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As the car drove into the entrance of the villa, Tang You You could not help but look out the window.

In the distant mountainside, there was a row of blue-grey buildings, it was shocking.

"Big brother, he claims to be our father …"

The Young Master that they were known for being aloof with, was actually smiling so gently at this moment. It was truly rare to see such a thing like this.

Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes, looked at her brother, then looked at the uncle in front of him who had a very gentle smile on his face …

"Big brother, you guys really are very similar. Could he really be our father's land?!" Tang Xiao Nai nodded her head blankly.

Tang Xiao Rui knew that his sister was naive and innocent. This was also the reason why she and the Mummy had protected her so well since they were young.

Although the two of them were dragon and phoenix babies, was not surprised that her sister still retained the little girl's innocence.

Ji Xiao Han had been in the mall for a long time, and he had long trained a pair of sharp and astute eyes. At this moment, he realised that all he needed to do was to take care of his son.

"Do you have money?" Tang Xiao Rui took out his imposing manner and intentionally asked with an arrogant expression.

Ji Xiao Han faced his son's question and answered truthfully: "Yes, I have a lot of money."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Tang Xiao Rui continued to ask.

Hearing the little girl asking the questions of such an adult, Ji Xiao Han's beautiful face instantly flashed with displeasure.

How did that woman manage to let his child access the adult world prematurely?

"Yes or no!" Seeing him fall into silence, Tang Xiao Rui's face became even more serious.

Ji Xiao Han gnashed his teeth in anger, but his face was still flushed with happiness, and his smile was extremely enchanting: "No, I've always been single!"

"You're lying …"

The childish Tong Yin let out a sharp cry. Then, her short legs that were hanging on the sofa jumped off, and she walked straight to the cabinet next to the newspaper and magazine.

Her short hand was very quick, and very quickly, she took out a photo from a magazine: "Your girlfriend is her, this Big Star called Tang Xue Rou."

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

A row of black lines had already appeared on his forehead. He didn't expect that his 4-year-old son would actually … The lie was exposed.

No... He had nothing to do with Tang Xue Rou.