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C1419 promised her

After taking a bath, LAN Yanxi sat in front of the dressing mirror and blew her long hair. The taste of waiting was not good, unknown and expected. She combed her long hair, leaned against the curtain, looked at the straight road, and dotted a long dragon with little lights. But the long dragon was quiet and disturbing.

LAN Yanxi took a sniff and felt that she had to go to a movie to get rid of her anger. Otherwise, she would go crazy if she waited like this.

Fortunately, Ling didn't make her wait too long. At 9:30, his motorcade stopped at the entrance of the hall.

However, when he pushed the door to get out of the car, Jun was stunned. Usually, the little woman would stand at the door and wait for him with a smile. Today, it's empty, which makes him feel inexplicably lost.

Ling Mo Feng took a long leg to the living room, where there was no heating, so he quickly ran upstairs.

Mingming only has such a short distance, but still makes him anxious to see her figure quickly.

The man ran to the door of her room, pushed the door open, and saw the girl sitting on the bed, wrapped in a thick quilt and wearing a headset on her ear.

Although LAN Yanxi didn't hear the man's footsteps because she was wearing earphones, she could still see the figure of him pushing the door in. Her beautiful eyes were just bright and bright.

Ling Mo Feng saw her for a moment, the sullen and lost feeling in her heart, which was all gone.

He slowed down, walked to her bedside, saw her cover the headphones, smilingly asked: "I thought you didn't come."

Ling Mo Feng looked down at her, and saw a touch of bitterness in her eyes. She sat gently beside the bed, reached out and took off the earphones that she had put on both sides of her neck.

"I promise you'll come. I'm sure you will." The man smiled gently. His fingers touched the tender skin of the girl's ear. A trace of electric current quickly burned from the man's heart. He held his fingers slightly and took back his big hands.

LAN Yanxi's coquettish smile, like the wind blowing lotus, has an indescribable charm. When a man looks at it, he loses half of his soul in an instant.

"What are you laughing at?" The man's voice suddenly became hoarse, and the nose was full of the natural fragrance from her, which hung his last sense without any reason.

"It's nothing. You always hang me like this, which makes my heart itch." LAN Yanxi winks at him playfully. What he says makes men laugh and cry.

"Where am I hanging you?" Ling Mo Feng's face is covered. He hasn't convicted her of seduction yet, but she first complained about the pain. Who is the most aggrieved.

"Every day, you don't know how much I want to rush to hug you when I am in the general office. You are the most handsome when you are dealing with business." LAN Yanxi praised him frankly.

"The way I deal with business affairs is the worst part of me. How can you feel handsome?" Ling Mo Feng was even more amused by her words.

"I don't know, but I just want to run to hold you." LAN Yanxi shook his head and couldn't say what he felt at that time.

"I'm right in front of you. Come on, hold me!" Ling Mo Feng opened his arms and looked like he would not refuse to come.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful mouth went up, and immediately climbed out of the warm quilt, and immediately fell into his arms. His small hands were tighter than the big ones of the man, and he also exerted his strength.

Ling only felt that he had run into a small heater in his arms. He reached out his hand and touched her back, only to find that she was wearing a very thin nightdress with two white legs still exposed.

The man couldn't help but reach out to pull the quilt and cover her exposed legs.

The girl didn't like it. She kicked off the quilt with two legs. She just pressed her face to his neck and said, "Lingmo Feng, you are mine!"

The girl's inexplicable words surprised the man. He could only stretch out one hand and grind her slender legs with the palm of his hand. He laughed: "why do you say this?"

"Because I feel that there are too many people want to take you away, I don't agree. You are mine, only mine!" LAN Yanxi is like an unreasonable child at the moment. He wants to occupy his beloved things.

"Well, you say so!" Ling Mo Feng's desire for survival is still strong. What she says is what she does not dare to disobey her mind.

LAN Yanxi has an indescribable sense of urgency in her heart. Only when she is stimulated by LAN Xianxian's words, can she find out how dangerous their relationship is. Even LAN Xianxian is going to come and rob him. She has no sense of self-confidence for no reason. If one is not careful, his heart will be filled with others. Who should she cry for?

Ling Mo Feng sat motionless. Although he wanted to laugh at the girl's inexplicable words, his body was still the most honest. He could not sit still in his arms. At this time, he would rather not be a gentleman.

"Hope!" Ling Mo Feng can't help but turn his face, stick to her soft hair, and her eyes can't help but close gently, just want to freeze this moment forever, and want to pay the whole life for this moment.

Ling never thought that one day, his heart would be soft like a feather, no bottom line to pet a woman, but at this moment, his mood is like this, no matter what conditions she put forward, what requirements, want to do whatever to meet her, want to exchange her smile.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi is lazily responding and enjoying his embrace with satisfaction.

"I met your cousin in the hallway today. How could she work there?" Ling Mo Feng gently stroked her long hair with the palm of his hand. He thought of one thing and asked her.

Mentioning this man, LAN Yanxi trembled, and immediately moved his face away from his neck. His beautiful eyes were filled with anger, and he hummed: "of course, she came while you were here. I didn't expect that she I want to rob my fiance. "

"What?" Ling Mo Feng heard her words, and Jun's face was shocked. Obviously, he didn't expect that blue fiber would work in the general office because of himself.

"Don't you know?" LAN Yanxi didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the moment.

"How can I know?" Ling Mo Feng has an innocent face.

"At the blue house that day, don't you see that she always wanted to attract your attention?" Blue words and beautiful eyes squinted at him and asked.

"I was so focused on you that day that I didn't notice anything else." Ling Mo Feng is telling the truth. On that day, he paid attention to LAN Yanxi's smile, and didn't pay attention to the two girls next to him.

"True or false?" LAN Yanxi still doesn't believe it. After all, blue fiber is so obvious.

"How could she get into the office for me? Doesn't she know we have a engagement? " Ling Mo Feng is also unbelievable at the moment. After all, it is against the moral bottom line.

"She knows, but she also knows that you don't like me and I don't like you, so she feels like a savior to save you and drag you out of my mud pit." Lanyanxi already knew the intention of lanxianxian very well. She was so upright that she wanted to rob her ink front. It was just because of a reason that she didn't look forward to their engagement.

"There's nothing wrong with her mind." Ling Mo Feng's handsome face was suddenly gloomy and sneered: "she is not afraid that your grandfather will be angry if she does this?"

"She's not afraid. She must be thinking that she's also the granddaughter of the blue family. If you like her and change her to marry, it's no harm. Alas, I'm in such a bad luck that even my cousin has to contend with me." LAN Yanxi thought more and more sad.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and gently stroked her arm twice: "don't worry, I won't give her any chance, let her hurt our feelings."

"I'm sure you won't pay attention to her, but if When she confessed to you that day, you must refuse her severely, and you can't give her any delusion. " LAN Yanxi asked angrily.

Ling Mo Feng saw that her angry face was red, and her thin lips kissed her at the corner of her lips: "well, if she really has the face to come to me to express her love, I will teach her to be a new person."

"Really?" Blue words and beautiful eyes flashed a smile: "then I will wait to see the result!"

When the man saw her smile, the corner of his mouth raised, and finally he was no longer satisfied with just a kiss.