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C1401 acting with her

What kind of situation is it now? Lanlin is more transparent than Lanxian, but she habitually pretends to be stupid in front of Lanxian.

"Elder sister, if you don't want me to lend you this necklace, you can't let lanyanxi take the limelight this evening alone." Lanlin took off her necklace very generously and gave it to Lanxian.

At a glance, blue fibril is a shape of wings, which is also very beautiful.

"Xiaolin, you are the best to me. Don't worry, I won't let lanyanxi be satisfied." Blue fiber is really moved. I feel that Lan Lin is not only young, but also very sensible and very considerate to take care of her as a sister.

"Elder sister, what are we polite about? You are my elder sister. Let's go. Let's go down. It's time for the Ling family to come." Lanlin calms her mood and goes downstairs arm in arm with her.

Downstairs, LAN Yanxi sat beside the old blue man, with a heavy expression.

The person who knows her relationship with Ling Mo Feng is only grandpa in the blue family. If Ling Mo Feng comes with his family later, how can she cooperate with the acting?

Is there anything else she has to do to be rebellious?

That's not good. If she accidentally offends the future father-in-law and mother-in-law, she will die of regret.

Just when LAN Yanxi was struggling, several black cars outside the door stopped steadily in a row.

Then, a special bodyguard got out of the car and opened the door for several cars. Ling Mo Feng sat alone in one car. Behind him was Ling Laozi, and behind him were Ling's parents and Ling Nuan.

The blue old man threw his family out of the gate, and the two old men shook hands happily on their faces, and they humbled each other into the living room.

LAN Yanxi follows his grandfather, and a pair of beautiful eyes sweep Ling Mo Feng's body. Then he sees Ling Mo Feng is smiling and looking at her.

When LAN yanshiton was caught alive, she felt guilty. She went behind her two small hands and lowered her head.

"Yanxi, this is Grandpa Ling!" Blue old man immediately pushed her to Ling's family and introduced them one by one.

"Grandpa Ling is good!" LAN Yanxi bowed gracefully to say hello.

"These two are mo Feng's parents!" Blue old man introduced Ling's parents again.

LAN Yanxi did not dare to look up, but stooped and cried softly, "good uncle and aunt!"

"This is Ling Mo Feng's sister, warm!" Blue old man finally introduced that pure water spirit little girl.

Ling warm immediately smiled and said, "Grandpa blue is good!"

Some introductions made LAN Yanxi very nervous. A pair of beautiful eyes just lifted up. She ran into the man's dull and smiling eyes. She immediately stared at him. Was this man looking at his jokes?

Although Ling Mo Feng is the vice president, all the people present today are his elders. His identity has been left aside. He is only a role of the younger generation. Without the elder's words, he dare not speak easily.

The two uncles of the blue family are warm and friendly. They greet each other with a smile on their faces.

"Yan Xi, take Mo Feng to our house and have a talk with our elders!" Blue old man suddenly ordered to make arrangements for blue Yanxi.

LAN Yan looked at Grandpa gratefully and was arranged to be clear.

"Brother, I'll go with you." Ling wennuan is only 15 years old. She doesn't have much eyesight. She doesn't like sitting with her elders and wants to go with her brother to beat the crowd.

"Warm, let your brother and miss LAN talk alone. Don't make a fool of yourself. Come and sit down!" Ling's mother immediately sent a dignified look.

Ling wennuan wants to be a big light gun, but her family doesn't allow her. She can only sit beside her mother.

At this moment, at the entrance of the revolving stairs, two young and beautiful girls suddenly came down.

When blue microfiber saw Ling Mo Feng standing in the living room, his eyes suddenly brightened, which was amazing.

I have to admit that Ling Mo Feng's appearance and body are impeccable. Regardless of his vice president status, his elegant and noble body is enough to make women unable to move their eyes.

"Grandpa, Mr. vice president has come to our house. Would you like to introduce him?" Blue fiber immediately ran to the blue master with a very sweet voice to complain.

Blue old man immediately glared at her: "Mo Feng is your future brother-in-law. Don't call him that polite at home."

Blue slender's face suddenly turned ugly. She was not engaged in the marriage, so she called her brother-in-law. What's grandpa's idea? It's too anxious. I'm not afraid to let Ling's family watch jokes.

"Yan Xi, what are you still doing? Hurry to lead Mo Feng out and turn around. Young people, cultivate their feelings well." The blue old man saw his granddaughter standing still, and was immediately dissatisfied and urged.

Ling's father also told Ling Mo Feng very wisely: "Mo Feng, Yan Xi is a girl, you have to take the initiative, but don't lose the style of a man."

Ling Mo Feng nodded immediately and said, "yes, Grandpa, don't worry. I'll have a good chat with her."

Blue fibril didn't expect that he had just come out of the stage, and saw that Lan Yanxi had taken Ling Mo Feng out alone. Isn't there no room for him to play?

"Let's go!" Lanyanxi also wants to get rid of the people's eyes and get along with him alone.

Ling Mo Feng nodded, and the two walked out of the blue family hall in the moonlight. There was a very wide garden outside. The two walked forward with dim yellow lights.

Finally, far away, LAN Yanxi breathed: "finally, I can breathe freely."

Ling Mo Feng looked back at the blue family's brightly lit living room, and laughed in a low voice: "I see you act quite naturally."

"Are your parents not impressed with me? I seem to have put on a little coldness just now. " LAN Yanxi is inexplicably sad.

"No, my family knows that we are in a good relationship. Today, I just came to play with your family. Through the ears and eyes of your two uncles, I spread what happened tonight. At that time, everyone will realize that our marriage has no soul and love." Ling Mo Feng lowered his voice and whispered in her ear.

LAN Yanxi was relieved. All of a sudden, her eyes twinkled and she said: "there are two tails following us. What can I do?"

"Your two cousins?" Ling Mo Feng had already found out that the two women were following them secretly, as if they had been observing them.

"Who else can there be besides them?" Lanyanxi walked forward, a little impatient.

"What do they want to do?" Ling Mo Feng asked with a light eyebrow.

"Want to see if we have a good relationship?" LAN Yan hopes to turn his mouth.

Fortunately, they are also far away from each other. They can't hear what they are talking about. But the distance between them suddenly is intriguing. Blue microfiber and blue Lin exchange a look at each other, and they are all proud of themselves.

"What do you want to do? I'll cooperate with you!" Ling Mo Feng felt that this was LAN Yanxi's situation. If he could not be the master, he would let her make her own decision.

LAN Yanxi immediately laughed: "then let's fight, fight for them?"

"Quarrel?" Ling Mo Feng's face was startled. He would not quarrel.

"There is a pavilion in front of us. Where can we quarrel?" LAN Yanxi finished, and ran quickly.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned for two seconds, then he ran after her.

"Come on, it's going to be a good play!" LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin think they are going to quarrel unwittingly. LAN Yanxi is angry and runs away. Ling Mo Feng even wants to catch up with them. It seems that this is a helpless feeling.

LAN Yanxi ran to the pavilion and leaned back behind a pillar. Ling Mo Feng didn't expect her to run very fast. He gasped and asked, "what are you running?"

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes were fixed on the two shadows moving quickly in the dark. When she felt that they could hear her, she cried out deliberately: "what, I promise you five conditions after marriage? Ling Mo Feng, you're dreaming. I'm blue Yanxi. I don't want to sign any terms. "

Ling Mo Feng's face is miserable. This woman's play is too much. He can't catch up.

"Lan Yanxi, I didn't ask for this marriage myself. The elders of the two families are the masters. If you have any dissatisfaction, just let it out." Ling Mo Feng is helpless, but he can only make up a few sentences at will.