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C1640 invite you to dinner

Ling wennuan is looking at Fuyu's data. She was able to concentrate just now, but now she can't see anything. She can't help but reach for her mobile phone and look at the phone book. She finds Mu Weicheng's mobile phone number and looks at it in a dazed way.

She didn't have the courage to fight in the past, so looking at his name, her mood seemed to get a trace of satisfaction.

However, this point of satisfaction, far from filling her heart that miss.

Finger in inadvertently, the phone call, Ling warm face a surprise, quickly put the phone to hang up, the general guilty of being a thief.

She thought it was just two rings. Mu Weicheng shouldn't have found out that she had called his cell phone.

But the next second, the black screen suddenly bright, above beating the name of Mu Weicheng.

Ling wennuan let out a scream and hid his cell phone under the quilt nearby. At this moment, he felt shy and panicked.

Don't dare to answer and don't want to miss, Ling wennuan still reaches out to touch his mobile phone and sticks it to his ear.

"You called me?" The man's voice was low, just asking.

"Er I accidentally pressed the wrong number. I wanted to call my brother. " Ling warms a pair of beautiful eyes to look around disorderly, under the urgent situation, has found an explanation reason.

"OK, I'll hang up if I'm ok." Mu Wei Cheng's voice doesn't sound up and down.

"Ah Don't hang up. " When Ling wennuan heard that he wanted to hang up, he was in a hurry and shouted.

"Is there anything else?" The man asked lightly.

"I made an appointment with my friend for dinner at night. Will you come over?" Ling warm directly asked him, although very shy, but some things, if not said, the other side will not know.

"Your friend, I don't know. It's not convenient to go." Mu Weicheng was stunned for a while, and then he replied lightly.

"Then won't you come?" Ling warm voice is full of loss.

"I have no reason for the past." After two seconds of silence, the man replied.

Ling wennuan's heart seems to have been stabbed by something. She knows she's making trouble, but she really miss him. She wants to see him. Recently, he ran to the senior class. Even if she was in the same school with him, she hasn't met him for two days.

People on both ends of the phone are silent.

"Then I'll hang up." Ling warm is not strong, but her voice is heartbreaking.

"Do you want to see me?" Suddenly, the man's voice came in silence.

Ling wennuan didn't expect that he was more direct than herself. She was stunned and didn't dare to answer.

"I'll treat you to dinner." Said Mu Weicheng in a low voice.

"Why do you invite me to dinner?" Ling is warm, surprised and happy.

"No reason, I eat alone at night." Men's voice lines are a little more lazy.

"Well, give me an address. I'll come to you." Ling wennuan is in a good mood. He fell to the valley just now, but now he's up in the air again. He's still walking.

Mu Weicheng hung up the phone and sent Ling wennuan an address. Ling looked at the address and was surprised.

This is not the address of a restaurant, but the address of a community, and the room number of the community is clearly written.

Ling warm heartbeat can not help but accelerate up, frowning guess, is this a private restaurant?

Now many high-end restaurants like to operate in their own homes, which is the first thing for many successful rich men. Because they are busy with their work and don't want to deal with their own meals, they will find a private restaurant as a base to eat in time every day.

Ling wennuan cleaned herself up, took out a set of jeans skirt that she hadn't worn for a long time, and carefully drew a light make-up in front of the makeup mirror, so she went downstairs with her bag on her back.

"Warm, come back early in the evening." The old blue man told his granddaughter.

"I know, Grandpa. I'll be back by nine." Ling wennuan went to Grandpa and kissed him on the forehead.

The old man quickly took his hand to wipe and tried, and his face was disgusted: "what do you paint again? Tired of exhaling. "

Ling warm happy turn a circle: "apply lipstick ah, girls will do it."

The old man wiped his hand and saw a red color, which made him even more disgusted.

Ling wennuan's grandfather is more and more fun as he grows older. She will play tricks on him when she has time.

The driver's eldest brother is waiting for her at the door, Ling wennuan gives him the address, and he immediately drives towards the destination.

More than an hour's drive, Ling wennuan arrived at the high-end residence. She registered at the gate keeper's office and walked towards the community alone.

The community is very beautiful, with dim lights at night.

Ling wennuan finds the elevator entrance, presses the floor, and the elevator goes up.

When the elevator door tinkled, Ling wennuan leaned out of his head and looked at the big house. It was really luxurious.

Ling took a deep breath and thought what to do if there are many people in it who are noisy? She just wants to be quiet and stay with Mu Weicheng for a while.

He raised his small hand and knocked on the door. After a while, the door opened. Standing in the door was Mu Weicheng, who was only wearing household clothes. He was holding his sleeve, showing his strong arm. When he saw her, his handsome face flashed a trace of unnaturalness.

"Is this your home?" Ling warm after knowing what to guess, beautiful eyes immediately opened in big.

"Mu Wei Cheng nodded:" yes, my family

Ling wennuan looked at him in surprise. "Why didn't you tell me on the phone?"

"If I told you, would you not come?" Mu Weicheng's thin lips made a light smile.

"Of course not. I'll make the driver hurry up." Ling wennuan immediately replied with a smile. His lovely face made Mu Weicheng look stiff. He deliberately avoided her. He did not dare to look directly at the stars at the bottom of her eyes.

Ling wennuan walked in quickly and found that this is a big four bedroom, decorated with cold colors, just like the temperament of men, it is always cold, not warm at all.

"You alone?" Ling warm side asked while looking around, beautiful eyes full of novelty.

"Well, I'm alone." Mu Weicheng followed her and looked at the expression on her face. His mood was so complicated that he couldn't understand what he meant. Why did he invite her to dinner at home.

Ling wennuan pushes open the balcony door, and the cool wind blows on her face, blowing her hair across her shoulder, making her whole person show a lot of gentleness.

The balcony is very big, with a circle of tables and chairs, it's very spacious.

Ling wennuan turned around and the wind came from behind her. Her long hair was immediately blown to her cheek. She opened her hands and looked at Mu Weicheng happily and said with a smile, "I finally know what your life looks like. It's almost what I think."

"What do you think it will look like?" Mu Weicheng's handsome face flashed a little surprise. Unexpectedly, she would imagine the house she lived in. She was really bored.

"It's just like you. It's cold and empty. There's nothing." Ling replied immediately.

"Take a seat first. I'll make dinner if you want something to drink." Looking at her happy appearance, Mu Weicheng is in a better mood. He is afraid that she will dislike her family.

"Will you cook?" Ling wennuan's face was stunned: "when did you learn to cook? Why don't I know? "

"You don't know everything about me. I learned to cook in the army." Mu Wei Cheng smiles helplessly and shakes his head. How can she be wider than her sister.

"I want to know everything about you." Ling warms up his mouth.

Mu Weicheng's whole body was shocked, and her eyes turned to coagulate on her face: "you don't necessarily like a person anymore because you know him so well."

"Why? But I just want to know more about you. I don't hide my love for you now. " Ling wennuan looked at him strangely and asked.

"Warm, there is an invisible wall between us, you know?" Mu Weicheng finally stopped avoiding the relationship with her. He looked at her with a sad look. "I don't know if I can cross the wall. My name is mu, and your name is Ling. The feud between our two families is not the result of these two years."

"What does the resentment of the previous generation have to do with us? Why can't we be together? " Ling warm pretty face flashed a sad, her eyes covered with a layer of mist: "originally, you mind my name Ling."