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C1749. President Luo is disgraced

LAN Yue listens to Tang youyou and finishes Yang ChuChu's wedding details. Her eyes turn to Bai Yiyan involuntarily. She sees Bai Yiyan's deep envy and sighs.

Tang youyou also suddenly reflects, and looks at Bai Yiyan, some of whom feel sorry for her efforts.

"What are you looking at me for?"

Bai Yiyan finds that both of them are looking at her. She suddenly feels embarrassed and lowers her head to trim her long hair.

"Mom, is it time for Xiaoyan to choose a time for her marriage with her second brother?"

Tang youyou took the lead in opening her mouth. Because the old lady stopped her, the marriage was delayed, and Bai Yiyan insisted on not doing it. Now the children are born. Although they have received the certificates, they have not had a formal wedding. This is really unfair to Bai Yiyan.

LAN Yue is also thinking about this matter. The harm Bai Zhenzhen caused to her in those days has long been diluted. She never imposed the resentment of the previous generation on Bai Yiyan. Now, she fills in a lovely little princess for Ji's family and agrees with her son. She really loves each other and doesn't let them have a wedding. It's hard to say.

"The old lady has to nod her head to do this. Of course, I hope they have a wedding as soon as possible. In this way, little mo can be carried out in the future. Only in this way can he be upright and smooth and won't let people gossip."

LAN Yue is a reasonable mother. At this moment, she only hopes for peace for her son and grandchildren. There is nothing else to look forward to.

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, I have to let Grandma nod."

When Bai Yiyan heard that she was going to trouble the old lady, she immediately counseled and said: "Mom, sister-in-law, or forget it. Anyway, I don't care whether I have a wedding or not. I don't want to make Grandma angry. She is old, don't be angry with her."

LAN Yue wrote softly: "Xiaoyan, you don't care, which means that you are a good child who pays more attention to friendship than etiquette. Don't worry. I'll let Yueze talk to Xiaohan. The old lady can't help them. Otherwise, Xiaorui and xiaonai will beg for love. The old lady loves them both the most. Maybe they can just ask for love."

Tang youyou nodded, indicating that this method is feasible.

Bai Yiyan couldn't help laughing and said, "even Xiaorui and xiaonai are going to go out. I'm so flattered."

"Don't worry, Xiaorui and xiaonai are only useful now. They can make the old lady happy."

Tang youyou laughs too.

Three people are chatting happily. Ji Yueze comes back with three little guys around. Seeing that they are chatting happily, he asks curiously, "what are you talking about?"

"Yueze, how do you feel about attending the general manager Luo's wedding today?"

LAN Yue immediately asked him.

Ji Yueze shrugged his shoulders: "the only feeling is that I want to have a more romantic wedding than them. Mom, I want to discuss with you. I also decided to have a wedding with Xiaoyan. I'll go back to my elder brother tomorrow and discuss with my grandma. I'll never have a wedding because my little ink is so big. In the future, my daughter's name will be wrong in other people's eyes. In case I listen to her When someone says that she is an illegitimate daughter, am I not going to die of anger? "

The three women sat on the sofa and listened to Ji Yueze's words. They were stunned at first, then they all laughed.

"What are you laughing at?

Is that funny? "

Ji Yueze is not happy.

Tang youyou immediately said, "we were talking about this just now. I didn't expect you to think so. Well, we just ask the old lady to nod her head."

Ji Yueze's face was dazed, and then he was embarrassed. "What did I say you were talking about? It was about this. Don't worry. Grandma's side, I'll plead. I'm going to take Xiaomo with me. Grandma must agree."

"You take your daughter to threaten the old lady. Be careful she scolds you."

Don't LAN Yue know what his son thinks?

Expose him immediately.

Ji Yueze smiled cheekily: "grandma is stubborn. My brother and I have no status with her. I have to take all three with me."

Next to Ji Xiaorui and Ji xiaonai, they are stunned, blinking black and big eyes, but they haven't reflected what happened.

Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu have returned to their home. Luo Jinyu is drunk. He is put into bed by his assistant and bodyguard. His face is red, his breath is heavy and he is drunk.

Yang ChuChu sat by the bed and looked at him. He went to the bathroom and took the wet towel. He wiped his hands and face for him. When she was about to leave, the man's big palm suddenly stretched out and grabbed her wrist.

"Delicate..." The man mumbles her name, which makes Yang ChuChu sweet.

When a man is drunk, he will often call out the name of the person he loves most. Yang ChuChu is afraid that he will call it wrong. Now, she is happy to raise the corner of her mouth.

"I'm here."

Yang ChuChu gently took away his big palm, and then pasted it on his face. The palm of the man was warm, as if it was still stained with a smell of wine. Yang ChuChu gently rubbed his face and whispered, "thank you, honey."

In fact, she seldom called her husband. For a while, she felt that it was too close and embarrassed because she was embarrassed. Secondly, it was not suitable because she was not married. Now, she can't help but want to call him that. She is right.

Luo Jinyu sleeps heavily. He wakes up at more than seven in the evening. He feels headache from the hangover. He presses his temples and sits up. He can see where he is now. He gets up. He unties his shirt and takes off his trousers. It's very hot and hot. He likes the cool feeling.

After Luo Jinyu finished all this, he went out of the living room and said, "delicate, give me a glass of water."

It was a normal thing for Luo Jin Yujue to do this, but he heard a scream.

"Luo Jinyu, what are you doing?"

It's Yang ChuChu's scream.

Luo Jinyu raised his head and found that his parents and some relatives were sitting there for dinner.


Luojin Yujun's face lost color instantly. Next second, he turned around and ran back to his room, closing the door.

At this moment, a group of people sitting on the table haven't reflected yet. When they do, they all try their best not to laugh.

Yang ChuChu's pretty face is also red. She didn't expect Luo Jinyu to come out so clean. Now, she lost face and lost her hair.

"I'll get him a glass of water."

Yang ChuChu chuckled and hurriedly brought a glass of water into the room.

Yang ChuChu is also trying to laugh, trying not to make himself laugh too loudly.