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Ji Yueze's words made Bai Yiyan's pretty face white and colorless. She knew that Ji Yueze didn't joke. He said that he would be disappointed, which would be more serious than disappointment, maybe he would despair directly to her.

It's really hard to get off. Bai Yiyan cried bitterly in her heart, but she still closed her mouth tightly and didn't say a word.

It's really painful for her to betray her aunt.

Besides, aunt didn't say she would keep it from her for the rest of her life. She was just afraid to face it now. Maybe give her a little more time to figure it out. She would come to Jijia brothers to admit her mistake.

Yes, since Auntie has recorded the fact of her crime, she must have made the decision to bear the responsibility, but she is too timid to face it suddenly.

"Ji Yueze, can you let go first, it hurts!" Bai Yiyan is really pinched by him. Her beautiful face is wrinkled.

Ji Yueze found that he seemed to be out of control, and the strength of his fingertips was tightening with his anger.

When he released his hand, Bai Yiyan's white chin left two red fingerprints, which shows how much strength the man used just now.

"Did you eat?" Ji Yueze suddenly asked her, not as angry as before.

"Not yet, going home to eat!" Bai Yiyan replied softly.

"Didn't you hang out? You didn't buy yourself anything to eat? " Ji Yueze's thin lips made a light mockery.

"I wanted to, but I was afraid of being recognized, so I just came back!" Bai Yiyan calms down her mood and answers more easily.

Ji Yueze suddenly thought of her star aura. Indeed, she can't live the life she wants at will. Her every move now affects others' eyes.

Bai Yiyan put down her backpack and went into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and looked at it. However, she found that there was not much to eat in the refrigerator.

"Have you eaten?" Bai Yiyan takes a bag of instant dumplings and asks him quietly.

"No!" Ji Yueze answers in a low voice.

"That dumpling, can you eat it?" This dumpling was bought by Bai Yiyan at random last time. It is to prevent this situation. It has been frozen in the frozen area and has not been taken out to eat. At the moment, it solves their hunger problem.

"It's edible. Can you eat it after such a long time of ice?" Ji Yueze's good-looking eyebrows are slightly selected, which is a little disgusting.

"Well, then, I'll go down and buy something else to eat!" Bai Yiyan saw that he didn't want to eat, so she had to think of another way.

"Don't bother, just eat dumplings!" Ji Yueze didn't want her to go on in the evening, so she had to restrain the expression of disgust on her face.

Seeing that he didn't refuse again, Bai Yiyan nodded and began to make dumplings.

In fact, this brand of dumplings is also very good. Bai Yiyan used to eat them.

When Bai Yiyan cooks dumplings, she mixes some sauce. With this kind of ingredients, dumplings will be better to eat.

She brought out the sauce first, and saw the man with his hands around his chest, leaning against the table, with a pair of quiet eyes, staring at her without blinking.

"What's the matter?" Bai Yiyan was very upset by his stare, so she asked.

"Nothing!" Ji Yueze is in a state of inexplicable boredom. At the thought that this woman went out on her back for such a long time, he is inexplicably upset. He always feels that he can't control her. This feeling is very bad.

A few minutes later, the fragrance of the dumplings drifted out. Bai Yiyan fished them out, put them on a plate and put them on the table: "come and eat them!" Ji Yueze has never eaten frozen food. Before, he had to eat anything now. Moreover, all the materials were absolutely the best. Unexpectedly, after living with Bai Yiyan, he ate the rice and noodles she made. Although the taste was ordinary and light, but now

, he has fallen to the point of cooking frozen dumplings with her. How can I get back Why did he find a girlfriend and allow his living standard to decline again and again?

Bai Yiyan sets all the dishes and chopsticks. Ji Yueze sits at the table and takes the chopsticks to hold a dumpling and opens her mouth.

"Ah!" Ji Yueze didn't expect it to be so hot. Besides, it was covered with boiling soup. He was so hot that his lips were numb and his tongue was about to lose his taste.

The atmosphere, which had always been dull, was suddenly diluted by his tragic shout.

Bai Yiyan chuckled. Although she thought it was not kind to laugh like this, she couldn't help it.

Ji Yueze's cold eyes swept over: "what are you laughing at?"

"It's nothing. You eat slowly. No one is robbing you!" Bai Yiyan advised softly.

"Can't I be hungry?" Ji Yueze is really hungry. Sitting at home and waiting for her in the afternoon, he is not even in the mood to drink water. At this moment, he is naturally dizzy with hungry eyes. How can he care about his image.

Bai Yiyan listened to him and was stunned for a moment. Then she whispered, "why don't you eat something? Have you been waiting for me? "

"Who said I was waiting for you?" Ji Yueze sneered and refused to admit it.

Bai Yiyan knew that the man was proud, so she had to say nothing.

Two people silently sat at the table and ate a plate of dumplings. Then Bai Yiyan went to pack up. Ji Yueze returned to the sofa and was taking the iPad to deal with the affairs.

Bai Yiyan washed the bowl and came out. Seeing the handsome figure of the man, she felt a bit flustered.

She still doesn't know how to deal with the season.

Think of aunt for money, hurt his family, Bai Yiyan on the incomparable shame, more is to love him.

On his birthday, I heard the news of his father's death, which was undoubtedly a devastating blow. As a young man, Ji Yueze must have suffered a lot.

Bai Yiyan's heart is like being cut by a knife. Her eyes are inexplicably red.

The more deeply I love this man, the more I hope that God will treat him better and not let him suffer from his childhood.

Ji Yueze inadvertently looked over her shoulder, saw her standing there, frowning: "what's the matter?"

Bai Yiyan blinked and held back her tears: "nothing, I'm going to take a bath!"

Ji Yueze inexplicably picked his eyebrows.

"Do you have anything to say to me?" When Bai Yiyan was about to step into the bedroom, the voice of the man sounded from behind her.

"No!" Bai Yiyan's startled back cools and answers with reflexivity.

"What's the matter with the expression you just wanted to talk about?" Season more light way.

"Yes? No! " Bai Yiyan was shocked. She found that Ji Yueze's eyes were really fierce. She found something wrong with her.

"If you think of something that is true, please let me know!" Ji Yueze's tone was cold. "Good! I will! " Bai Yiyan enters the bedroom quickly, afraid that he will ask again.