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C703 no problem with feelings

Luo Jinyu didn't expect that this little thing had such a big temper today, and Jun's face was a little worried for a while. Then, he sighed softly, walked into the bedroom with long legs, and stood beside her. The voice was soft: "delicate, don't be angry, get up and eat, haven't you been shouting and hungry?

"I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat!" Yang ChuChu did not know where the grievance came from. She felt that she could not get the man she wanted like other girls, which made her feel meaningless, sad and sad.

Luo Jinyu listens to her words. He always feels that something is wrong. He doesn't eat when he is hungry. What does she eat?

"Well, we need to have a good chat!" Luo Jinyu suddenly whispered.

"What are you talking about?" Yang ChuChu saw that he used such a serious tone, and his temper suddenly disappeared. He turned around and sat up, propped his hands on his body, raised his head and looked at him.

"Our relationship!" Luo Jinyu's eyes also fixed her tightly.

"What happened to our relationship? Any questions? " Yang Chu and Yang immediately became nervous. She was afraid that she would make him unhappy just now because she was too angry. Her small face was pale for no reason. Luo Jinyu squatted down, and his eyes could look down with Yang ChuChu sitting on the bed. His eyes were still full of pampering breath. His long fingers fell on Yang ChuChu's white face, just like touching a taboo painting. His fingers were light and trembling, and he dared not exert himself, but he wanted to touch her deeper. Yang ChuChu felt uneasy at the moment. When he reached out to touch his cheek, he immediately reached out his small hand and pressed his big palm on his face. Then, her small face was like a kitten, gently rubbing against his palm: "you love me, I can feel it, so there is no problem in our relationship of

Luo Jinyu was shaken by the soft touch of the palm, and his heart beat faster. When he heard the girl's words, he bent his thin lips and nodded: "yes, there is no problem in our relationship, so don't be angry, OK? Come and eat! "

"All right!" Yang ChuChu also feels that he is not in a stable mood recently. He is also in a bad temper. He has always tolerated her. If he were a man with a worse temper than himself, he would have kicked her away. "Luo Jinyu!" Yang ChuChu suddenly reached out to the man, two tiny hands tightly around his neck, her lips, so easy to kiss in his neck, only kiss, she smiled and said: "thank you for your tolerance, I try not to have spleen in the future

gas, don't be angry with me, OK?"

Luo Jinyu didn't expect that she was apologizing and grateful. He couldn't help chuckling. Wen said, "I'm not angry with you, and I won't be angry!" "That's very kind of you!" Yang ChuChu sighed, then released his hand, shining black eyes, reflecting the handsome face of a man. Yang ChuChu's fingers were not as careful as he was, so she directly reached out to hold the man's face, and smiled: "I will never leave you in my life!"

Luo Jinyu saw that what she said was more exciting than what she said again and again. He reached for her hand, took her small hand down, and stood up: "OK, I know what you mean. Go out for dinner!"

Yang ChuChu's mood, inexplicably coaxed, came to the table lightly, and then, with big eyes, she immediately saw the bottle of red wine on the side, and her heart immediately smiled.

Wine is a good thing. She has to make good use of it.

After Yang ChuChu finished, he took the cup to pour the wine. Luo Jinyu reached over and held her small hand: "you'd better not drink. You don't drink well!"

"Why, I'm so happy today. I want to have some wine to cheer me up!" Yang ChuChu did not expect that the man immediately saw through her caution machine and caught her little hand.

"Here's juice, your favorite cucumber juice!" Luo Jinyu points to the green bottle beside him.

Yang ChuChu sat down very uninteresting: "if I want to drink, just give me half a drink. I'm sure I'll be fine for half a drink."

Luo Jinyu saw that she was really greedy. He couldn't bear it. He had to pour out half a cup: "OK, drink slowly!"

"Well!" Yang ChuChu stared at the red wine and once again showed the little fox's smile.

Luo Jinyu also poured half a cup of wine. Two people took chopsticks and enjoyed the delicious food on the table.

"That Miffy, did you call again?" Eating, Yang ChuChu suddenly asked him uneasily.

"I called one yesterday, but I didn't pick it up!" Luo Jinyu is honest.

"You are not allowed to answer her phone!" Yang ChuChu immediately took out his real girlfriend's momentum, and his face was white.

This miffee really takes herself seriously. Did Luo Jinyu like her before and pay for her life unconditionally? There's no reason. "Well!" Luo Jinyu didn't receive it, but mifeel sent him a lot of messages. From the words, it can be seen that her life is not very good now. Moreover, it seems that she hair in disorder when she is drunk. She takes all the previous things out and says that she wants to impress Luo Jinyu's heart and make him change his mind.

Yang ChuChu saw that he was so obedient and grinned: "I will be far away from the opposite sex in the future. I promise I won't let you have any trouble."

"You don't want to see Xiyang again." Luo Jinyu suddenly thought of it, and then told him.

Since the river jumping incident that day, muxiyang has not called Yang ChuChu to send messages, which is a good result.

"He didn't dare to pester me. In order to save him, you hurt your feet. I don't think he would dare to break us up!" Yang ChuChu is still very angry, and Mu Xiyang is too naive. It's hard for him to think of the way of seeking death.

"He likes you right, you are the same age!" Luo Jinyu didn't have any complaints about this young and frivolous cousin.

"You think I'm small?" Hearing this, Yang ChuChu's face stiffened.

"No, I mean, a boy of your age must like a young girl like you!" Luo Jinyu explained immediately.

"But I like you, always you!" Yang ChuChu quickly shows his sincerity.

Luo Jinyu thought of her saying that she had been secretly in love with herself for a long time, which was also incredible. "I know. I'm glad I found you!" Luo Jinyu also cherishes this relationship. Only when he is with Yang ChuChu can he feel that he has the vitality of young people.