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The night was not peaceful at all. It was unknown how many people were going to lose sleep.

After Tang Youyou left the study room, he looked around the room once more. She even laid on the bed and carefully looked under the bed.

Unfortunately, he still could not find it. That jade pendant seemed to have disappeared from the world. Could it really have been stolen by that servant?

The Ji Family had always been strict with servants, so how could they invite someone with unclean hands and feet to come in?

Tang Youyou was extremely bitter, when she heard the old lady say that she had some impression of that jade pendant, Tang Youyou had held on to a strand of hope.

Unfortunately, what should they do now?

Even if she described it verbally, she might not be able to let the old lady know.

Just as Tang Youyou was at a loss for words, suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, rushed over, and took out her phone.

After looking through the picture, she suddenly saw the picture and her face lit up.

Oh right, she almost forgot that her phone had a photo of the jade pendant. She could show it to the old lady tomorrow.


Ji Xiaohan suddenly felt that this night had been very short. Before he could sleep, the sky had already brightened.

That night, he lied beside his son and couldn't fall asleep no matter what. Even if he fell asleep, he kept having nightmares in which Tang Youyou cried sorrowfully and there were two other children who were also crying.

Therefore, Ji Xiaohan woke up around 6: 00 PM. She kept staring at her daughter's sleeping face. She was really like a little pig, white and tender, extremely cute!

reached out and gently hugged his daughter. Only then did he feel that his heart wasn't as desolate as it used to be.

The little guy seemed to enjoy sleeping in his embrace as well. He mumbled in a daze, "Daddy!"

Ji Xiaohan couldn't help but curl her lips and comfort her gently, "Xiao Nai, sleep a little longer."

"En!" The little fellow contentedly rubbed the palm of his hand for a while, before hugging one of his arms and continuing her sleep.

When winter came, the seasons would change, and even the weather would change with it.

Dark clouds covered the sun, enveloping the entire city in a gloomy atmosphere.

Tang Youyou woke up early because she knew that the old lady would definitely come early as well.

Only, when she came out of the neatly dressed door, Ji Xiaohan was leaning on the hallway. He hadn't changed his clothes, and was still only wearing his gray pajamas.

Seeing Tang Youyou, his dark eyes locked onto her, and then, he continued to fiercely smoke.

Seeing him so preoccupied, Tang Youyou immediately walked over and asked with concern: "Why are you up so early? And smoking, what's the matter? Is there something wrong? "

"You're up so early as well. What's the matter?" Ji Xiaohan did not think that Tang Youyou would also come earlier than usual, and the expression in his eyes darkened slightly.

Tang Youyou laughed faintly: "I can't sleep, but I see that you have met with some trouble, is there a problem with your work?"

Ji Xiaohan shook his head: "No, Wandering, I want to talk to you!"

Tang Youyou was startled when he heard him say that.

Just as he was about to answer, he heard the old lady's voice coming from the stairs, "Wandering, is that you? Are you up? "

Seeing the old lady, Tang Youyou seemed to be a little happy. She could only say to Ji Xiaohan: "Let's talk about our matters later, I have more important matters to discuss with your grandmother."

"Wandering …" Ji Xiaohan's mind shook, he immediately extended his hand and grabbed her wrist.

Tang Youyou turned around and looked at him in surprise, then smiled: "Alright, wait for me, I'll be right over!"

Ji Xiaohan looked at her comforting smile and full of worry, yet he didn't know how to speak. He could only watch in despair as she gently shook off his large hands and quickly walked down the stairs.

Downstairs, the old lady was wearing a pair of gold-threaded reading glasses and was full of spirit as she stood at the foot of the stairs. Seeing Tang Youyou, she immediately revealed a smile. Because, this might be the work of an old friend of mine. "

"Really?" Tang Youyou did not see the deep meaning hidden behind the old lady's eyes, he only thought that the old lady really wanted to help her find her biological parents.

"Yes, is your jade pendant still there?" the old lady asked tentatively.

In truth, the old lady was worried that Tang Youyou would find out something. She purposely hid the jade pendant so that she wouldn't see it.

This way, it would mean that Tang Youyou was not as simple as she appeared.

"I'm sorry grandma, that jade pendant is missing. I don't know where it went, but Uncle Yun suspects that it was taken away by a servant who resigned from his job.

The old lady immediately understood. "Oh, why did the servant only take your jade pendant? If she really did open your drawer, then there are a lot of valuable things inside. The jewelry that Xiao Han gave you, just randomly picked one up, would be worth a lot more than your ancient knowledge jade pendant. "

Tang Youyou laughed bitterly: "That's right, that's what I thought too. But Uncle Yun said that the servant is a bit old, and might not have seen much in the world, and only feel that the gold and jade are valuable …"

The recruitment in Ji Family is very strict. Furthermore, the servants on duty are all trained, as for the kind of servants that have never seen the world, how could they enter our Ji Family? The old lady immediately felt that this was an excuse that Tang Youyou had come up with to lower her evaluation.

Tang Youyou was speechless for a moment.

"Grandmother, you don't have to find that jade pendant do you? I also have a photo on my phone. I took both photos. If you want to see, you can look at them too." Tang Youyou felt that the old lady suspected that she had intentionally lost her jade pendant, thus, she could only tell him that her phone had a photo of her.

He hoped to dispel the old lady's suspicions.

But, it was so strange, she was the one who lost the jade pendant. She was already sad enough, why did the old lady still blame her in such a way?

The old lady was a little startled, and following that, her opinion of Tang Youyou disappeared in an instant.

If Tang Youyou did not hide the jade pendant from her, it proved that he really lost it.

Tang Youyou took out his phone, flipped through the photo, and handed it over to the old lady.

The old lady stared at her face and took her cell phone.

When she saw the two clear photos, she was extremely shocked, as if she couldn't believe it. She even intentionally pushed the reading glasses on the bridge of her nose to get a better look at the fine lines.

Her old body was a little unsteady from standing. She raised her head and stared into Tang Youyou's eyes with a complex look in her eyes.

Tang Youyou, however, asked her in anticipation: "Grandma, have you really seen this piece of jade before?"