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C1286 disgrace

Ling Mo Feng came out after staying in the bathroom for more than half an hour. When he came out, he was wearing a dark purple robe, and his body looked more tall and upright. Blue

Yanxi is sitting on the sofa beside him, holding a mobile phone, but the whole person is in a daze.

Hearing the voice of the man coming out, she felt guilty like a thief. She pretended to look down at the mobile phone, but she didn't expect that the mobile phone was also reversed.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are so sharp that they have long absorbed her uneasy expression into the bottom of his eyes. In his eyes, lanyanxi has always been like a transparent crystal. From the first time he saw her, she dressed as a female gangster, Ling Mo Feng seemed to see through her at a glance, but the attraction she exuded was fatal to him. He was attached to the deep city. When she met her pure innocence, it was like a firewood meeting a firewood, which ignited instantly. He can't resist her simplicity, but she is also ignorant and attracted by his maturity and steadiness. "

would you like to stay in my room tonight?" Ling Mo Feng's eyes coagulated, and then asked her boldly. "

No, it will affect our sleep. Last time we slept together, it seems that you didn't sleep well!" Lanyanxi stood up immediately. Now that he has taken a bath safely, she should leave. "

but I want to lie in bed with you!" Ling had to say that even if he didn't sleep well last time, he was in a good mood all day. He was willing to bear the cost of insomnia, and also wanted to hug her into his arms and feel her gentle breath.

"Really?" Blue words and beautiful eyes a bright, she did not even realize that this man said this kind of words some frivolous, but for his words feel happy, she must be blinded by love reason.

"Well, don't worry, I won't mess around!" As if men love to say this, other men can't guarantee it, but Ling Mo Feng's words are bound to be wrong. Blue

Yan Xi said with a small mouth: "your hands are still hurt. Even if you want to mess around, you are powerless!"

The man's expression suddenly froze, a pair of quiet eyes immediately entwined the woman's face, looked at her tiny toot mouth, as well as her language full of percussion, the handsome face instantly changed color.

"What do you say?" Ling Mo Feng's voice is low. If you listen carefully, you can hear a trace of discomfort and danger. "

I didn't say anything. Since you don't dislike me, wait for me for a while, and I'll come back after a bath!" LAN Yanxi did not dare to repeat what he said just now, and immediately turned around and ran away. Ling

Mo Feng still has unstable breath. The self-esteem of men can't be questioned by beloved women, which is the bottom line. Although he was depressed, the man sat on the bed consciously and decided to warm her up again. Blue

Yanxi came in, wearing a set of wine red pajamas and a thick Beige robe. She went to the side of the bed and planned to sit on it, but saw the man move over again and let out the position he was lying on.

"Go to sleep!" The tone of the man's voice returned to a gentle color. "

MM!" LAN Yanxi's mouth was in full swing. She went to the other side of the bed and lay in his warm quilt. It was a spring in an instant.

"The lights are off!" When the man finished, he put out his hand and put out all the lights. The room immediately fell into darkness.

Some distance from each other, lights off, it will be inexplicable to feel lonely.

Blue Yan Xi blinks a pair of beautiful eyes, feeling the calm breath of a man in the dark, and then she moves to him little by little.

"What's the matter? Isn't it warm enough? " The man felt that she had come to her and couldn't help teasing her. "

No, I want to sleep on you!" LAN Yanxi said boldly and recklessly.

The man put his arm directly under her head, and lanyanxi went straight into his arms. This time, it was really warm.

"Yan Xi, did you just question my masculinity?" Since she was so frank, Ling would not wriggle, and asked frankly.

"No, I don't!" LAN Yanxi immediately denied and pretended to be stupid. Ling

Mo Feng reaches for her pretty face and forcefully twists it. The girl makes a painful cry and pinches it on his arm. Then, she feels something is wrong. "

can't you move this hand? How could you twist me just now? " LAN Yanxi asked him in a sullen way. Ling

Mo Feng's body is stiff. After that, he exposes his shameless behavior.

"I..." "

you lied to me. I saw you still signed with this hand today. Ling Mo Feng, you dare to cheat me!" LAN Yanxi thought more and more that something was wrong. At last, she found out what was wrong. Angrily, she beat two more fists on his chest with her hands. The man chuckled, and he had confessed his crime. "

why cheat me?" Blue Yan hopes to catch up. "

because I want to spend more time with you!" Ling Mo Feng's reason is sweet.

"Liar!" LAN Yanxi scolds him, but his small hand goes around his back and hugs him. "

I dare not next time!" Ling Mo Feng is really afraid that she will be angry. Promise immediately.

LAN Yanxi smiled and said in his arms, "it's OK. It doesn't matter how many times this kind of thing happens. Anyway, I can play dumb!" "

Yan Xi, why are you different from other girls? Sometimes your behavior is too bold! " Ling Mo Feng also laughed and asked her curiously.

"If I were like them, it would not be a unique blue Yan Xi. Would you still like me?" The girl raised her head from his arms, a pair of water bright eyes, even in the dark, also flashing charming light.

"No matter what kind of person you are, I like you!" Ling Mo Feng raised her head, and her thin lips were attached.

Lanyanxi didn't expect that he would suddenly kiss her. She was stunned for a moment. When she reflected, it was too late. The man had rolled up a storm between her lips and teeth, which made her unable to parry. Black

in the dark, it seems that people can be bold. Many things that they dare not do are covered by the dark, and they can do whatever they want.

Ling Mo Feng does not know when, has already pressed the petite she, the thin lip is not to let go of her any sweetness. Blue

Yan Xi's mind is blank and her body is tense. She doesn't know why she's not afraid at all, and even she's sometimes crazier than him.

"Enough, Yanxi, take your hands off!" All of a sudden, in the dark, the man's low voice came. Blue

Yan Xi is like waking up from a dream. Only then can he find out, when it's over, where can he put his hand?

No, no, no, it's definitely not her own hand. She's going to chop it and let it break.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly turned his back and dared not face the man again. Even if it was dark now, no one could see the expression of her face. But she felt very embarrassed. How could she do this? Ling

Mo Feng stealthily laughs behind her. The laughter is low and muddy, shaking the girl's fragile nerves. "

Ling Mo Feng, if you want to laugh again, I'll go back to my room to sleep!" The girl became angry with embarrassment.

"OK, stop laughing. I'm not laughing at you. I'm Happy! " The man forced a reason to comfort her.

"What are you happy about? It's all your fault! " Lanyanxi is very cheeky. She was ashamed of herself just now because her behavior was too much. "

well, don't tease you. Go to bed early. You have a new job to do tomorrow. Don't slouch!" Ling Mo Feng gently patted her back, as if to coax her to sleep. "

No, I'm out of balance. I have to bite you!" LAN Yanxi said nothing, grabbed the back of his hand, and really opened his mouth and bit him. Ling

Mo Feng knew that she must be extremely ashamed. He had no right to withdraw his anger for a moment. He deliberately bit her on the back of his hand. Moreover, this woman said to bite on her mouth, but it was real, but the bite was not heavy, more like kissing him.

"Asleep!" LAN Yanxi pushes his hand away, hugs himself, sleeps and falls asleep. But

Why are all the pictures in my mind just now? Although no one can see the expression clearly in the dark, she can feel her own reflection. It's over. It's over. Ling must laugh at her.

He hasn't even started messing around. She's messing around. It's embarrassing.

In the morning, LAN Yanxi's leg went up on the man's waist. She slept as sweet as a pig. Her sleep quality was always very good. Even when she was thundering at night, she could not wake up.