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C867 season always punishes her

At the end of the hot kiss, their breathing was slightly disordered. Ji Xiaohan laughed and joked: "as soon as I got engaged, I was so enthusiastic. I really regret that I didn't get engaged earlier."

Tang youyou was dazed and confused. Hearing his funny words, he woke up and blushed.

"Your uncle did today's work." Tang youyou shifts the topic. Generally, when she is teased by Ji Xiaohan, she has to lose because she doesn't have these evil ideas in her mind. Season

the owl's face was cold and his voice was low: "yes, no one dared to oppose me like this except him!" After don

youyou got his affirmation, his face flashed a flash of anger: "you really shouldn't be in such a mess because of him. Why don't you mention it to your grandfather? Let your grandfather know about it, he will be afraid. "

Ji Xiaohan knows that Tang youyou wants to use grandpa to suppress Ji Lin. unfortunately, if Grandpa was strong five years ago, he can certainly ask grandpa for help. But

now, he has become the guardian of Grandpa. In order to extend his grandpa's life, he will bear it no longer and will not tear his face from Ji Lin.

"Leisurely, I will deal with this matter well. Don't be angry. If you are angry, you won't be worth it." Ji Xiaohan gently straightens her long hair and doesn't want to talk about it.

But Tang youyou thought that he wanted to be kind to Ji Lin, and immediately urged him anxiously: "do you think your uncle just came out of the prison, and you want to let him go, and don't care about him? But he was too much. He used my father and your mother to hype this year's events. I also saw those photos. They were all prepared. That day, my father and I went out for dinner. He must have found someone to follow us and took those photos. It's too much. " Xiao Han can understand Tang youyou's anger, because he is also angry, but he must calm down. "

you are my fiancee now. There is something I don't want to hide from you anymore." Season owl cold warm palm in her slender arm gently rub, the voice is full of sadness.

Tang youyou knows that he has a lot to worry about recently. There must be something bothering him. Unfortunately, he kept it from her. Tang youyou wanted to ask for a long time, but he didn't dare to ask because he was afraid to touch his taboo. At this moment, he spoke in such a sad tone, and her heart slightly quivered.

"What is it?" Asked Tang youyou softly.

"My grandfather is running out of time!" Ji Xiaohan looked at her and saw the tremor of her bottom of the eyes. He lowered his head slightly and the color of pain flashed on the bottom of the eyes: "I didn't joke with you, it's true!" Don

youYou can't say a word in surprise. Meimou's heartache flickers on his handsome face. Next second, she pours into his arms, hugs him tightly, closes her eyes, and shakes her voice: "that's why you are always resisting your uncle, right? You don't want your grandfather to worry about your relationship anymore. "

Ji Xiaohan nodded and gently stroked her long hair: "yes, if it wasn't for my grandfather, I would have sent him to prison."

"It's really hard for you!" Tang youyou is more and more distressed and tighter. He really wants to share some pressure for him and doesn't want him to bear all this alone.

"No problem. I'm collecting all kinds of evidence and waiting for an opportunity. I wish this opportunity could come later." The season owl is cold and laughs bitterly. Don

nodded leisurely, and he had the same hope: "I hope your grandpa can have a little peace in his last days." "

anyway, I'm very happy today. I'm finally going to marry you." Season owl cold gently supported her to sit, hands holding her small face, thin lips can't help but print a kiss between her forehead: "you know? I've been dreaming of marrying you. I've been waiting too long. "

Tang youyou heard him saying this kind of worried words, but he chuckled: "we only know each other for less than a year, how can you wait for a long time?"

"If you knew that I wanted to marry you half a month after I met you, you wouldn't say that!" Ji Xiaohan thought that he had fallen into her hands so quickly, and he also smiled bitterly. Once upon a time, how proud and conceited he was, how restrained and self disciplined he was, how frivolous and uninhibited he was.

However, once meeting Tang Youyou, it's like being bound by her gentleness. Even if she dislikes her hundred dishes, he can't help but want to tie it up, want to attract her attention, and have all kinds of anger brushes.

Tang youyou looked at him with a surprised expression: "no, at that time, you clearly hated me, how could you want to marry me?"

"Don't you know that I'm so awkward? You don't know how many crimes I have suffered for it. I will change this habit later. If I like you, I will say it out loud to let you know. " When Ji Xiaohan thought of his guilt and grievance, he suddenly felt a sense of self inflicted responsibility.

Tang youyou couldn't help but smile: "really? You are really inexplicable. You like me, but you have all kinds of cynicism about me. You deserve to suffer. "

"Yes, I deserve it. If it wasn't for your appearance, I still don't know how poor my character is. You corrected my bad habits. I want to thank you very much." Ji Xiaohan admits his lack of character. He felt humiliated before, but at this moment, he will be proud of it. He dare to face his shortcomings, but not everyone can do it. Don

youyou smiled more happily, and then he said: "how are you going to thank me? Do you want to give me a lot of property? "

"Long time, I thought you were not greedy for money. I didn't expect you to think only of my money, but not my people?"

Seeing that he was not serious again, Tang youyou hurriedly stopped: "I've got your people. Don't you know that women are fickle? What's more, it's also very old-fashioned! " Don

youyou deliberately wants to tease him and see his reaction.

Sure enough, someone's expression suddenly became melancholy, and his eyes stared at her grudgingly: "are you tired of me so soon?" Don

you didn't expect that the president of the hall season would become so insecure. It's not his style. He used to be so narcissistic and arrogant. Don

youYou can't bear to look at his expression of grievance and resentment any more. He immediately reached out and patted his handsome face: "don't worry, I won't give up. Besides, where can I find a handsome, rich, capable and physical man like you? Besides, you are my child's biological father, even if I don't want you, children I'm sure I won't want you. " Season

when Xiao Han heard that she dared to make fun of herself, he put his strong body on her and put his thin lips dangerously in her ear: "dare to make fun of me, I should be punished!"