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The atmosphere in the office is very stiff. Two friends who once trusted each other and fought side by side suddenly turned against each other and stared at each other resentfully, hoping to stab each other with a knife.

This feeling, even Bai Yiyan, who is standing beside her, also feels the pressure. It turns out that people are the most difficult to guess and hold.

She always stares at Wu Chang's actions for fear of his retaliatory actions.

Bai Yiyan heard that Ji Yueze mentioned Wu Chang. He was a company security guard and saved Ji Yueze by accident. They got in touch with each other. Later, Ji Yueze felt that he was a simple and honest man and led him to start a business together. Chang is fat now, but he is good at it. Ji Yueze said that he was able to gain the upper hand in dealing with five or six small gangsters by himself.

"And then? Do you want to kick me out and monopolize the management power of the company? " Ji Yueze raised a sneer at his greed. Wu is often short of breath, and his face is more distorted when Ji Yueze's sarcastic expression stimulates him. "

I remember that your biggest dream at the beginning was to own your own house in this city, buy another car, marry a wife and have a child. But now, your dream is to take my company as your own and develop your second career by taking advantage of your authority." Ji Yueze's words are like knives, each of which is cut on his heart.

"Don't say again, people will change, I don't believe you won't change, you said that you hate women most, but you still fall in love with her!" Wu Chang pointed to Bai Yiyan and sneered coldly: "you are not entitled to laugh at my greed, because we have changed."

"Don't compare me with you, you don't deserve it!" Ji Yueze grits his teeth angrily. Wu

often sneers at himself: "you are the second young master of Ji's family. You are born noble and never know how important money is. When you wave your hand, tens of millions of dollars will be thrown down, but I'm different from you. I've been poor since I was young. When I touch money, I'll think about more." "

then you should not lose your conscience!" "

as long as I have money, what should I do with conscience? When you talk about conscience, people will only scold you for being stupid. Only money can win respect from others. Only money can make you superior. When I was a security guard, I drove a man running over. I had to bow to him. Did you pay for the feeling of being ignored? You don't! " Wu Changyue said that he was more excited, and his face was red, as if he was going to vent his anger one day.

Ji Yueze looked at him with red eyes and was about to lose his mind. He coldly threw the photos in his hand in front of him: "these are the evidence that you betrayed me. Do you want me to call the police, or do you turn yourself in?"

"What?" Wu Chang's face suddenly froze and cracked, and he could not believe it: "you want the police to catch me? For what? What crime have I committed? "

"Isn't it a crime to divulge the company's secrets?" Ji Yueze sneers.

Wu Changleng hum: "on the basis of these photos, I will be judged guilty? Young master Ji Er, are you naive? Would you like to check the company's accounts first? One less stroke, I will plead guilty! " Ji

Yueze's face stiffened fiercely, and Wu Chang continued: "I will not give you the opportunity to put me in jail. Your company's accounts are well managed. I just let the company stop, but I didn't do anything to damage the company's interests. Ji Yueze, you can't catch my handle. These photos can only prove my personal communication. I have been in contact with the person in charge of the nebula Mi, it's not against the law. "

Bai Yiyan didn't expect Wu Chang to be such a cunning and terrible person. He had already made his way back.

Wu often sees Ji Yueze's face is gloomy and cold. He shrugs his shoulders, straightens his lapel and straightens his back: "my resignation has been written. Please sign it!" Season

more Ze bit the root of his teeth, so he underestimated the shameless and meticulous thinking of this man.

Wu Chang picked out his resignation slip from a pile of documents and put it on the desk. His voice was a little shaky: "I've been waiting for this day for a long time. I didn't expect it to be faster than I thought, but it doesn't matter. It's really not good to be a stooge." Season

yuezejun's face tenses in an instant, and he has an impulse to fight in the past.

"Did I treat you badly?" Ji Yueze's cold questions. "

it's not a bad thing. After you, I took the first bite of delicacies. I can't forget the taste. I want to eat it every day, but you don't want to give it to me again. I become a kind of heart disease. Ji Yueze, you can't easily believe anyone, even your favorite woman!" Wu often, even when he is leaving, does not forget to gossip and pull apart. Yi Yan gave him a disgusting look.

"If you think I am guilty, you are welcome to call the police to investigate. I will cooperate very much!" Wu Chang suddenly smiled smugly, as if he were innocent.

Ji Yueze slightly closed his eyes and squeezed his big palm into a fist.

Bai Yiyan sneers: "most of the betrayers are not good-looking. I hope to see your end soon!"

Wu Chang suddenly shrugged his shoulders and said, "right? You may not be able to see it! " Wu often left, and went to court!

Bai Yiyan gently reached out her hand and grasped the man's clenched fist. "It's not worth being angry for such a person," Wen advised

Ji Yueze suddenly laughs at himself: "I really don't have my elder brother's ability to know people. All he chooses are loyal people to him, and I raise a white eyed wolf by myself." "

What's the comparison? Wu Chang is mean in nature and good at disguise. It's normal that you can't see him." "

he has already made his way back!" Ji Yueze looks tired.

"He knows you, so he can win so easily, but you should not be discouraged. If you do too much evil, sooner or later, you will have to repay. Like my aunt, she is also very regretful, but it is too late!" Bai Yiyan didn't know how to comfort him, so she could only talk casually.

"I think there should be someone behind him to support him, otherwise, he dare not betray me like this even when he knows that my eldest brother is Ji Xiaohan!" Ji Yueze found that he fell into a terrible abyss. Before that, he also felt that he had been living every day like a fool, but no one could do harm to him, because there was a big brother behind him to protect him, but Wu Chang's reflection made his back cold, and the things he always felt were not so simple.

When he is facing a crisis, the big brother's crisis is often bigger than him. Are they Ji Lin's father and son?

No, big brother didn't put his two clowns in his eyes at all. Who would that be? Season

Yueze tightens his brow, unable to think of a result.