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C1607 embarrassing situation

Ji Xiaohan originally wore a black T-shirt. In order not to attract the children's attention, he also deliberately asked the bodyguard to bring him a cowboy jacket. At this moment, the man's dress suddenly showed his young temperament, as if he were an idol star. A pair of eyes is enough to topple all living beings.

Tang youyou is the first time to see Ji Xiaohan dressed in such a casual and elegant manner. She immediately has an excited idea to meet him again and to have another vigorous love with him.

"How is it? Do you think the children recognize me? " Season owl cold language with a smile turned to look at the stupefied Tang youyou.

Tang youyou's idea of just forming her brain was suddenly shattered, so she had to accept the reality they had even with their children. She was a little lost and shook her head: "I can't recognize that you are so skilled in disguise."

"Really?" The man's voice sounds a little surprised and wonderful.

"Well, hurry up, or you won't find them in a moment." Tang youyou Snickers and watches Ji Xiaohan walk with the crowd. Her tall and slender body makes her feel uneasy again.

She sat down in the leisure chair outside the door and continued the unrealistic idea just now. She really thought about this problem. If she didn't fall in love with Ji Xiaohan five years ago, and they didn't have children between them, wouldn't she know this man in her life, let alone fall in love with him? Maybe her life would be another kind Scene.

I don't know why, at the thought that if I can't meet him in my life, Tang youyou's heart will be twisted together. It's not painful. What would her life be like without him?

All of a sudden, she didn't dare to think deeply. She felt that she was really greedy.

Season owl cold bowed his head, lowered the brim of his hat, a pair of sharp eyes, looking for a pair of lovely children in the crowd.

Because it's a weekend, many parents will bring their children here for shopping and leisure, which brings together children's products from all over the world, so many parents will choose to buy here.

Of course, the goods here are not cheap, and they can not be consumed by ordinary families.

Ji Xiaohan is far away from here. He sees what his son is holding. He is introducing him to his sister. Ji xiaonai blinks a pair of big black eyes and listens to his brother carefully. He can gradually keep up with his brother's IQ rhythm.

Season owl cold heartbeat suddenly accelerated for a while, there is a kind of guilty feeling of being a thief.

He took something casually, pretended to look at it, but looked at the children's communication through it, and saw that they were not timid. Moreover, every time they took something, two people would exchange a few words, as if they were not buying and selling randomly, but had purposeful selection.

See this scene, season owl cold only feel warm in the heart, very pleased.

Suddenly some greedy want to get close to the little guy, want to hear what they are saying. Ji Xiaohan looks around, then lowers the brim of his hat, goes around the back of the shelf behind the little guy, and hears his son introducing the function and use method of the robot in his hand in English.

The young child speaks English with a childish and lovely voice, which makes Ji Xiaohan's mouth turn upward. Suddenly, he finds that his son is really excellent, and his learning ability is also very strong. His future achievements will definitely be on his own. He really looks forward to his appearance when he grows up.

"Brother, I just seemed to see a bad man." Suddenly, Ji xiaonai said to Ji Xiaorui in English.

"Bad guy? Where is it? " As expected, Ji Xiaorui set up his vigilance.

Season owl cold quiet Mou moment open, also left and right looked around, who is the villain?

"It's in the shelf behind you, brother. Let's go. Don't be caught by him." After Ji xiaonai finished, he grabbed his brother's hand directly, and they turned around and ran away.

Ji Xiaohan's whole body is stiff. Isn't he the villain his daughter said?

The man's expression is rich and colorful. He thinks it's a good cover up, but he's found out by his daughter and frustrated.

Ji Xiaohan did not dare to get close to them any more. He could only look at them from afar. He seemed to be more vigilant when he saw the two little guys. He even became cautious when he peeped.

Ji Xiaorui has also found the tall man wearing a mask and a cap not far away.

"Brother, he seems to be following us." Ji xiaonai is very afraid, and he holds his brother's hand more and more.

Ji Xiaorui immediately attached to her sister's ear and whispered a few words. Ji xiaonai immediately nodded: "well, listen to my brother."

Ji Xiaohan sees two little guys whispering. His back is stiff. What's wrong with his son?

Just when Ji Xiaohan was surprised, he saw two people looking for a shopping guide brother next to him. "Damn it." Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that they should alarm the shopping guide here.

As expected, the shopping guide came to jixiaohan. Jixiaohan had never been so alarmed. After all, he was famous for his calmness. For two small things, he showed his panic.

"Sir, why are you following the two children? What do you want to do? " The shopping guide's little brother is quite responsible. He immediately comes to inquire about Ji Xiaohan seriously.

Season owl cold can't help but reach out to touch the forehead, it seems to be about to be exposed.

Just when the little brother was going to take the walkie talkie, Ji Xiaorui suddenly came over: "Daddy, you are so boring."

Ji Xiaohan found two little guys standing beside him. Ji Xiaorui's eyes had recognized him.

"Is he your father, little friend?" The shopping guide nearby was surprised.

Ji xiaonai looked at the armed man in front of her in surprise, and finally found her father's shadow between her eyes and eyebrows. She immediately turned her back to her small body angrily and hummed, "why does Daddy want to follow us? It's too much. "

Ji Xiaohan just took off his mask and crouched down to coax his daughter: "xiaonai, daddy is also worried that you and your brother just came here to have a look. Don't be angry, OK?"

"No, daddy doesn't mean to talk, he doesn't trust." Ji xiaonai is really angry. She finally had an independent shopping experience, but her father destroyed it. How could she be happy.

Season owl cold handsome face is helpless, smile to continue coax: "Daddy goes out now, you and elder brother continue shopping, daddy promised to let you stay five minutes more."

"Daddy, go to find Mommy quickly. Don't follow us here." Ji Xiaorui is reasonable, not very angry, so he took his sister's little hand and walked on.

Season owl cold toward that shopping guide embarrassed smile, turned to leave.

Although the shopping guide was a boy, he was amazed by the polite smile of Ji Xiaohan. Which male star was that just now? How does it look so beautiful?

Ji Xiaohan returns to Tang youyou's side and sits down. Tang youyou looks surprised and funny when he sees him. "How can you come out so soon? See them? "

"They found it." Season owl cold some chagrin.

"Don't underestimate your son. If you do, they will not be happy."

"Yes, Nai is still angry with me." The season owl cold languidly leans in the sofa chair back place, discovered suddenly, is the human parent's difficulty.

"It doesn't matter. They will not walk around when they grow up." Tang youyou has no choice but to comfort him with a smile.

Season owl cold look a collect, suddenly turned the face to her, then, thin lips toward her ear near: "you long, small Rui and small Nai grow up, it seems not so fun, we have to hurry to have a small play."

Tang youyou's expression was stupefied, then he chuckled: "you are your toy when you are a child."

"No, I really want to experience the feeling of a little guy from birth to four years old. I went to see my little niece the other day. She was lying on the crib and would laugh if I teased her. It was really cute." Season owl cold can't help but raise the lip Cape.

Only then did Tang youyou find that Ji Xiaohan really loves his children, more than anyone else. What's more, he has such an outstanding identity, but he still doesn't forget his father's role. Tang youyou suddenly feels ashamed and doesn't seem to be so qualified.