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C1019 drunk for her

Mu Chengping goes to her daughter, Mu Lin, and stretches out her arms to her. Her eyes are touched and affirmed. Mu

Lin smiled with mixed sadness and joy, reached for his father's arm, lowered his voice and said: "Dad, thank you for coming back, I'm very happy!" "

you have always been the pride of dad, and dad can't be absent." The father and daughter whispered and walked towards the red carpet with the melodious music rhythm.

On the platform of the romantic wreath arch made of nine flowers, standing on the platform in elegant tuxedo, lohnin is the main character today, shining brightly. He pinched his fingers a little excitedly and watched the woman who was brought to him by his adored father. His eyes were filled with joy. The goddess who once had no courage to express his love has become his bride, which is just as unreal as being in a big dream. Luo

Henning jabbed the flesh in the palm of his hand with his finger, which was very painful, proving that it was not a dream. Thin lips, a touch of joy and laughter, and thousands of emotions are gathered at this moment. He really wants to hold her in his arms and hold her for life.

Mu Chengping led his daughter to the altar and handed her over to lohnin.

"I hope you can treat her better!" A common word of exhortation contains a father's blessing and care for his daughter.

"Uncle, don't worry, I will treasure her!" Lohnin was a little nervous, but he said it. Mu

Chengping wants to say more, but he finds that he is choked. Many words are stuck in his throat. If he can't say them, he won't say more. He gently taps his daughter's arm with his hand, as if he is making a less formal farewell to her.

The tears that Mulin forced to hold back suddenly fell. She tried hard to look up, and didn't want her tears to destroy her queen like beauty makeup. However, family love is far superior to everything. The silent words that her father didn't say deeply moved her heart.

Lohnin was still nervous, and his pretty face was flushed with excitement.

The host catches the opportunity and talks, which makes the scene more romantic. Now

guests, a burst of warm applause, gave this new couple the most sincere blessing.

Of course, this also contains many people's disappointment and helpless mood. Many business elites of murin have expressed their good feelings to her. Unfortunately, they can't capture the Queen's heart even if they play all kinds of tricks. Finally, they can only leave in embarrassment. And it's waiting to see which man is lucky to get murin's heart. It must be better than her, better than her A more independent and powerful man. However,

when Maureen said goodbye to her single life and introduced her boyfriend very generously, everyone was shocked. He always thought that the man Mu Lin would pick was a business magnate like Luo Jinyu, or a talented man like Ji Xiaohan, who became famous when she was young. But in the end, she chose lohnin, a man who is famous for being gentle, has no strong character, no means of Tianzong, and only has the noble status of two young people of Luo family. To tell you the truth, Maureen picked him up and most people were shocked by his chin.

Of course, while many men envy and envy lohnin, there are also many women who hate murin. They think she is so excellent and outstanding. Why should we compete with them for lohnin? We need to know that there are only a few rich CHILDES who are really attractive. Murin takes one, which means that there is a lack of resources.

What's more, mureen has so much money. Isn't it easy to choose a handsome little wolf dog? Besides, lohnin is not a beautiful man without a dead angle. Why not let him go? Today's wedding is very successful, no matter whether it is resentful or hateful.

Lohnin took out the diamond ring. Under the guidance of the host's golden sentence, he gently held up Mulin's left hand, making her ring finger no longer anonymous, but crowned with his family name.

The romantic and solemn ceremony is over. Please enter the banquet hall for dinner.

Lohnin and Mulin also went to change a suit to toast.

Luo Jinyu is worried about his brother's ineffectiveness in drinking. As a brother, he naturally follows the guests' wishes and toasts from all aspects. Season

Xiao Han and Tang youyou had dinner and took the first step. By the time the banquet was almost over, Luo Jinyu had drunk himself thoroughly.

Lohnin was drunk as a bridegroom.

Luo Jinyu's assistant and driver sent him home. However, seeing him drunk like this, he was not sure to leave him alone. So, Luo Jinyu's assistant called Yang ChuChu directly. Yang ChuChu, who answered the phone, rushed to the bedroom, pushed open the bedroom door, saw that the man somehow pulled open his tie, untied the third button of his shirt, and lay on his back on the bed. "

it's not that you're married. Why are you so drunk?" Yang ChuChu saw that he didn't wake up. Even after she sat beside the bed and stared at him for a long time, she didn't have any response. She couldn't help crying and laughing. "Clear!" I don't know if her voice woke him up. Luo Jinyu opened his intoxicated eyes. The lustre of her eyes was still a little trance. He suddenly pulled Yang ChuChu's arm.

Yang ChuChu fell on his chest without any precaution. The man was still crying out her name like a Dreamer: "ChuChu, is it you?" Yang gave a clear and light voice, quietly pressed it against his chest, and didn't want to move. In fact, she didn't go to the cast today. She stayed at home alone, so when she received a call from his assistant, she could come here so quickly.

"Luo Jinyu, are you thirsty? Would you like some water? " Yang ChuChu's fingers were gently raised in his strong chest, and he was asked in a low, soft voice.

"Clear!" The man does not seem to have too much consciousness, only whispers her name. Yang

he has no choice but to make his own decisions. People like him who are drunk must be unconscious. Yang ChuChu wants to stand up from his arms and go to the living room to pour water for him. Unfortunately, as soon as she is about to get up, she is pressed by a big palm extended by the man, and her petite body lies down again.

"Don't go!" The man's voice was domineering, as if he understood her again, but he would rather be thirsty than let her leave him for half a step. Yang chuckled. Well, if you don't let go, you can't let go. She likes to lie in his arms like this anyway.

The man seemed to feel her obedience. Suddenly, there was a dislocation of the healthy body, and Yang ChuChu felt that the world was spinning. The next second, she was held down by the man, unable to move.