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C1538 a bad friend

LAN Yanxi got out of the car and saw the ancient green building in front of her eyes. She smiled: "it's really like your style. How did you find this place?"

Ling Mo Feng's face flashed a trace of complacency: "I've seen this place for a long time, and I've thought about holding my wedding here."

Blue words and beautiful eyes flash, dare not look at the man's hot eyes, as if with electric current.

"Let's go. All the guests are here. We just arrived. It seems that some of them are not very good." Ling Mo Feng reaches for him, LAN Yanxi gently holds him, and they walk towards the hall.

Ling's parents stood in front of the door to meet the guests. Seeing them coming, Ling wennuan ran naughtily and held out his small hand to Ling Mo Feng: "big brother, did you forget to bring anything?"

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face is slightly shocked, but LAN Yanxi gently pushes him with his hand: "hurry up, red bag."

Lingmo Feng just remembered that he wanted to give his younger sister a big red envelope. Unfortunately, he really forgot.


"Well, if you have a sister-in-law, you won't hurt me. I will ignore you." Ling wennuan is still very grumpy. He pretends to be angry at once.

However, the next second, her empty hands, suddenly appeared a small box of spirit.

It was LAN Yanxi who reached out and took it out of her handbag. It was also her sister-in-law's intention for her little aunt.

"Wow, my sister-in-law has a heart. What is this?" Ling wennuan's pretty face was suddenly in a happy color. He was very surprised.

"It's just a small gift, warm. My sister-in-law has prepared many gifts for you. I didn't bring them today. I'll have them sent to you tomorrow." LAN Yanxi said with a smile, she really has a lot of gifts to give to Ling Nuan. She didn't dare to give them before. Now, she can give them. All the good things she picked up want to give to this lovely little sister.

Ling Mo Feng saw his sister's mouth was going to smile. He couldn't help but live in LAN Yanxi's ear and whisper: "don't get used to her."

"Brother, what are you whispering?" Ling warm a pair of black big eyes across, exhilarating: "you didn't give me a big red envelope even, but also secretly say bad things about me, right?"

Ling Mo Feng immediately helplessly smiled: "warm, big brother is in a hurry today, forgot, rest assured, this red bag owes, big brother must give you a big one."

"Well, if you have brother, I'll let you go." Ling wennuan immediately ran to the table with the gift from LAN Yanxi.

Ling father and Ling mother look at their little daughter's happy appearance, but also can't help sighing and shaking their heads.

The little girl is growing up, and she can grind people more and more.

"Uncle, aunt." Cried LAN Yanxi immediately and politely.

Ling Mu immediately smiled and asked, "Yan Xi, what do you call us?"

Ling Mo Feng whispered in her ear, "is it time to change your tongue?"

LAN Yanxi's face is hot, and she shouts shyly, "Dad Mom. "

Ling's father nodded happily: "OK, you call me dad, I'll recognize your daughter-in-law, and then I'll enter our Ling's door. We're one family. Don't look outside."

"Thank you, Dad." LAN Yanxi's eyes were red with emotion. For a long time, she didn't shout out the word. When her father was still alive, she was only interested in playing. Now she lost it. She wanted to shout, but she could only secretly shout in the place where nobody was, or see him in a dream.

Now, she can finally shout out these two words. It's Ling Mo Feng who gives her such a chance, and it's Ling's father's love that makes her feel her father's love again.

Ling's mother glared at Ling's father: "on a happy day, we have to be happy. You say so much. You make Yan Xi cry. What do you do with such beautiful makeup and crying flowers? Yan Xi, you and Mo Feng go to greet the guests first."

LAN Yanxi was very moved at first. He was amused by Ling's mother's words. He nodded and walked into the hall with Ling Mo Feng.

The guests of the two families are sitting on both sides. The blue and Ling family are sitting together for tea and chatting. There are some old friends beside them. The atmosphere is not dull.

Ling Mo Feng takes LAN Yanxi's hand, goes to say hello to the elder, and then offers a cup of tea, and then greets the visitors.

"Ling Mo Feng, who are those two handsome men?" LAN Yanxi suddenly asked Ling Mo Feng in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes looked at him, and he found that Ji Xiao Han had a meaningful smile on his face. His heart was thumping. Why did this friend's smile make him feel bad?

Ling Mo Feng hurriedly takes LAN Yanxi to say hello to him.

"Yanxi, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Ji Xiaohan and Mr. Luo Jinyu." Ling Mo Feng made a gentle introduction.

Ji Xiaohan immediately looked at LAN Yanxi with a smile and said, "I often hear Ling Mo Feng praising you for your beauty, but I didn't expect that I was a real beauty."

Ling didn't expect his friend to hurt himself. His face turned red.

LAN Yanxi believed it. She looked at Ling Mo Feng with her beautiful eyes and said in a small voice, "you really praised me."

Ling Mo Feng coughed lightly, disguising uneasiness, nodded: "yes, I boasted."

Ji Xiaohan said with a smile: "when he didn't meet you, he didn't know what a woman was. When he met you, he didn't know how to talk about love. He also asked me a lot of moves."

"Ji Xiaohan, can you say less and drink more wine?" Lingmo Fengjun's face is about to hang up. He really shouldn't have chosen to invite this friend here today, which almost left him with no face.

LAN Yanxi has seen that Ji Xiaohan is intentional. She can't help but chuckle.

I didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to have such a helpless expression.

Ji Xiaohan immediately reached out for a glass of wine on the table, and his beautiful face was full of smile: "Mo Feng, don't get angry, I sincerely wish you a happy and early child."

Luo Jinyu is sitting beside laughing but not talking. His relationship with Ling Mo Feng is a cooperative relationship. He has no deep feelings with Ji Xiaohan. Therefore, he is not good at joking with others, so he can only sit beside and watch.

"Thank you for coming. I really appreciate it. Here's to you." Ling Mo Feng looked at the two sincerely, reached for a glass of wine, and the three touched the glass and drank it.

"Today is your big day. Don't greet us. You have more important things to do. We will eat and drink well ourselves." Season owl cold claps the shoulder of good friend, very casual say.

"Then forgive me for not greeting you properly." Ling also knows that he can't take into account his friend's mood today, because he still has many people to see and many scenes to talk about.

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi greet each other. Suddenly, a woman with a smile is sitting on the table. It's Mei Jie.

She was also invited here. What she was wearing today was a white dress. The whole person looked strange because she was not good-looking, so conspicuous and more discordant.

"Mo Feng, your fiancee is beautiful, younger than I thought." Mei said with a smile.

"Thank you." Ling Mo Feng's eyes concealed a trace of sharpness, polite voice, and even some indifference.

Mei Jie has already felt Ling Mo Feng's hostility to her. However, she knows that she is not welcome, but she still comes on her own initiative, because she wants to see a good play.

Just as the living room was bustling, a black car rushed by.

Wang Xinyi came here in a hurry. However, the parking lot outside the door was full of cars. She looked at the watch in her hand anxiously. She promised LAN Yanxi that she would come to drink the wedding wine, so she could not break her promise.

She saw someone in front of her commanding to stop the car. She drove the car quickly, but because she was driving too fast for a while, she didn't notice that a man beside her suddenly came out. She was scared to step on the brake, and the other side quickly backed away, but still met the other side.

Wang Xinyi's eyes were wide open. She pushed the door to get out of the car. She saw a middle-aged man holding his knee and lying on the ground.

"I'm sorry, sir. Are you ok? Am I hurting you?" Wang Xinyi asked anxiously.

Uncle Yu looked at her speechless and clapped the mud on his knee: "it's OK."

Wang Xinyi didn't expect that the other party didn't yell at her, or asked for compensation at this time. It was clear that the other party's leg was hurt by himself, and he walked with a turn, but he said nothing, so he didn't pursue her responsibility.

"Well, sir, stop." Wang Xinyi was not an irresponsible woman. She ran over immediately and reached out to block the other party's way: "your leg is hurt, or I'll take you to the hospital."

"Are you here to drink?" Uncle Yu suddenly asked her.

"Yes, I'm LAN Yanxi's guest. Do you know her?" Wang Xinyi nodded at once, his face puzzled.

"It turns out that you are the guest invited by the eldest lady. Hurry in." Uncle Yu still didn't say anything, just reminded her.

"First lady?" Wang Xinyi was stunned. Then she frowned and reached out to stop him. "Is your leg OK? I think you are in pain. Let me have a look."

"Be careful next time you drive. It's dangerous." Uncle Yu finished and walked around her.

"Hello, what's the matter with you? I hurt you. Don't you ask me for compensation?" Wang Xinyi thinks this man is very strange.

"I don't want your compensation. I have my own responsibility. I didn't see the way in time." Uncle Yu said lightly.

Wang Xinyi quickly opened his handbag, and then took out a pile of cash from it: "you take it, if you don't take it, I feel bad."

Uncle Yu was shocked to see the money forced into his hand. What's the matter with this woman? No one else wants to be responsible, but instead she comes back and has to.

Wang Xinyi is afraid that he will return the money to her. She runs back to her car and drives it to the next parking lot.

Uncle Yu smiled helplessly and put the money in his pocket.