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C952 no resistance

Ji Xiaohan's two brothers left, and Bai Zhen's mood calmed down a little.

On the way back, Ji Yueze's face was gloomy and he didn't speak a word, but his heart was rolling with waves, and he wanted to break his reason. See

the younger brother has been clenching his fist. Ji Xiaohan sighs and comforts: "don't worry, she will come out tomorrow."

"I'm afraid Ji Lin will hurt her." In front of big brother, Ji Yueze can no longer hide his fear and worry. His worried eyes are red.

"Although Ji Lin has a bad character, I believe he is not that kind of villain. What he wants is Bai Zhenzhen to plead guilty for him. He should not be touched by Bai Yiyan." Season owl cold calm analysis way.

"Brother, are your men watching him?" Ji Yueze couldn't calm her. As soon as he closed his eyes, he seemed to see her in despair and desolation.

"Keep a close eye on it. Ji Lin is now at Ji Shangqing's house. He hasn't left!" Season owl cold nodded. "

he must have found someone else to do it. Damn it, how did he tie Bai Yiyan away? Is it the hand that moves in public? " Ji Yueze is biting his teeth. "

certainly not. Who is Bai Yiyan with today? You can ask that person! " Ji Xiaohan believes that since Bai Yiyan is good at martial arts, she will never be tied up in public again. "

it's her assistant, Lin Si. I just called her and she said that she would be separated from Bai Yiyan this afternoon." Ji Yueze leaned back in his chair in pain and tiredness.

Season owl cold squinted, stared out of the window at the thick night, and said, "it's already early morning, Bai Yiyan hasn't come back. You can call Lin Si to confront him for fear of her safety." "

elder brother Do you suspect her assistant is up to something? " Ji Yueze's whole body was stiff and cold. Xiao Han sneered: "if she dares to come and confront, it means she is not suspected. But if she dares not to come? Haven't you thought of such a result? " Ji was shocked. He looked at his elder brother with wide eyes: "yes, I didn't think there was a big suspicion in this matter. Elder brother, I have to admit that your brain is smarter than mine." "

when are you going to talk about this? You are so anxious and worried that you can't calm down and think about these problems. If today I am you, I can't be rational. " Season owl cold chuckles. "

brother, you must take good care of your sister-in-law and two children. This old man is crazy. I believe that he will do whatever he can to achieve his goal." Ji Yueze is really shocked by Ji Lin's shameless means. I really want to beat him up.

"I know. It's a signal. We all need to be more careful!" Season owl cold nods, in the heart already erected the warning line.

Ji Yueze takes out his mobile phone and dials it up to Linsi. Lin still answered her phone.

"Boss, how can you call me when it's so late? Is Xiaoyan back? " Lin Si's voice sounded like she was worried about Bai Yiyan. "

she hasn't come back. I'm still looking for her. Now you come to the company. I have something to ask you." Jiyueze's voice is cool.

"Ah? Now? It's late, or tomorrow... "

"No, just now, I'll ask the police to help me find it. You can answer some questions." Ji Yueze's strict requirements. "

I I can't leave now. I have something else to do! " Lins was already speechless, and then his cell phone was disconnected. The faces of the two brothers were in a moment of wonder. "

brother, Lin Si has a problem!" Ji Yueze's face is a little pale.

Ji Xiao snorted coldly, "what's the origin of Lin Si? Are you clear about the investigation? You should have someone investigate her now. "

"Lin Si just came to work in the company these days. She is warm and active. Bai Yiyan has a good impression on her, so she left her as a personal assistant. Is it..." "

Yes, Lin Si may be the spy sent by Ji Lin. in order to gain Bai Yiyan's trust, she is so enthusiastic and active. Bai Yiyan is bound. She must have something to do with her."

"Can I call the police now?" Ji Yueze's face has turned blue with anger and hatred. "

it's useless for you to call the police now. If you alarm the police, you're afraid that it will make Ji Lin angry. If Bai Zhenzhen wants to talk with him about the conditions tomorrow, it won't necessarily succeed. You really need to wait, at least wait until Bai Zhenzhen talks with him tomorrow before calling the police to catch this Linsi." Ji Xiaohan has to continue to advise. Season

the more he presses his head painfully, the same feeling that his head will explode. "

it's all my fault. I shouldn't hire that group of people, so I won't let Ji Lin get through the hole."

Season owl cold also heartache younger brother, Wen voice comforts: "you don't like this, this can't blame you, can only say season Lin is really terrible." "

I want to kill him!" Ji Yueze roars angrily.

"Killing him won't solve the problem. It's not a wise choice for you to be charged with murder." Season owl cold heart is startled, can strict request younger brother not to make this extreme behavior.

Ji Yueze stopped talking. He closed his eyes and leaned on his position. It's been a long night. Yiyan's hands and feet were tied, and she didn't eat anything for dinner. The whole person was very weak. "

come in. I want to go to the toilet!" Bai Yiyan said weakly.

Wang Cheng came in. Without saying a word, she came and untied the rope on Bai Yiyan's leg. Bai

Yi Yan didn't expect Wang Cheng to actually untie the rope for her. She immediately thought of running away.

When the rope was untied, Bai Yiyan immediately lifted her legs and swept. For example,

if you are an ordinary person, you have been swept to the ground by her leg. Unfortunately, Wang Cheng just dodged her leg and sneered: "I heard that you are good at it. Unfortunately, in front of me, you just move the door to get an axe." Bai

Yiyan used to hold a glimmer of hope, but I didn't expect that the woman in front of her was very good, far above her. She was unwilling to kick her again. Wang Cheng seemed to be annoyed by her and immediately waved his fists and feet.

Bai Yiyan's hands are still tied behind her back. Her legs can move and she is kicked by Wang Cheng.

She felt that her five organs and six bellies were all displaced, and her back hit the hard wall, and her head was dizzy. "

hurry up if you want to go to the toilet. If you want to call again, I will accompany you!" Wang Cheng said, staring at her coldly and sarcastically. Bai

Yi Yan found that even if she was untied, she was afraid that she could not beat Wang Cheng, so she had to hate to stare at her and climb up hard from the ground: "you tie my hand, how can I go to the toilet!" Wang gave a groan and untied the rope on her handle. Bai

Yiyan still wants to move again. Suddenly, Wang Cheng takes out a gun from nowhere and puts it on her head: "try to figure it out before you start!"