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When Tang You You heard the little fellow's suspicions, he immediately said. "That's right, it is very dangerous, so you should avoid meeting him in the future."

Ji Xiao Han didn't even have the chance to explain it to his son when he heard that woman spouting nonsense. His handsome face immediately darkened: "The reason why I have my bodyguards with me isn't because I could be in danger at any time, but to make my journey safer, understand? "Son!"

With a sudden stop, the three bodyguards cars behind him also followed suit, but it was too late. The three bodyguards cars behind him had already stuck together.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately pouted and shouted unhappily, "Daddy, did you buy your driver's license as well? Why are you driving so slow?

When Tang You You heard his son's words, he could not help but burst out laughing.

Ji Xiao Han was also speechless. Does this little guy know how to speak human language, how could he possibly use money to buy his driver's license?

"I'm sorry, it's father's fault. Daddy will definitely focus on driving." Ji Xiao Han was still very honest in admitting his mistake to his son.

It was also because he had heard that his daughter had almost left him that he had become slow due to the lack of oxygen in his brain.

"Then drive properly, don't always think of seeing Mummy!" 's little head was sometimes too smart and sometimes too stupid. He had already regained the sense of innocence that he was at his original age and when he turned his head back, his eyes were staring straight at Tang You You, causing the little guy to think that he was looking at Mummy.

The smile on Tang You You's face froze.

Ji Xiao Han pursed her lips with disdain, he wanted to see that woman? What a joke.

The car continued to drive forward. Tang You You stared out the window and occasionally glanced back to see the man concentrating on driving.

His mood changed. He bitterly bit his lower lip and continued to stare out the window.

It was already 2 in the afternoon.

Tang Xiao Rui sat in the carriage, rubbing his stomach that was growling, he looked at Mummy with grievance: "Mummy, I'm hungry, let's eat something okay?"

Only now did Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han suddenly wake up. In order to fight for the custody of their children, they had actually forgotten to eat today.

Hearing Tang Xiao Rui's words, the two of them could not help but feel hungry.

"Okay, go back, Mummy will cook noodles for you." Tang You You immediately soothed her son's little emotions.

Ji Xiao Han suddenly opened his mouth and said: "I haven't eaten too, it's good, let's find a place to eat, the child is currently growing, eating noodles doesn't have any nourishment."

"Okay, Mummy, let Father treat us to a big meal." Tang Xiao Rui clapped his hands and shouted happily.

Tang You You's little face froze, she immediately scolded her son while pretending to be angry: "How did I teach you, you are not allowed to eat other people's things, don't you remember?"

"He belongs to Dad, not to anyone else!" The little guy immediately answered confidently.

Ji Xiao Han saw that this woman always liked to take down his position, but in order to be able to eat with the children, he could only suppress the displeasure in his heart and patiently say: "Let's eat together, I won't do anything to you."

"I don't want to eat with you! You'd better get us home. " Tang You You really did not want to stay with him for a moment longer.

"Mummy, Daddy was kind enough to invite us …"

"Tang Xiao Rui, if you continue to make trouble without reason, Mummy will be angry!" Tang You You's stern face warned his son.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately shrugged his shoulders, no longer daring to plead unreasonably.

Ji Xiao Han never thought that this girl would not give him face. He had already said that he would treat her to a meal, but she actually refused to honor him.

In the end, under Tang You You's incredible perseverance, Ji Xiao Han still sent the three of them back to her aunt's house.

"Little Rui, dad will come to take you to the new school tomorrow!" Ji Xiao Han followed him out of the carriage, and after that, he squatted in front of his son and patted his head and said gently.

"Un, let's talk about it tomorrow!" Tang Xiao Rui said with an arrogant face.

Tang You You held her son's small hand and quickly walked into the small district.

Tang Xiao Nai, who had slept all the way on Tang You You's shoulder, woke up now. The moment she raised her head, she saw Ji Xiao Han.

"Daddy …" She shouted in a daze.

Seeing that his daughter had woken up, and even called out to him, Ji Xiao Han unconsciously took a few steps forward.

"Daddy …" Mummy, I want to play with Father … " This time, Tang Xiao Nai woke up from his sleep and started to shout noisily when he saw that his father was still sleeping.

"No, let's go home and eat!" Tang You You hugged her daughter tightly, her footsteps becoming faster.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's pitiful appearance and wished that he could carry his daughter back. However, the woman who ate the gunpowder directly brought the two children into the elevator.

"Dammit …" Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but mutter a curse.

Although his mind was filled with smiling children, Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to leave.

If it were any other thing, as long as he wanted to, he would never compromise.

However, he had suffered a huge setback in this matter. Moreover, it was not as simple as he had thought it would be.

Ai, his mood today was like riding a roller coaster, going up and down in great disorder. No, he had to bring the child back to live with him, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to concentrate on his work.