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C1211 go to the door and ask for the crime

The lips printed on the forehead are soft and soft, with a slight coolness, which makes Ji Shangqing's heart tremble. He looks up incredulously, and looks up at the blue tiny's panicky eyes, which can't be hidden completely.

If Ji Shangqing was still in the mood to make fun of her just now, he couldn't find that interest. "

that You raise your legs! " Blue is also a face slightly embarrassed color, the voice has a touch of trembling.

However, Ji Shangqing did not lift her legs, but directly reached for her arms.

Blue Wei falls on his leg without any precaution. Although she is thin, she still has weight. She is really worried about her weight. Ji Shangqing's leg is going to be wasted. "

you What are you doing? " Blue Wei was pulled into his arms and tightly encircled. She did not dare to move around, but only the panic and condemnation in her eyes. This man is really tired of living. He was hurt like this. He even did such an improper thing to her.

Ji Shangqing's thin lips are very close to her ears, almost speaking against her ears, with warm breath and disturbing Soul: "blue Weiwei, you admit that you like me, don't you?" "

me, I don't!" Blue Weizhen regrets that she shouldn't show her mind just now. This man is really able to make progress. Now she seems to be caught in his palm. She doesn't even have the strength to break away.

"Your eyes have already given me the answer. Ji Shangqing hasn't lived in vain in his whole life. At last, he got the favor of a woman!" Ji Shangqing laughs at himself lazily. The thin lip dragonflies lightly brush her blushing cheek like water, and then he releases his hand. Blue

he jumped out of his arms and heard an unbearable groan of pain from the man. Look at his handsome face. It's blue and white. Douda's cold sweat slides down his forehead. It's enough for him.

"It's right to make you mess!" Mingming is in love with him, but the blue slightly does not dispel the angry scold. "

Yes, I deserve it. From now on, you are my girlfriend!" Ji Shangqing takes out a little strength and smiles at her. Blue

I was too lazy to pay attention to him, but my hands were still very light. I quickly changed his trousers for him. When I helped him fasten the belt, blue's hands were still stiff for a few seconds. Blue

Wei drove Ji Shangqing to the hospital in her car. Fortunately, in order to find a better job, she got her driver's license in her freshman year. Now it can be used. In the

hospital, Ji Shangqing was about to lose his mind due to the pain. He was sent to the operating room for more than an hour's operation before he was pushed out. The broken leg was plastered and hung on the bed, unable to move. Blue

slightly stands beside his bed, props up his chin, and looks at Ji Shangqing, who is still sleeping. She is really curious about what this man has experienced. Why does he always let people see the atmosphere of despair and sadness when he is noble?

Is it true that there are more troubles for rich people than for those who have no money? Blue

was also tired slightly, lying beside his bed, fell asleep.

Ji Lin has entrusted all the relations he can entrust, but there is no news about his son. The phone can't be reached, because Ji Shangqing turned off his cell phone when he came down the mountain. He knew that his father would come to him, but he didn't want him to find it now. Ji

Lin can't help but drive his car to find Ji Xiaohan. He found out that Ji Xiaohan was still in the company building, and he wanted to go upstairs to find him directly. However, Ji Xiaohan did not stop him, but let Lu Qing go downstairs and take him directly up.

In Norda's strict office, the man unbuttoned his suit, coat and tie, and casually put them on his office chair. A white shirt could not hide the man's inherent dignity. Xiao Han precipitated his temperament more and more, like a pool of deep sea. No one can see what he thinks, which will make the enemy have nothing to do with him.

Ji Lin rushes in angrily and sees that the man seems to be waiting for him in a special way. He sits in his position with his head high above him. Even his uncle is crushed by his momentum and his willpower is broken. "

Ji Xiaohan, where did you hide my son? You let him out! " Ji Lin just thought that if he saw Ji Xiaohan, he would seize his collar for the first time and question him severely. But now I find out that he can't even go to him to ask questions. He can only jump at him from afar. Xiao Han's eyes were cold, his posture did not change, and his expression was still cold.

"Well, write your accusations to me one by one, press a fingerprint, confess the accusation, and I will let him go." the voice of the man was cold and deep, but with despair, he came to Jilin.

"Charges? You're going to convict me? Ji Xiaohan, you are a junior. Why do you convict me? Besides, what's my crime? Even the law can't prove my guilt. It's ridiculous for you to say these words. " Ji Lin is arrogant again at the moment, because he thinks that Ji Xiaohan is so arrogant. His father didn't dare to talk to him in this tone. He even looked at him as if he were looking at a pile of garbage and a dead thing. "

Ji Lin, I thought that in your eyes, there was only your ambition, and there was no more your son, so you were so indifferent to things, because you felt that you had no weakness?" Ji Xiaohan knows that Ji Lin will not admit his crime if he is killed. A dying man's heart is cold.

"My son has done nothing, he is innocent, and you kidnapped him, you are the sinner!" Ji Lin points at him and shouts loudly.

"Who says that people who have no sin will be safe? Is my father guilty? But he was not also harmed by the adulterer? " Ji Xiaohan's tone is hard to conceal his anger and hatred, and his eyes are fixed on Ji Lin.

Ji Lin suddenly feels guilty. He knows that Ji Xiaohan is testing him at the moment. If he says something wrong, he will bite his tongue and commit suicide.

"You're right. Elder brother is innocent. That Bai Zhen is really damned. She even resented him for wanting to be Mrs. Ji and hurt the killer. If you want to avenge your father, you have to kill this vicious woman quickly. It's over!" Fortunately, Ji Lin kept his head and didn't jump into the pit that Ji Xiaohan dug for him.

Ji Xiao's cold and quiet eyes squinted fiercely. The old fox is the old fox. When his mood is so out of control, he can control his words and deeds. It seems that it's really useless to use this move to motivate him to admit.

"If you have evidence to prove that I took your son away, just take it out, or leave!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to talk to him any more.

"Ji Xiaohan, I'll give you another 12 hours. If I haven't seen Shangqing, I'll call the police. Not only that, but also I'll let your respected grandparents know about it and let them make up their minds!" Ji Lin's teeth gnawed with hate. "

whatever!" Ji Xiaohan's eyes are heavy, and Ji Lin is threatening him with his grandparents. It's shameless. Ji

Lin still left, because he knew that Ji Xiaohan would never leave evidence for himself, and his force in China was far less than Ji Xiaohan. It was very difficult to find out his handle.

Ji Lin waited until midnight, waiting for Ji Shangqing's phone call. He was about to have a heart attack. He heard his son's voice, but it was cold and light. "

I'm ok. I just had a car accident and my leg was broken. The doctor said that I would be ok if I lay down for half a month. Don't guess!" Ji Shangqing said lightly.

"Broken leg? Where? Which hospital? I'll come to you! " When Ji Lin heard that his son didn't accuse Ji Xiaohan of kidnapping, he only said that there was a car accident. He felt a strange feeling that he couldn't tell his son.

"Don't come, Lan Wei is here to take care of me. Let's wait until I'm ready!" Ji Shangqing finished, then hung up the phone.

Ji Lin holds his mobile phone and frowns: "why doesn't my son admit that he was kidnapped by Ji Xiaohan?"