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The old lady knew that there was a grudge between the Old Master and the Young grandson, and she immediately scolded him, "It's all your fault. Why did you quarrel with him back then? You are just afraid that he will embarrass you. No matter what he does, he is a child of our Ji Family, so when you see him later on, don't bring up that matter from back then. "

The old man was actually a little regretful in his heart as well. Even if he didn't say anything, he had already forgiven Ji Yue Ze's rebellious nature in his heart.

After the old lady's scolding, the old tutor immediately fell silent.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately asked happily: "Daddy, will uncle really come? Do I miss him? "

The old lady quickly said happily, "Great-grandmother also misses him. Xiao Nai, what if uncle doesn't come?"

"Then I'll call him and have him come and see me. I'm sick! Get him to bring me a present! " After Tang Xiao Nai finished speaking, she immediately started coughing.

The clever way of the little guy instantly amused everyone. Tang Xiao Rui couldn't help but want to call her stupid again.

Just as everyone was looking forward to it, the sound of a sportscar came from outside the door.

"Uncle is here?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately threw everything she had out and ran out the door.

When Ji Xiao Han saw his daughter running away, his handsome face tensed up. He hurriedly chased after her, and grabbed back the little fellow who was walking down the stairs. "Xiao Nai, don't go down.

Only then did Tang Xiao Nai quietly sit on her father's sturdy arm. She blinked her big black eyes and looked at the tall figure who was walking over from the parking lot by the side of the garden.

"Uncle …" Tang Xiao Nai immediately shouted out happily.

Ji Yue Ze's originally somewhat heavy heart instantly disappeared with the little guy's loud shout.

"Xiao Nai, are you waiting for uncle? Good girl, what did uncle buy you? " After Ji Yue Ze finished speaking, he brought out a large bag of strange toys for her. "Do you like the toys Uncle specially picked for you?"

"Wow, so many toys. Thank you uncle, I like it so much!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately pulled the large bag over, "Is this all for me?"

"That's right!"

"Brother, you don't have any, right?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian felt like she was being looked down upon.

Ji Yue Ze immediately took off his hands from his back: "Your brother's toys are here!"

Hearing that he had toys, Tang Xiao Rui ran over quickly: "Let me see what it is!"

"The coolest sports car series model!" This is going to cost me a lot of money! " Ji Yue Ze said as if he was offering a treasure.

"Thank you, uncle!" Tang Xiao Rui's eyes instantly lit up.

After he dismissed the two little fellows, Ji Yue Ze finally saw the two old men who were sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Tang You You, who was standing at the side, did not get the chance to interrupt. Seeing Ji Yue Ze, she smiled and greeted him.

The corner of Ji Yue Ze's mouth hooked up, and then, he walked in front of his grandparents and shouted very softly two times.

The old lady quickly looked at Ji Yue Ze in all sorts of ways: "I am not skinny at all, my Young grandson has grown up!"

Ji Yue Ze was speechless for a while, and then said indifferently: "It's been five or six years, how could I not grow up?"

"Yueze, Grandma watches your movie and TV series every day. My grandson is so handsome!" The old lady quickly said with a smile.

Ji Yue Ze felt goosebumps all over his body: "No way, Grandma, you really saw everything I did!"

"I saw it. Your acting is awesome. I'm proud of you!" The Old Granny praised the Young grandson in all sorts of ways.

"But I have a lot of sexy scenes in the movies..." Ji Yue Ze's voice immediately dropped.

The old lady's expression froze, and in the next second, she punched him. This is all part of the plot. Besides, you are already an adult. Grandmother knows all about adults! "

The old man at the side coughed, "Yueze, grandpa has thought it through. I don't care about you anymore. Do whatever you want."

Ji Yue Ze never thought that his grandfather would be willing to talk to him. He was secretly happy, but his face still carried a serious expression: "Thank you for your support, Grandfather!"

"Yueze, do you have a girlfriend? That Yang Chu Chu who spread rumors with you all day, is she your girlfriend or not? " The moment the Old Granny opened her mouth, she immediately knew how much interest she had in this Young grandson.

Ji Yue Ze's expression became embarrassed, and his eyes met Tang You You's. Tang You You could not hold back his laughter.

Ji Yue Ze replied in a slightly bored manner: "She's not my girlfriend. Granny, you're taking the news from the entertainment industry seriously too?"

"But aren't you reporting every day? If she's not even your girlfriend, then have you found another one? " The old lady felt that since her Young grandson was twenty-four this year, she should be looking for a girlfriend.

Ji Yue Ze immediately comforted the old lady: "Grandmother, don't be in such a hurry. I don't want to talk about love matters right now, I'm developing my career right now! "I'm busy!"

"No matter how busy you are, you still have to take into account your life. Look at your elder brother, now that the child is running all over the ground, why don't you hurry up!" The old lady looked at the two little things running around on the ground tenderly, her heart full of love.

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders, and said with a slightly disappointed tone: "How can I have a good life, I can casually find a woman I love, and this woman coincidentally gave birth to two cute babies for him five years ago."

Ji Xiao Han was helping his daughter take off her toys, but hearing his brother's cold tone, he raised his head and glared at him.

Only then did the Old Granny set her gaze on Tang You You. In truth, Tang You You was not the type of girl who would do things easily, but the Old Granny did not like this kind of feeling.

Uncle Yuan came over and invited everyone to eat.

Thus, Tang You You brought the two little fellows to wash their hands, and Ji Xiao Han came in to help them.

After washing their hands, the two little fellows ran out. Tang You You washed his hands, only to discover that a strong and healthy body was sticking to his back.

To think that he would actually hold her and wash his hands. Tang You You's nerves were stretched taut as she anxiously said: "Ji Xiao Han, don't do that!"

"Well?" Ji Xiao Han pretended not to understand. He liked to tease her and see her blushing face and heartbeat.

Tang You You quickly finished washing her hands and threw the water droplets on his face. "So it's like that!"

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin dodged but his handsome face still had a lot of droplets of water on it. He couldn't help but laugh, this woman was really mischievous.

Only by avoiding the old lady could Tang You You dare to play such a small game with her. Once in the dining hall, she immediately recovered her composure.

Sitting at the dining table, Tang You You was busy cooking for the two little fellows.

Ji Yue Ze looked at her before lowering his head and eating his meal silently.