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Pei Ying was scolded by his father. He was red and angry. He took the bag and went out the door.

Now, Feiying is also a little famous. Last time she was taken care of by Mrs. Ji, Ji Yueze gave her a part of the heroine. Pei Ying was not easy to get such a role, so she naturally wanted to hold it. Therefore, the strength of the performance in the play is still obvious to all. Now, she has shot two-thirds of the play, and is about to be killed.

Pei Ying runs out of the house and drives her sports car to go back to the crew. However, she still doesn't get rid of her anger on the way to the theatre. So she pulls over the car and takes out her mobile phone, biting her teeth angrily: "Bai Yiyan, why do you break up our house every time? You're so hateful. I can't clean you up. Naturally someone will clean you up. Hum, wait and see. " Pei

yingba gets on Mrs. Ji's phone. Fang's boss jumped from the building and committed suicide. He seemed to see a great opportunity, so he decided to stand in line. Fang

when Yang heard that Luo Jinyu had been in the team of vice president Ling Mo Feng, the strongest and most powerful force behind Ling Mo Feng was Ji Xiaohan. Although Fang Yang was the vice mayor, he had little contact with Ji Xiaohan. He would be too purposeful if he wanted to make friends at this time, so Fang Yang was upset. After the most

of all, Fang Yang still thought of an excellent candidate, who not only can make him climb up the relationship, but also may become his support in the future.

In order to seize the opportunity, Fang Yang immediately called Luo Jinyu to meet him. He wanted to become a powerful vice president after his relationship.

Luo Jinyu learns that Fang Yang is looking for him, but he sneers. He doesn't want to persuade Chu Chu to recognize his father and daughter, right?

Luo Jinyu wanted to see which play Fang Yang sang, so he set a time to meet him. Fang

invited Luo Jinyu to have lunch. He chose a very famous special restaurant and ordered a good dish. When Luo Jinyu pushed the door in, he saw Fang Yang making tea by himself.

"President Luo, I'm glad you can come here. Let me introduce myself..." Fang Yang immediately smiled politely, trying to make a good relationship.

"No, I know who you are. Do you want to ask me for help when you invite me to dinner today?" Luo Jinyu is open-minded and doesn't want to waste time with him.

"Yes, Mr. Luo, I have a very urgent matter. I want to ask you for help. I wonder if you can help me once!" Of course, Fang Yang did not dare to treat Luo Jinyu as a fool to cheat him. If someone can achieve today's success, he will naturally be old-fashioned and thoughtful.

"Say it!" Luo Jinyu sits on the seat and drinks a cup of tea.

Fang Yang looked at him quickly. As expected, he was a young and talented man with noble temperament. No wonder his two daughters were fascinated by him. He was extremely satisfied with Luo Jinyu's appearance and talking temperament. If he could become his son-in-law, his future would only be bright. "

president Luo, I venture to ask that the political situation is not optimistic now. I don't know which move you are taking." Fang Yang asked with a smile.

"What are you asking for?" Luo brocade Yu you Mou a congealing, look instant cold. "

I don't mean anything else. Don't worry. I'm not one of them. I don't want to pry for information. I'm the younger and promising vice president. I have excellent political and ideological thinking. If I can work for him, it's also my honor." Fang Yang continued to laugh. "

do you want to get on the vice president line through me?" Luo Jinyu finally knew the purpose of inviting this meal. As expected, it was the old fox. As soon as he heard that his boss hung up, he jumped up and wanted to fight for that position. "

president Luo, if you are willing to introduce me, I will thank you very much." Fang yangyanlu is eager and pleads, for fear that Luo Jinyu will refuse to help. Luo

Jin Yu put down the teacup at hand: "sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you!"

"Luo is always joking. In today's political situation, we all know that you are already a supporter of the vice president. You just need to say something for me. Look..." "

I don't know why I want to help you?" Luo Jin Yujun's face was cold and cold, and his refusal was cold and merciless.

"It's my daughter. Help me..." "

is she your daughter? Have you ever admitted her identity? If you are willing to admit that she is your daughter in front of everyone, I will think about it! " Luo Jinyu didn't stop sneering. Fang Yang felt that he was able to drill holes. He even dared to use this word to ask him for help.

"Here I really want to admit her identity, but once I do, my career is over. " Fang Yang's helpless expression.

"Since you know there is no such possibility, you shouldn't waste this table of good wine and good food today." Luo Jinyu did not love him at all. On the contrary, he sympathized with the poor little woman. "

Mr. Luo, since you are here, please have dinner before you leave. We can talk about other topics!" Fang Yang didn't want him to leave, because as soon as he left, he had no chance. "

sorry, there is something else in our company, so we won't eat it!" Luo Jinyu won't have dinner with him, so he turned around and opened the door and left. Fang's face was suddenly sad. Luo Jinyu didn't buy his account at all.

It seems that he has to go to Cheng Ying again to ask her for help. Luo

when Jin Yu came out of the restaurant, he called Yang ChuChu and knew that she would accompany Cheng Ying for lunch at noon. He was not good enough to mention this to her. He only said that he would go home early in the evening and have something to say. In the afternoon, Yang ChuChu appeared at the door of Luo Jinyu's office.

She doesn't have a new play to shoot recently. She's just a nobody. Luo Jinyu says something is wrong. Of course, she has to hurry to get to know it.

"President Luo, do you want a personal assistant?" Yang ChuChu stood at the door, looking at him vividly and asking. Luo

Jin Yu couldn't help laughing, walked around from the back of his desk to her: "no assistant, no wife, do you want to apply?" "

I don't know what your request for a wife is? Is it enough to be gentle and considerate or warm? " Yang ChuChu continues to dress. Luo

Jin Yu reaches out his hand and holds her in his arms: "she can do nothing, but she must love me!"

Yang chuchuchule got up and pressed his face gently against his chest: "you can't cheat me to tell you that I'm a woman, I don't take the initiative!"

"Is it? So you've been so active before, are you kidding me? " Luo Jin Yu lowers her eyes and looks at her naughty expression with a smile. It seems that she has restored her ancient and exquisite sexual lattice.