's adoptive father, which is more valuable. As soon as Tang Youkang heard that he had the chance to be hired, he immediately got excited and his face turned red: "young master Ji, do you really want to hire me? However, to tell you the truth, my previous company has closed down. Of course, it has nothing to do with my ability. It's just that my

daughter has an accident, and I am too sad for a while, so I didn't take good care of the company in time. "

"I know, Mr. Tang, I have also roughly understood your daughter's affairs, and I feel deeply sorry." Ji Shangqing looks sad for him.

Tang Youkang gnawed his teeth angrily: "all these things are caused by Tang youyou and Ji Xiao. They drove my daughter crazy. I will not let them go in my life, nor forgive this ungrateful white wolf." Ji Shangqing even hated Tang youyou when he saw him. He couldn't help being curious: "Mr. Tang, there's something I might want to tell you. I live in Ji's house now, and I've seen Tang youyou. To be honest, I don't think she's as vicious as you said. On the contrary, I think she's a good woman who can't be more

and I even like her."

Tang Youkang was shocked again and looked at Ji Shangqing incredulously: "what did you say just now? Do you like Tang youyou? "

Ji Shangqing confessed: "yes, I like this woman. I found you because I knew you were her adoptive father."

Tang Youkang's brain was a little confused. He sat on the chair with his legs paralyzed for a while, and his expression was extremely complicated.

Does the second spring of his career still depend on Tang youyou? This unfilial daughter, this smelly girl who doesn't know how to report a picture, she killed her own daughter, how can he forgive her?

"Mr. Tang, I'm surprised, isn't it? In fact, you don't have to struggle. It's different. I like her and you hate her, but it doesn't hinder our cooperation. After all, we have one thing in common. " Ji Shangqing saw that his face was pale, and immediately laughed again. "Yes, it's different. Tang youyou used to be my adopted daughter. I still know her better. If you like her, I can provide you with some of her likes." At the moment, Tang Youkang has given up the principle. As long as he has the chance to make a lot of money, he doesn't even care about it. He doesn't want to go home every day and let the old woman think that he is incompetent.

Ji Shangqing finally accepted this fact when he saw him, and he was in a better mood: "well, you can help me pay attention to the market here. Besides, since I have made a decision, the company's business will be completed as soon as possible. You can see if there is a building suitable for my office."

"OK, young master Ji, don't worry, I will help you to pay attention!"

After Ji Shangqing finished, he took out a card from his wallet: "there are 20 million in it. I will give you the most time to socialize and help me open some contacts."

Hearing 20 million yuan, Tang Youkang's eyes brightened. How long hasn't he taken so much money.

"Master Ji, you are..." Although he wanted to take money, Tang Youkang hesitated. He knew that money was not so easy to take.

"Take it. In the future, the company needs you to do more." Ji Shangqing knows how to sell people, so he easily sold Tang Youkang now.

"OK, thank you very much, young master Ji. If you have anything to do in the future, just tell me." Tang Youkang just received the card with a smile, and the bottom of his heart came back in a flash. Look at him. How can he scold Meng Xiujuan and make her look down on her.

"Well, let's eat first today!" Ji Shangqing saw that he received the card, and immediately said nothing more.

Tang Youkang is in a good mood today. When he is excited, he gets drunk.

Ji Shangqing called him a taxi and sent him back to the Tang family.

But in his eyes, he showed the light of cunning. This time, it was not white. Don Youyou, wait for me!