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C2013 revenge mode

It's dark, and a storm seems to come. The air pressure is so heavy that people feel bored. Finally, bondeng takes out his mobile phone and calls Stevens. This is something he has been dreaming about for a long time. He wants to question him angrily, but he doesn't think it's necessary. Does the executioner need a reason to kill?

Money is the root of all evils. Everyone wants to own it. The answer from Saxon is definitely to get more money. Dad's death, like the coming storm, has been pressing on their brothers for many years. They have never relaxed for a moment. Always remember that this revenge must be rewarded.

Soon the phone was answered, and in his dry, hoarse voice, a fierce voice came: "who are you?"

"If you want your son's life, come to me where I said it." Thousands of hatred, boiling in the chest, but the voice of tie Ting sounds calm and calm, without a ripple.

"My son is in your hands. Who are you and what do you want to do? Don't kill him. I'll give you money. A lot of money. " Stevens was also flustered. This was something that feting Ting never thought of. He thought that demons like him were cold-blooded animals and had no feelings. Now it seems that he overestimated him.

"Money? Is your money clean? How many innocent people have you killed before you get these dirty money? I don't want your money. I want your son's life. I want you to repay the despair of losing a close relative. " The cold voice, tie Ting told each other in Leiliu's English, full of ridicule.

Stevens was silent on the phone for a long time, but he heard that he was very angry. Maybe no one picked a shirt for him for a long time, which made him forget the feeling of being threatened. At the moment, he wanted to smash the phone severely, but his son's life was in the other's hands, and he finally resisted.

"Well, where do you want me to meet you? I come here. You don't want money. You want my life. Who are you? Who did I kill? " Stevens is not stupid, because there are too many people out of their own power who want to find revenge on him, but only one result is destroyed by him. He believes that today's result will be the same. In his territory, no one can defeat him. He has absolute confidence.

Tie Ting didn't choose a place deliberately. He asked Exxon to come to his company directly.

"You are tie ting. I know that company is owned by you." When Stevens heard the name of the company, his back was stiff, and he had guessed the identity of bonding. He bit his teeth bitterly: "your two brothers are so seedless. Your father has been dead for so many years, so you came to me. I have to tell you that it's not me who killed your father. It's my former partner. I've killed him, and I'm angry for you. You shouldn't Take revenge on me. "

Exxon is cunning to confuse the truth.

"He's dead, and you can't get away with it. I'll give you two hours. Now come here, or your baby son won't be able to call you dad again." Tie Ting warns him coldly.

"Tie Ting, he is still a child, how can you do something to the child?" Stevens said angrily, trying to call for the conscience of tie ting.

"When my father died, have you considered that he still has two minor children?" Tie Zheng can't suppress his anger, and he retorts.

Stevens is completely mute. Yes, he does things regardless of the consequences. Now it's his turn to repay such a taste.

"I'll come here. Don't move him." Skerson hung up the phone and summoned his subordinates with grim eyes: "give me the lives of the two brothers of the family, who killed them, and I will reward 10 million dollars."

For the first time, his men heard so much money. They were so excited and red eyed that they all wanted to get the money.

"I can kill them. I must guarantee my son's life. If anyone dares to hurt my son, I will kill him." Stevens is nearly sixty years old. He has been injured several times. The doctor told him that he is no longer fertile. As an old man, he has only one son. Of course, he needs to keep his last blood line.

A group of people, the mighty set out, rolled up the rolling dust smoke, with murderous.

Tie Ting is holding his mobile phone, across the curtain, staring at the dark night outside the window. Tonight, it's a battle of life and death. He promised her that he would go back alive.

When I promised, I was full of confidence, but now I was nervous.

He's not afraid of death, he's just afraid that he can't keep his promise and let her down.

Before meeting her, he had been ready to go back together with his enemy. So, for so many years, his emotional period was blank. It wasn't that no woman took the initiative to express his love, but he lived like a walking corpse until she broke into his life.

Tie Ting's eyebrows were twinkling, and he could hardly remember the moment when she stirred his heart and soul. He only remembered her bright and sincere eyes, which were shining in his mind.

Can't think about it any more, tie Ting takes out her notebook, kisses with thin lips, sticks it in his arms, then turns around and deploys everything.

Tang Weixin and Jack have already found the best sniper location. Feting bought a lot of equipment here, so what they have in hand is the best and most advanced weapons, and their self-confidence has increased.

"Elder martial sister, if the battle is won, are you going to retire and marry?" Jack asked her in a low voice.

"Well, I can't let him wait for me." Tang Weixin's answer is simple and firm, crisper than that of a man.

"I really can't imagine you falling in love, elder martial sister." Jack is afraid of being beaten.

"Don't I look like a woman? Don't I have a bit of femininity? " Tang Weixin is inexplicable. In the past, Jack would dare to tease her. In return, it must be a fight. But now, she wants to be gentle like a woman.

"No, elder martial sister looks like a woman, but she behaves more like a man than a man." Jack quickly explained in a low voice.

"That's enough. I thought you said I wasn't beautiful enough." Tang's idealistic mood fell again.

The lights in the factory are on in a row. This is the only way for Saxon to enter. In the dark on both sides of the company, Jiexun and Wang orange are responsible for each other. Wang orange can operate all UAVs by himself, and his combat effectiveness can not be underestimated.

As time goes by, the pressure of the storm is getting heavier and heavier. It seems that it is difficult for everyone to breathe.

Everyone is waiting for the battle of life and death.

In the distance, a row of lights suddenly lit up, and the car quickly and crazily rushed over, like the tide, making people feel scared.

Tie Ting was fearless, but tie Xun was a little nervous, and there was a cold sweat on his back.

Tang Weixin and Jack are ready to wait for the target character to enter the line of sight.