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Ji Yue Ze's eyes turned, and then, as if he had thought of something, he asked: "Your child's father, does he look very similar to me?"

Tang You You was startled, then, she almost wanted to laugh out, but could only hold it in.

"Why do you ask?" Tang You You's heart slightly calmed down. Actually thinking about it, Ji Yue Ze didn't dare to do anything to her child. With Ji Xiao Han's protection, Ji Yue Ze definitely wouldn't be able to do anything.

Ji Yue Ze continued to laugh blandly: "I know you're surprised by my words. Are you excited? Wasn't this feeling of happiness too sudden? You just need to sit at home and wait for the money to come in, because you're lucky to have two such beautiful children, and I, am the children's Bo Le. I've found them, and am willing to give them a chance to develop … "

"Stop, stop, let's not talk about this topic anymore. I won't let my children become celebrities at such a young age. They aren't suitable, and I don't agree. I appreciate your good intentions." Tang You You interrupted him and firmly rejected him.

This time, was dumbfounded, he did not dare believe that this woman did not even think about it, and directly rejected his suggestion.

"Are you sure you don't want to think about it? This is an extremely rare opportunity. I'm not someone who any kind of child would fall for." Ji Yue Ze felt that this woman must be crazy since the chance he gave her was really good. How many people wanted to sign his company, but he did not agree, and now, even when he personally came to discuss cooperation, she actually rejected them without thinking.

Tang You You thought to himself, if your brother knew what you had said, he really would give you a punch.

Of course, Tang You You still did not mention Ji Xiao Han's name, because she did not want to arouse anyone's suspicions at the company.

"No, I'm sure!" Tang You You answered in an extremely calm and composed manner.

"Tang You You, you are the stupidest woman I have ever seen." Ji Yue Ze was angry, how could he not be angry? Originally, he thought that everything would be a victory. Tang You You would happily agree to this matter and be grateful to him for everything he did. But now, it seems that he had thought too much into it.

Tang You You was startled for a second, following that, her tone became sarcastic: "You cursed just because I did not agree to your request? I think the quality of your Big Star is only so-so! "

Tang You You had a very good impression of Ji Yue Ze at the start, but he didn't expect that the moment she rejected his conditions, he would scold her for being stupid.

"Do you know how serious the consequences of offending me are?" This was also the first time that someone suspected that there was something wrong with Ji Yue Ze's character. His handsome and devilish face instantly turned ugly, and his eyes revealed a sense of danger.

"I don't know. I'm not afraid either!" Tang You You crossed her arms in front of her chest, with an uncompromising attitude. It was true, she was not afraid.

If Ji Yue Ze knew the truth, he would have felt that today's senseless quarrel was laughable.

Ji Yue Ze's eyes widened as he stared at the fearless woman in front of him.

"Do you believe that I will make you lose your job?" Ji Yue Ze did not often threaten others, he did not have his brother's imposing aura, he only had the label of an idol on him, and sometimes, he had a simple personality, so at that moment, he could only choose to use her work to threaten her.

Tang You You was startled, but after that, she could not help but laugh as she lowered her head.

She only started laughing because she felt it was very funny, but in Ji Yue Ze's eyes, she was mocking his incompetence.

"What are you laughing at?" Ji Yue Ze frowned, this woman was already enough, did he really think that he would not dare to do anything to her?

He had personally liked those two little fellows, and now that he was unable to sign the contract, Ji Yue Ze was extremely furious.

Therefore, he had never liked people who lost their temper before.

Tang You You quickly regained her composure and said indifferently: "I just felt that what you said just now was funny, you said you wanted me to lose this job? "Fine, why don't you go and try it out?"

Tang You You glanced at him, then lowered his head and laughed.

Seeing that she was still smiling, Ji Yue Ze's handsome face immediately turned red. He turned around and opened the door, "Lin Changan, come in!"

Lin Changan was the person in charge of Only Idealism, when he heard Ji Yue Ze's loud roar, he trembled in fear and anxiously ran over.

Second Young Master, what orders do you have? Lin Changan knew Ji Yue Ze's identity, so he often called him the Second Young Master.

Ji Yue Ze turned, stared at Tang You You, and said unhappily: "I want you to immediately fire this woman for me."

"Ah …" Lin Changan thought Ji Yue Ze had other orders, but he did not expect Ji Yue Ze to give him an order with a wave of his hand.

Lin Changan stared at Tang You You and questioned her angrily, "Tang You You, what happened to you? How did you offend the Second Young Master?"

Lin Changan did not know about the relationship between Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han, so he naturally felt that Tang You You had neglected him, and immediately roared at her.