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He cares a lot

"This is the address. Take note of it yourself. I can't give you this information!" The curator said.

Tang You You took out his phone to memorize his words, and then, he decided to give his jade over to the curator. The curator shook his head, "Didn't you want to find your birth parents? "You should keep it for now. If you're still willing to donate when you find your parents, you can send it over then!"

"Thank you, curator!" Tang You You was extremely grateful. She took the address and left.

Walking out of the museum, Tang You You looked down at the address, but it was difficult.

This address was the old address from twenty years ago, Tang You You frowned, in truth, she knew where the address was, she heard that it was previously a place filled with rich people, but now, so many years had passed, she did not know if it had been dismantled, and Tang You You had not went over to check on the situation.

When she drove to the area indicated by the address, what she saw was a huge artificial lake, surrounded by a beautiful park.

Tang You You stood dumbstruck by the lake's edge. She had a feeling that she was about to step over it.

She weakly sat on a nearby chair, helplessly covering her face with her hands.

This old address was no longer useful, Tang You You suddenly felt that he had been played by fate once again.

Tang You You was in extreme pain, but she was not willing to give up. She decided to look for Ji Xiao Han to help again.

She did not have the ability to find the addresses of those people, but she knew that Ji Xiao Han definitely had them, so she decided to ask for his help.

When Tang You You returned to the company in a daze, the whole company started to look at her in a new light. It was because the New product launch was successfully hosted yesterday and her fame was flourishing, so almost everyone was talking about her.

Tang You You forced out a laugh as he greeted his colleagues who were walking over.

Liu Xi called her into his office and said with a face full of joy: "Wandering, what happened to you? Is there something on your mind? "

Tang You You took out the old address for Liu Xi to see. "I just found out the address my parents used to live at, but unfortunately, it has already been demolished and turned into an artificial lake."

When Liu Xi heard it, he couldn't help but feel saddened for her. "You Long, don't worry, even if we relocate, we will definitely find your parents!"

"Yeah, but we have to wait. Waiting will make us feel tormented." Tang You You laughed bitterly.

"You can ask Quarterly for help. Quarterly definitely has a way to help you find it." Liu Xi also felt that there was nothing Ji Xiao Han couldn't do.

Tang You You chuckled: "When I go back tonight, I'll bring up this matter with him."

"Wandering, yesterday when Quarterly brought two children over, it was really surprising. Furthermore, now that everyone knows that you were the one who gave birth to those two children, they are all so envious that their eyes are turning red." Liu Xi said while beaming.

Tang You You did not know whether to laugh or cry, but to be envied by others was a good thing, it was better than being envied by others.

While Tang You You was searching for the address of her parents, she was also doing something that made her feel very happy.

Lu Xuan Chen had rejected her before, which made Tang Xue Rou extremely unhappy, and it slowly generated its resentment.

The two people that she hated the most were tied together and created a shocking scandal. At that time, Tang You You's reputation would be completely destroyed.

What would happen to Lu Xuan Chen, Tang Xue Rou did not care anymore, whether it was because she had stolen Ji Xiao Han's woman, or if she was chopped to death by Ji Xiao Han, Tang Xue Rou did not care anymore.

"Big Sister Xue Rou, are you really going to post it online?" The reporter looked at her in panic.

"What are you waiting for? Don't you want to take the money? " Tang Xue Rou glared at the journalist angrily.

When the reporter thought about the free money, he didn't care about anything else and just posted all the photos onto the internet.

In the afternoon, Tang You You's door was suddenly pushed open by Liu Xi. Once she entered, she spoke with a panicked look on her face: "Traceless, open the web page and take a look, something has happened!"

Seeing Liu Xi so shocked, Tang You You thought that there might have been a problem at the press conference yesterday. After anxiously opening the website, she saw a picture of herself and Lu Xuan Chen hugging each other.

"What?" Tang You You's head twitched, and her body froze.

Liu Xi looked at her anxiously and asked: "You Long, what is going on? Why would you follow this Lu Xuan Chen … "

Tang You You continued to read with wide eyes. There were four pictures on the web page, two of them were of Tang You You in her arms, kissing her neck, and the other two were of her being pushed closer by Lu Xuan Chen at the door, kissing her long hair.

Although she knew as the client that it was just a hug, but in the eyes of others, if both of them were hugging, then things wouldn't be that simple.

"This damned Tang Xue Rou, she must have done it!" Tang You You strongly punched the table, and immediately knew that Tang Xue Rou was not so kind as to let her go. She never thought that she would actually find someone to take a photo of him and Lu Xuan Chen.

"You Chou, nothing happened between you and Lu Xuan Chen right?" Liu Xi was really worried for her.

Tang You You shook his head anxiously: "Mother, nothing happened between us, I went to meet up with Tang Xue Rou this morning, and didn't expect her to plot something. I didn't expect Lu Xuan Chen to be in his room, and furthermore, Tang Xue Rou obviously drugged him, which was why he did this to me. I was also very afraid at the time, there must be someone else in the room, and these photos … It was Tang Xue Rou who deliberately shot him down to frame me, she is simply too treacherous. "

"Wandering, if Quarterly finds out about this …"

Just as Liu Xi finished speaking, Tang You You's phone rang, causing both of their expressions to tremble.

"It really is his phone number!" Tang You You laughed bitterly, then picked up his phone and answered!

As expected, Ji Xiao Han's voice was filled with unsuppressible anger: "Tang You You, what's with those photos on the web? When did you get so close to Lu Xuan Chen? "

didn't know how to explain himself to the man's angry questioning.

"This is a misunderstanding. It's not what it looks like in the photos!" Tang You You could only helplessly explain a few sentences first.

"I'm here to look for you. You'd better explain this matter to me!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Tang You You held onto her phone in shock. After being stunned for two seconds, she weakly hung her arm: "Mother, he is looking for me!"