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Ji Xiao Han's serene eyes also inadvertently swept towards the woman sitting beside him. When he saw her pair of large, clear, and innocent eyes, he suddenly thought of his daughter's eyes, which were also similarly clean and alert, without a single blemish. It turned out that she had inherited her genes.

One had to admit that those eyes were so beautiful that it would make one's heart beat faster. When she looked at you with a hint of panic in her eyes, there was an impulse to peep at you with her bright and limpid eyes.

Tang You You's scalp went numb once again. Although she had heard quite a few men flattering her, she still felt that this man's words were extremely ear-piercing.

At this moment, the morning sun shone through the window and onto her flawless white face. Her skin that was like porcelain jade, caused Ji Xiao Han to be slightly absent-minded.

Putting aside her stubborn temper, she was still very pretty.

At this moment, she wore a ponytail, revealing her fair and plump forehead. Under her delicate and picturesque eyebrows, there were two sets of large eyes that resembled jade-green springs, a round and pretty nose, and a pair of delicate and exquisite little mouth at the bottom. The lips were extremely beautiful, as if they were accidentally touched by two rose petals.

Her figure was also very slim, and her skin was almost the same color as her face, white and clean.

No matter who it was, they would be tempted by such a woman.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly thought of the man that she went to see last night, who had come to grab her small hands time and time again.

It must be because of that.

Ji Xiao Han narrowed his cold eyes in displeasure. Just thinking of how this woman would throw herself at another man, why was he so unhappy?

It must be because she was his child's Mummy. He hoped that she would act as a good role model for his parents and not act so intimately with other men.

Tang You You realized that this man's gaze, whether intentionally or unintentionally, was still on her and she felt goosebumps all over her body.

Fortunately, they had finally reached their destination.

Under Lu Qing's care, the two little fellows looked so excited that their little faces were completely red. It could be seen how happy they were to be able to return to their father's side.

"Mummy, how is the discussion between you and Father going? Have you finished talking? Shall we not go? " With Tang Xiao Nai's straightforward personality, she had nothing to say. At this moment, what she wanted to know the most was whether or not father and Mummy had made up.

Tang You You crouched down and gently caressed his daughter's head, saying softly: "Yes, we won't leave, we'll stay and live together with your father."

"Really? Yeah, Xiao Nai is so happy, thank you Mummy. " As soon as the little guy got proud, it immediately kissed Tang You You on the cheek.

Tang You You looked at her son, who was smiling at the side like a little fool. Although her son had a reserved personality and wasn't as talkative as her daughter, she could tell that her son really wanted her to stay.

From the looks of it, her decision was right.

At the side, Ji Xiao Han's eyes inadvertently fell on the woman who was squatting in front of the child.

Under the sunlight, her gentle appearance made him absent-minded once again.

Seeing her imposing and angry look, at that moment, her gentle and beautiful face actually made Ji Xiao Han's heart palpitate.

Tang You You straightened his body and looked at the two little fellows playing merrily by his side.

She sighed softly. As long as the children were happy, even if she suffered a little, it wouldn't be worth mentioning.

"I'll ask Uncle Yuan to prepare some household items for you, and … I'll send some servants for you to order. " Ji Xiao Han looked at the child who was playing around with him, and an unconscious look of gentleness appeared on his handsome face.

Tang You You nodded his head: "Thank you, but I don't have to be sent over. I can take care of myself."

"I was sent to look after my children." Things that Ji Xiao Han had decided on, had never changed.

Tang You You looked at him with her beautiful eyes, but the man turned his gaze to the child.

"Alright, you just have to follow the arrangements. I don't care." Tang You You also wouldn't stand on ceremony with him. Since everything was for the sake of a child, she would naturally happily accept it.

"Can I borrow a car for you? I have something I need to do. " Since Tang You You decided to stay, naturally she had to return the money to Tang Xue Rou.

Ji Xiao Han turned and said to Lu Qing: "Give her the car key!"

Tang You You took the car key, ignoring the man with the powerful aura beside him, he walked straight towards the child.

"Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, Mummy is out on some business. Why don't you two play with your father first?"

Tang Xiao Nai and Tang Xiao Rui, the two smart little devils, looked at each other, as if they had understood something.

She immediately nodded her head sensibly: "Okay, Mummy, drive carefully."

Tang You You looked at the expression the little guy had just exchanged, and couldn't help but laugh. It seemed that in the future, no matter what decision he made, he couldn't be too hasty, as the treasures all had their own ways of thinking.

Tang You You pressed the button on the car key, and saw a luxurious black car beside them light up.

She used to have a crappy car overseas, but she wasn't used to driving such a fancy car.

But, she said, looking around at the cars, which one isn't worth millions?

"Do you need me to accompany you?" Ji Xiao Han suddenly walked over and asked with a low voice.

Seeing his enlarged handsome face, Tang You You immediately waved her hand: "No need, I'll go myself."

If Ji Xiao Han accompanied him, the whole world would be in chaos, Tang Xue Rou would be so angry that he would vomit blood.

The woman's refusal instantly caused someone's face to turn ugly.

Ever since he was born, this was the first time he had shown so much concern for a woman. However, he was mercilessly rejected.

CEO Ji was unhappy.