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C1481 teach him to be a new man

President Zhang didn't dare to seriously speculate on the mind of the young man in front of him. When he heard that he was curious about the whole thing, president Zhang immediately filled in oil and vinegar and said, "this Lu xuanchen is really bad and shameless. My daughter is only 20 years old this year, and she has known this surname Lu since she was 18. At that time, he was not a popular male star, just the classic of a former female star Ji Ren, my daughter chased the actress at first. Her name is Tang Xuerou. Later, I knew Lu xuanchen. I don't know what shameful means he used to coax my daughter around. Now he has turned into a male star. My daughter runs to me every day to ask me to invest in her favorite male star. I'm an old lady. I'm an old lady. I want to invest in this daughter You can't spoil. Everything goes with her from small to big. Now, she is bullied by such a actor. President Ji, you are the head of Tianyu group. Please make the decision for my little girl. You must suppress this bad atmosphere. Otherwise, no one can rest assured that her children will go after the stars. "

Ji Yueze was expressionless at first, but when he heard president Zhang's words, Ji Yueze's eyes suddenly sank, and his cold eyes stared at each other, sneering: "you seem to despise the man who is an actor? But do you know that before I took over the company, I was also your actor? "

"Ah?" Mr. Zhang shuddered with fear, and his old face turned pale in an instant.

Originally, I wanted to come here to pretend my pity, but I didn't pay attention to my words for a while, so I offended Ji Yueze. He wanted to slap himself regretfully.

"Mr. Ji, you misunderstood me. I don't despise this job. I think Lu xuanchen is a man of bad character and bad morality. I shouldn't give him any more attention and enthusiasm." General manager Zhang's back was in a cold sweat. Even if he had a hundred courage, he would not dare to insult the man in front of him, unless he wanted to die faster.

"Lu xuanchen is the actor that I choose personally. You say so, it's doubting that I look at people's eyes?" Ji Yueze's eyes scoffed even more. In Mr. Zhang's eyes, it was just like an unreasonable devil, and he was shocked twice.

"No No, of course not. How dare I have such an idea? General Ji is young and promising. His eyes are bright. Just, Lu xuanchen really... "

"He is going to get married tomorrow. Do you think he bullied your daughter? Did you pull her hand or sleep with her? It seems that you haven't explained it carefully. How can I decide for you? " Ji Yueze's words are already impatient. Even his voice is cold.

Zhang is dumb and speechless. His old face is red.

"Lu xuanchen is a new person recently cultivated by our company. He is not only popular, good at acting, but also recognized as a man of outstanding personality. You come to me to destroy his reputation. I think you have come here with your own heart. Your daughter is obsessed with him, and you want to marry him. You see that he will marry tomorrow. You think that there is no chance, and you want to retaliate against him maliciously , you know what? What I despise most is people like you. You spoil your daughter. I don't mind. But in this world, all children are treasures in the eyes of their parents. Why do you ask others to marry your daughter? " Ji Yueze's words are like knives. Every knife is cut in Zhang Zong's heart. His whole body is empty and he is sweating.

"President Ji, I am willing to cooperate with your company for a long time, as long as you drive Lu xuanchen out..." Mr. Zhang put out his hand to wipe out a cold sweat and tried to persuade the other side.

"I'm going to drive someone out, but it's not Lu xuanchen, it's you. Get out!" Ji Yueze didn't even want to look at him for a second, he said coldly.

"Ji Yueze, you..." Mr. Zhang didn't expect that Ji Yueze would turn his face. There was no room for him. Relying on his age, he couldn't help but point out his hand to the arrogant young man in front of him. His face was angry.

Ji Yueze raised his lips coldly: "what am I? Do you think I'm the one who can't run the company without your cooperation? It's important for people to have self-knowledge. You should weigh your own weight first. Are you still qualified to talk about cooperation with me? "

Zhang zongqi's blood was surging up and his chest was aching. He thought he had been in this age and had never experienced any storm. But today, he was so despised and despised by a young man. He only felt very ashamed.

"For the sake of your beloved daughter, I don't care about it. Lu xuanchen's wedding tomorrow, you don't want to make trouble, otherwise, you know what the consequences are." Ji Yueze ignored his face that was about to faint, and ignored the voice advice.

President Zhang was so angry that he didn't say a word and turned around and left.

As soon as he got downstairs, Zhang Chenchen couldn't wait to run over and ask, "Dad, how are you doing? Has President Ji agreed to your terms? "

"Well, don't mention it. Go home!" President Zhang swept the floor and snorted out in great anger.

"Dad, what's going on?" Zhang Chenchen dragged his father's arm and shook it constantly.

"How is it? My father has lost all his face for your sake. I will not mention Lu xuanchen's name in the future. " Mr. Zhang finally realized the reality. After decades of mixing, he was taught to be a new man by a young man in his twenties. This kind of taste is not common.

Zhang Chenchen's tears immediately fell down, crying: "he will get married tomorrow, I have no chance, Dad, I have no chance!"

"What do you marry him for? Does he love you? Can he pet you and protect you every day like dad? If you can't, don't marry. If you marry, you will suffer! " President Zhang finally began to reflect on his behavior.

"Dad, how can you say that? I love him so much. Without him, I would die! " Zhang Chenchen stared at his father in surprise and anger.

"Dead? It's easy to die, but I don't want you to die for a man when I raise you so big. If you still think of my father in your eyes, don't do stupid things and come home with me! " Zhang Zong is angry.

Zhang Chenchen is stunned. Her father never speaks hard to her. It seems that he will not help himself any more.

Ji Yueze made a phone call to Lu xuanchen to let him get married peacefully and ignore some irrelevant people.

Lu xuanchen felt at ease in an instant. At the beginning, he chose to develop in his company, which was indeed a right choice.

The next morning, Tang youyou received a call from Lu xuanchen.

"You're married today. Congratulations, brother xuanchen. I'll see if I have time to come here at noon. I'll contact you later!"

Tang youyou hangs up the phone. As soon as he turns around, he sees Ji Xiaohan holding a glass of water and a toothbrush in his hand, as if he is brushing his teeth. When he hears her answering the phone, he nervously comes out to listen.

"Early in the morning, who will call you?" Season owl cold didn't have time to hear the first sentence, only to hear the second two sentences, the quiet eyes narrowed in an instant, dangerous cluster, step by step approach her.

"Lu xuanchen, he got married today, let me go to drink his wedding wine!" Tang youyou doesn't plan to tell him the truth at all.

"Don't go!" Men can't help but say that they are tyrannical.

"Why? I'd like to see it. After all, when there are only one friend, my friends are not many. He's a good friend I've been dating since childhood. He's married. I want to be here to bless him! " Tang youyou said his own psychological words, a pair of beautiful eyes are also full of expectation and pleading to look at men.

"I think you not only want to bless others, but maybe you want to see how handsome they are when they are bridegrooms," he snorted

"What did you say? I didn't think so. " Tang youyou has heard the sour taste in his words. He can't cry or laugh.

How long has it been? Why is this man still eating Lu xuanchen's vinegar? People are going to get married. He can still sour a few words.

"If you really don't think so, OK, I'll accompany you to dinner at noon!" Ji Xiaohan didn't let her go, but she was not allowed to go alone.

"Do you have time?" Tang youyou asked him with some joy.

"If it's with you, you can spare time no matter how busy you are!" Ji Xiaohan finishes, and continues to brush his teeth.

Tang youyou is speechless looking at his back, but her heart is sweet and Zizi. OK, she will listen to this sentence as love words.

At noon, Ji Xiaohan actually came back to pick up Tang youyou. When he saw that Tang youyou was wearing a set of elegant dresses, his eyebrows were slightly twisted, slightly uncomfortable, obviously well dressed. Is she sure that she has no other ideas?