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C1745 grand wedding

Luo Jinyu nodded: "it's almost arranged. Just wait for the time. Listen to mom, Hao Hao is very obedient. He doesn't disturb you to sleep at night."

Lohning immediately laughed: "yes, the quality of sleep is good."

Luo Jinyu couldn't help but look at his little nephew a few more times. He found that he looked very similar to his younger brother when he was a child. As expected, the genetic genes were too strong.

Yang ChuChu and Mu Lin are chatting upstairs.

Mu Lin has changed a lot recently. Before, she was not married. Besides, she had DINK's idea that everything would go on as she thought. But who knows, suddenly, she was pregnant.

Now, she is a standard Baoma. She would push off some social activities and go home early to accompany her son. Occasionally, she would go out for romance with lohnin secretly. But when she came back after each wave, she saw her son lying on the small bed. They secretly scolded themselves for a few words. They didn't take him to play with them. It seemed that they could not live up to their parenthood.

Of course, young people, the romance still needs romance. After all, love needs moistening and management. "

You have a sharp stomach. I guess it's a son. "

Mulin looked at her bulging stomach with a smile on her face.

Yang ChuChu nodded with embarrassment: "in fact, I checked it out and the doctor said it was my son."


It seems that the online Baoma didn't cheat me. "

Mureen was a bit of a success at once.

"Are you still talking to other Baoma?"

Yang ChuChu's face was surprised. She always thought that a woman like Mu Lin was only interested in making money. Unexpectedly, she would still talk to Bao ma.

"I was pulled into a chat group by my friends. All of them were young mothers talking about their children. I used to ignore these things, but later I realized that their topics were worth learning. I was just a mother, and many things still need learning, so I began to talk slowly."

Mureen said with a chuckle.

"Well, I'll have to learn some experience from you in the future. Now I'm covered with a mask."

Yang ChuChu shows his hands. He is helpless.

"Don't worry, we have a capable mother-in-law who will help you. Otherwise, let me invite more experienced sister-in-law to make sure you don't touch water and do nothing."

Mulin gave her advice on how to be lazy.

Yang ChuChu saw that Mu Lin lowered her voice and said, "if I don't do anything, I'm afraid she will be unhappy."

"I thought I could easily handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. However, I argued with her several times about taking care of the children. She always said that I had no experience and I could not quarrel with her."

In front of her mother-in-law, murin, such a strong female president, had to be soft.

Yang ChuChu understood that she really understood the feelings of being a daughter-in-law. After all, she was not a mother, and could not be ignored as she was in front of her mother.

"Chu Chu, Mu Lin, have dinner downstairs."

Luo Jinyu came upstairs to call them.

Murin immediately raised her finger to Chu Chu, pressed it against her lips, and made a silent movement.

Yang ChuChu found that Mulin was more careful than her, and she couldn't help laughing. Mulin also shrugged helplessly.

The family sat at the table, and Luo Mu said, "finally, my eldest son is going to get married, and my heart disease is going to fall down. With this glass of wine, my mother wishes you a happy marriage."

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu hurry to pick up the cup. Yang chuyang's cup is full of drinks. They accept Tang Qi's blessing.

"Brother, Chu Chu, I wish you a happy wedding and a happy one hundred years."

Lohnin held her son, and mureen, who was sitting beside her, also held up her cup, smiled and said, "yes, it's not easy for you to go to today. Cherish this fate, and we will be one family. Let's live a better life and have a better life together."

Luo Jin Royal side Mou and Yang ChuChu look at each other, Mou bottom all has joy.

Lunch is over. They leave. Luo Jinyu drives. Yang ChuChu sits beside him.

"Did your mother drink too much today?"

Yang ChuChu can't help asking. Tang Qi seems to have had a few drinks just now. Her face is red, but it can be seen that she is in a good mood.

"My mother used to have a good sprinkle, but she may be old and not so good. Today, she is happy, so she is greedy for drinks. It's OK. There is a servant at home who will take care of her."

Luo Jinyu said with a smile.

"Do you think your mother has accepted me?

I mean, accept me from the bottom of my heart. "

Yang ChuChu asked carefully.

Luo Jinyu reached out and shook her palm: "of course, my mother is sometimes a bit hard spoken, the bottom of my heart is still good."

"Well, then I'll be more relieved."

Yang ChuChu sighs with relief. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law needs to be explored like Taiji.

Luo Jinyu heard that she was really relieved and smiled again. This woman's performance is also very interesting.

Time flies, it's the third day, the wedding day of Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu.

At noon that day, traffic police came to direct the traffic, because today there are too many guests in this section of the road, causing a short-term traffic jam, which can only be unblocked by on-site command.

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu arrived at the hotel early in the morning to prepare.

Cheng Ying and some of her close sisters also came to help. Yang ChuChu's wedding dress is made by hand. It's a rose like dress sewn by needle and thread. It's very dreamy and charming.

"Tut, this wedding dress is so beautiful. It's really an eye opener today. The wedding of rich people is different."

A friend of Cheng Ying helped to arrange the skirt of Yang ChuChu's wedding dress and couldn't help sighing.

Another friend also sighed: "Cheng Ying, are you willing to marry your daughter out?

In a moment, you have to stop crying. "

"Don't worry, I won't cry. I'd like to marry her out early. I'll be angry at home every day. I'm angry with her."

Yang ChuChu immediately smiled: "Mom, are you my mother or not? How can you say that to me?"

"I'm your mother, of course, but I'll marry you today."

Cheng Ying was moved and very happy, just to say a few words like this.

The people beside listened to it and laughed. The atmosphere suddenly became lively.

"Do you have a bridesmaid?"

Someone nearby asked curiously.

Yang ChuChu nodded: "please six female stars of our company. They make up in the next room."

"Oh, the scene must be very lively."

The man said with a smile.

Yang ChuChu did hire a bridesmaid. In fact, she was only a colleague with those people, but the other side offered to be her bridesmaid. She was embarrassed to refuse. She also knew that it was not easy for female stars to develop in the entertainment circle. If they had the chance to meet more people, they would have more resources.

On the long road in front of the hotel, Ji Xiaohan's motorcade is also blocked in the middle. It's a very helpless thing. After all, it's not a plane. It can fly with wings.

Tang youyou is surrounded by two cute little guys. Ji xiaonai is a pink gauze skirt, with long hair curled several times and a shiny hairpin. It's as clear as a little princess. Ji Xiaorui is a plaid suit with a small vest inside. It's a miniature version of Ji Xiaohan. Even the clothes are more and more alike.

"Mommy, are there really many people?

Can you see the beautiful bride? "

Ji xiaonai has not attended such a grand scene with her parents for a long time. She is full of expectation.

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, today's bride is very beautiful, just like the fairy in the sky. After a while, you can see it."

Ji Xiaorui's expectation is not so high. He stands on his chin and looks out of the window. Suddenly, he sees a little girl lying on the side of a car. She blinks at him forcefully, grimaces and raises her hands to her head. She looks like a little rabbit. She is very clever, as if she is teasing him.

Ji Xiaorui's face is taut. He looks at each other expressionless. Who is the little fool.

The car moves forward slowly, and Ji Xiaorui looks at the little girl who is enjoying herself. She feels bored, but she is a little interesting. Because the other side looks very small, only about two or three years old.

Finally, the car stopped at the gate of the hotel, the door opened, and Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, with a pair of children, stood in front of the door, amazed the reporters who came to shoot.