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C1468 all for self preservation

Lan Qianxian was unwilling to take a step forward to block her way and asked: "Lan Yanxi, I suspect you are lying, I say that I don't like Ling Mofeng, but you went to the office to work again, and lived in his house. Let's be honest, you definitely like him. If you don't like him, why are you so close to him? "

Lan Yanxi's mind was almost exposed, and her brain buzzed. It seemed that Lan Xianxian was not as stupid as she thought, and she even began to doubt her.

"If I said that I was in Ling Mofeng's house because I was afraid it would be dangerous in the Lan family, do you believe it?" Lan Yanxi also prepared a set of speeches.

"Nonsense, what danger can you have at the Blue House? Who wants to hurt you ..." Lan Xianxian said here, suddenly dumb, because she seemed to feel that this was a bit redundant.

Lan Yanxi stared at her with a sneer: "What do you say? Who wants to hurt me?"

Lan Xianxian's eyes immediately dodged, hands clasped to her chest, an expression of ignorance: "You ask me, how can I know?"

"Well, just when you don't know, but I'm greedy for fear of death. The Blue House is a golden castle for you, but for me, it's a cage of depression. Grandpa treats me well, but He is old and not very well. I dare not ask him to help me in everything. For the sake of safety, I moved to Ling Mofeng's house. Ling Mofeng dismissed me and moved back to his parents' house. Even so It ’s important to keep my life safe. What if I die in the Blue House unclearly? Is n’t it wrong? ”Lan Yanxi said with a sarcastic expression, and said Lan Xianxian was cold and his face was dull.

"You don't bleed blood here, so we won't hurt you. You have delusions!" Lan Qianxian said to her with lack of energy.

"Whatever you say, don't be a fool. Even if Ling Mofeng doesn't protect me in the future, if he becomes my husband, he will certainly not care about me. He is a public figure. How many eyes are staring at him? He dare not be good to the woman he marries, and drool will drown him. Even if he does superficial work, he will certainly not be too bad for me! "Lan Yanxi said indifferently.

Lan Xianxian heard more and more stuffy, her eyes cut off Lan Yanxi: "So, you seem to be sure you will marry him, right? You really don't plan to give him to me? Lan Yanxi, You're just trying to protect yourself, and you're hurting your life? You're too selfish! "

"Ling Mofeng promised to marry me, and I didn't use a knife holder to persecute him on his neck. What's your turn to worry about?" Lan Yanxi is also confident, because even if everyone sees that Ling Mofeng doesn't like her , But no one heard Ling Mofeng personally said he would not marry her.

"You ..." Lan Xixian's blocked sentence couldn't be said. Indeed, Ling Mofeng never said that she would not marry her. Even, the Ling family seemed to be preparing for their engagement banquet.

Thinking of all this, Lan Qiang was desperate to die, Lan Yan Xi Ho De He Neng, where's the shit luck, could really marry Ling Mofeng as a wife, pitifully she had nowhere to send affectionately, and watched one The woman Ling Mofeng does not love, enjoys the peace of men and women with peace of mind, and the most hateful thing is that when she meets in the future, she has to call him a brother-in-law.

"I'll give you two days. Hurry to give my mother's money. Don't lose a penny. Otherwise, I'll talk to my grandfather. When that happens, see how your father and daughter explain it." Lan Yanxi will also threaten people. Yes, she is not polite to people like Lan Xianxian.

"Lan Yanxi, you wait, I won't let you be proud, I won't give you the man I love, and I won't even promise!" Lan Xianxian said with fists in his hands.

Lan Yanxi originally wanted to turn around and leave. When she heard her words, she stepped back and looked at her and hated redness in her eyes. She couldn't help wondering: "Lan Xianxian, it seems that you and Ling Mofeng haven't seen each other for a while, you just With the word love in your mouth, it seems that your love is not worth much money. "

"What do you know? Some people, even if they only meet once, can fall in love deeply. Unlike a heartless and heartless woman like you, such a good man is in front of you, you can also look at the air." Lan Slimly scolded her.

"I'm comfortable without heart and lungs, I don't want to be tied to love, I'm as awful as you!" Lan Yanxi said lightly. After that, she got on the car and went away. The direction is exactly Ling Mofeng's Vice Presidential Palace, Lan Xianliang Qi stomped in place.

Lan Xianxian calmed down her resentment for a while, holding the recording pen in her hand, even if Lan Yan was enraged, but her purpose today was a success.

Lan Yanxi's warning, Lan Xianxian still listened, and immediately called the company's finance department to ask them to quickly withdraw money to Lan Yanxi's mother. Of course, the number was still a lot of money.

Lan Yanxi returned to Ling Mofeng's home and sat on the sofa weakly, arguing with Lan Xianxian, making her even more chilling.

They say that money is a good thing, but sometimes, money is the source of all evils. The Lan family is constantly struggling because of the money. She also heard many people speculate behind her father ’s death because of fighting for management. Power is related, and every time she thinks about it, her heart hurts.

If the Lan family does n’t have such a large family business, it ’s just an ordinary family. Will her father be fine? She is also a child with parents.

Unfortunately, all this is her delusion. Now that the Lan family has reached this stage, everyone can only protect themselves. It is really difficult to say what the two uncles will do for money. After all, she holds it in her hand. With her father's equity, hundreds of millions, give it to her in vain, how could the uncle be willing?

Lan Yanxi still called her mother and asked if the living expenses of the month had been paid. Lan Mu had just received the information, but only said, but not much. Lan Yanxi's mood was slightly calmer.

It ’s good to say that Lan Xianxian is still afraid. As long as grandpa is present, she will rely on her. She has a man in the blue house. But how long can grandpa shield her from the wind and rain?

Lan Yanxi couldn't help but want to cry, but could only tolerate tears back. Crying was useless, and she had to make her heart stronger, and she could not let go of herself if she turned her back on things.

Lan Yanxi hung up her mother's phone and suddenly thought of asking Ling Mofeng to help investigate the man named Wang Rong last time. It seems that Ling Mofeng hasn't given her a reply yet. Is there no investigation or the investigation has encountered difficulties?

Lan Yanxi glanced at the time. Now it's over seven o'clock. Even if Ling Mofeng isn't off work, she should not be busy with business. She sent a text message and in a while, the man's reply sounded. "When I come back, I'll be home soon!"

Lan Yanxi didn't expect him to reply immediately, but when she saw the content of the short message, she fell into the valley and instantly recovered. Ling Mofeng came here, a big surprise.

Sure enough, after more than ten minutes, Ling Mofeng's team stopped outside the living room door. Under the night, the man bent down and walked out of the car. He was still in a suit and shoes, and he was slender and handsome. Even in this night, his temperament was still full of honor. .

Lan Yanxi waited in the living room and saw him come in, Meimou smiled: "Why did you come back suddenly?"

"Not a sudden, I decided to come back once every two days, anyway, we will be engaged anyway. After the engagement, how can you say that is my fiancee, I can't leave you alone every day!" Ling Mofeng's thin lips raised a smile The bottom of his eyes was full of tenderness.

When Lan Yanxi heard it, her eyes were all bright, and she nodded happily: "It's the same, if you leave me alone, others will have to talk about you!"

"I didn't come here before because I was afraid that people there would doubt us. Now I'm here to prevent them from having a chance to talk nonsense. There is always a solution!" Ling Mofeng said as he took off his jacket. Turn around and turn on the air conditioner: "I asked you to come over for dinner. Let's talk while eating!"

Lan Yanxi nodded, and suddenly saw his straight, erect body with his coat on his hands, which exudes the charm of a man. Her eyes kept on, but she could not move away from him.

Ling Mofeng may not know that even if he doesn't say a word, he can make a woman be emotional, because he raises his hands when he raises his hands.