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C1177 the meaning of marriage

Lingmo Feng said that lanyanxi was bored, and she didn't retort, because she was really bored. Now she has nothing to do, and unlike Lingmo Feng, she has important work to do all day long.

"Since you think I'm bored, I won't talk. Keep busy with your work and don't disturb..." LAN Yanxi was not angry either, just looked down to untie his seat belt and thought of sitting in the back position. "

don't move!" The man suddenly reached over and grasped her little hand, which was about to untie the seat belt. Her eyes were slightly raised and her eyes were fixed: "just sit here, I didn't say I didn't like listening to you!" Blue

Yan Ximei's eyes flickered twice in an instant, and looked down at the man's big palm. The palm was warm and gentle. She trembled all over.

Ling Mo Feng felt her body quivering, and then suddenly found that he had held each other's hand, which had not yet been released. Jun's face slightly expanded, and he quickly let go of it. The atmosphere suddenly became delicate. At this time, the flight attendants sent a glass of water to break the awkward atmosphere.

"Well, is there anything here that can see a movie? Novels are fine, too. I want to spend some time Blue speech is to cross the topic and ask with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng's face was slightly shocked. Then he whispered to one of the staff behind him: "show her a book!"

The staff immediately unbuckled their seatbelts and went to get the books. After a while, he came up with several books on law and business management. "

sir, these are the only things, nothing else!"

Ling Mo Feng looked at it, and couldn't help chuckling: "I don't think she's in the mood to read these books, forget it, take them away."

"Wait a minute, what's that book?" LAN Yanxi found a picture book with bright eyes. The

staff picked it out and handed it to them: "this is a book about pregnancy and giving birth, which was brought by the flight attendants." Ling

Mo Fengjun's face was slightly hot, and his burning eyes glanced at the face of the woman opposite.

LAN Yanxi spits out her lovely little tongue, because she never thought she would read a book about how to get pregnant and have a baby here. "

OK, I'll have a look at it sooner or later." LAN Yanxi sighed and laughed, and decided to turn over the book. Ling

Mo Feng felt embarrassed. Suddenly, hearing that she was going to have a look, he couldn't help but chuckle. Blue

Yan Xi opened the first page and saw the pictures of two lovely babies on it. Her beautiful eyes immediately widened: "these two babies are really beautiful." "

Why are you interested in having children when you haven't even thought about getting married?" Ling Mo Feng suddenly felt that this woman was quite interesting. Blue

Yan Xi said with a melancholy voice: "anyway, I have to see sooner or later. Now I have nothing else to do. My mother said that it's a very painful thing to have a baby. I'm not going to have one in my life!" Ling

Mo Feng saw her sad face and heard her saying that he didn't want to have a baby. His brow slightly wrinkled: "women under the sky want to repay the taste of being a mother, don't you want to?"

"No!" LAN Yanxi stared at those lovely pictures on the page, and answered firmly without lifting his head. "

why?" Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought that he might have no future. When he came back, he felt strong and upright. What did he want to do?

LAN Yanxi doesn't want to have children. What does it have to do with him? But there's a real connection, because maybe she'll be her own wife. "

no reason, just don't want to!" LAN Yanxi looked up at him and still answered firmly. Ling

Mo Feng began to feel that she was stubborn again and could not help sneering at her: "if we were married, would you really not want children?"

LAN Yanxi looked stunned and looked at him blankly: "isn't it Tully that we are married? How can we still have children? " Ling

seeing her confused expression, Mo Feng suddenly wants to help her forehead. This woman doesn't really regard this marriage as a transaction. Dare she also think that after marriage, she doesn't even need to share a room. She just wants to play each other?

"Lan Yanxi, do you have any misunderstanding about marriage? Who says we don't need to have children when we get married?" Ling Mo Feng must tell her things clearly again, so that she can't get away with it when she scolds herself for cheating on marriage. Blue

Yanxi's hand was a little stiff when turning the page, and his expression was also frozen. Only a pair of big shining eyes were still looking at the man: "Ling Mo Feng, what do you mean by that? You said clearly that we are trading power and money. How can you ask me to give you a baby? Isn't it just for the sake of each other? "

"Do you know the definition of the first wife? I protect you well, but you can't give nothing. You won't really let me treat you like a guest all my life, and do business all my life. " Ling Mo Feng has no choice but to express her misunderstanding. This woman doesn't seem to be touched by many fireworks, and she still lives in a very subjective world.

"Then If that's the case, we won't be a deal, but a real couple. " LAN Yanxi finally recognized the real relationship between the two people.

"Yes, it's husband and wife, living together like all men and women!" Ling Mo Feng nods. Blue

Yanxi's brain is a little stuck. Her beautiful eyes flicker around a few times, and she looks down at the cute cartoon babies on the picture page. Her heart is in a mess.

"Really married? Then my life will not have the chance to start again. Ling Mo Feng, is there no other way? For example, if we get married for three years, then divorce and find each other again, I won't object to you finding the right person within remarriage, really, I can accept... "

"I can't!" Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is like ice cream. He answers three words calmly and coldly.

LAN Yanxi is a fool again. He says he can't? Why? We'll have a good discussion. Can't we solve everything?

He was so reasonable before. Why is he becoming unreasonable now? "

If I am elected president, do you think a president can get married and divorce again? Or find another woman in the marriage? LAN Yanxi, you'd better think about it more clearly. I think you only see the apparent benefits, but not really understand the responsibilities and roles of this marriage. " Lingmo Feng finished, has untied the safety belt, the staff next to him immediately nervous forward to protect him, Lingmo Feng bowed his head to sort out his documents, turned around, went to a further position and sat down.

And LAN Yanxi, but also foolishly holding the page, fell into meditation.