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C1680. She's funny

Once entering the door of the rest room, lanyanxi took the nearest chair and sat down. At the first time, she bent down to take off her high-heeled shoes. At the back heel, she had worn a red mark, and her skin was scratched. Her eyes were red with pain.

Cheng Yuan didn't find that Lan Yanxi was suffering from such pain all the time. When she saw it, the whole person was shocked and hurriedly squatted down to help her check: "Yanxi, why didn't you tell me earlier? Is the quality of your shoes not very good?"

LAN Yanxi couldn't help crying and laughing: "no wonder my shoes are too delicate. I was going to wear another pair of shoes today, but I didn't think it was suitable for my clothes. I chose this white high-heeled shoes. But who knows, I can grind my feet."

"You should have said it earlier. Why should you put up with it till now?" Cheng Yuan sighs and loves her very much.

"I can't spoil people's interest when the commentator is so enthusiastic. Besides, so many people follow me and I'm going to leave in the middle of the way. That's a shame." LAN Yanxi has put up with it until now just because she wants to be more dedicated and enthusiastic to her work.

"If Mr. President saw it, he would be hurt." Cheng Yuan smiled angrily, but LAN Yanxi was so stubborn that she was willing to bear the pain and take care of other people's feelings. This may be a kind of heart disease shared by all kind and soft hearted people.

"Don't let him know." LAN Yanxi laughed.

"Then there will be ribbon cutting. What do you do?" Cheng Yuan asked with a sigh.

LAN Yanxi sighed: "what else can I do? Keep wearing. I don't have the habit of taking my shoes with me."

"Put on my shoes. My flat heel is one size larger than yours. It should be better." Cheng Yuan immediately suggested.

"No, I'm going to wear it. What are you wearing?" Lanyanxi immediately shook his head against it.

"I wear yours!" Cheng Yuan immediately wants to try on her shoes, only to find that she can't wear them at all.

LAN Yanxi chuckled and advised her: "I don't need to use it, just cut the color, and I'll be back soon."

"I'll arrange you to have dinner with the foreign guests at noon. Today's itinerary is just beginning. How can it end so soon? Otherwise, I'll have my shoes delivered to you now." Cheng Yuan said that she had gone out and told a staff member to do it.

LAN Yanxi sat on the chair and saw people coming and going through the window. It was very lively.

All of a sudden, she felt that this was the feeling of stability in the world.

In fact, she knows about this library, because her grandfather gave part of his donation here, and LAN Yanxi's mood was surging inexplicably. She hopes that Grandpa's money can make a difference, so that more people can know the importance of knowledge and see more and better works.

The staff also moved quickly. They bought lanyanxi a pair of flat shoes in a nearby shopping mall, with only a little heel. They could change them before she cut the ribbon.

LAN Yanxi gratefully put on new shoes, stood in the middle of a group of people, holding a pair of small scissors, and completed the ribbon cutting ceremony.

After cutting the color, the curator began to make a speech. He thanked a lot of people, including LAN Yanxi's grandfather. He also introduced the relationship between LAN Laozi and LAN Yanxi's grandson. Many people at the scene were moved by this sincere dedication, and LAN Yanxi was trying to bear the tears and didn't want to cry on such an important occasion.

After cutting the color, the luncheon began. LAN Yanxi was placed. She chatted with several foreign guests about culture alone. LAN Yanxi was young and had a lot of things that she still didn't understand. Fortunately, Ling Mo Feng arranged several staff members to help her out, and they all went through some things in the cultural circle.

"Yanxi, Mr. President is here!" Suddenly, Cheng Yuan came up to her and whispered.

"Ah?" Blue words beautiful eyes a startle, then, the heart surging up a touch of surprise.

How could Ling Mo Feng come? Didn't he say he was busy with his work today?

"Sir may just be here for lunch." Cheng Yuan said with a smile.

LAN Yanxi's heart is still in full bloom. In fact, she has no foundation alone here today. After all, she is young and unstable. She will feel that she has no courage to contact with many things.

Ling Mo Feng is not invited. It's really a happy thing for her.

Lingmo Feng's arrival attracted all people's special surprise. I didn't expect that the president of riririwanji should have such a people-friendly behavior. Presumably, it's because his beloved is here, so he just pulled over.

LAN Yanxi saw Ling Mo Feng in the crowd. He was surrounded by some people. The curator explained what excitedly at his side. He was far away and noisy. LAN Yanxi's automatic deafness, a pair of beautiful eyes, only focused on the serious handsome face of the man.

Chu lie reminded him that he turned around and saw the beautiful figure in the crowd. Ling Mo Feng immediately bowed his head and said something to the curator, then walked towards her quickly.

LAN Yanxi's breathing is a little tight, a pair of beautiful eyes look at him with shame and timidity. Although last night two people slept together, at this moment, let LAN Yanxi feel separated from him, he is the real sun and moon, shining, and she is just a little star around his halo, making her feel that it is a very difficult thing for her to want to be with him 。

Ling Mo Feng said softly, "Yan Xi."

"Why are you here?" LAN Yan wants to say something else to him, but when he opens his mouth, he just asks him everyday.

"Anyway, it's not far away. I want to have lunch everywhere. Even if you're here, of course I want to come here." Ling Mo Feng's voice line is low and soft. People around him dare not breathe loudly. So, although Ling Mo Feng's voice is very low, someone hears him. Suddenly, he feels a bowl of dog food hitting his face mercilessly. God, after eating the bowl of dog food from Mr. President, they really need to find a girlfriend, so that they can have a never-ending love.

LAN Yanxi is a little shy, and dare not say these sweet words to Ling Mo Feng in front of so many people.

Of course, Ling Mo Feng can only stop. Next to the dining place which has been arranged by the staff is the canteen in the museum. Ling Mo Feng takes LAN Yanxi's hand and walks towards the canteen with the company of all the people.

At Nuo University's round table, many well-known scholars at home and abroad have already sat down. When Ling Mo Feng came in, everyone got together and stood up. Ling Mo Feng immediately smiled politely and said, "please sit down, predecessors, don't be too polite."

"It's a great honor for the country that Mr. President is young and promising."

"Yes, your wife is generous and caring about public welfare. It will surely be your wife's help."

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi look at each other involuntarily, and see the smile at the bottom of each other's eyes.

Sitting down, LAN Yanxi sits beside Ling Mo Feng, and Cheng Yuan and Chu lie eat at a table next door.

Lingmo Feng and lanyanxi enjoyed lunch with all the literati and Mohists present.

Ling Mo Feng has been fond of literature since he was a child, so he has a topic with several predecessors present. He talks about some literature related knowledge, but LAN Yanxi has a blind face and can only bow to eat.

Suddenly, she saw a piece of beef and shrimp sticks in her bowl. She glanced at the man beside her with her eyes, and saw his gentle smiling eyes, and her heart suddenly quivered.

God, why is Ling Mo Feng so attractive today?

He is talented, knowledgeable and has a handsome face. This contrast can make people feel his unique charm. Blue Yanxi's heart is beating fast and suddenly wants to rush to hug him or let him hug him.

"Eat more!" In the ear, the man's deep voice came.

LAN Yanxi's face is ashamed. She has eaten enough, and everyone is talking. How about she buried herself in food and disliked her for eating less?

"Well!" Blue Yan Xi in the eyes of many people, can only be very official nodded, said she heard.

Ling Mo Feng looked at the way she was holding it. He couldn't help laughing at the bottom of his heart. All of a sudden, he saw more of her informal appearance. Now it's serious, but it's funny.