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C1787 His Happiness

Mu Weicheng is in the middle of a group of relatives and friends. In the face of questions from all sides, he looks calm and calm. He is not provoked or contradicted. He just waits until the voices around him are lower.

Then he began to speak in a deep voice: "uncle and uncle, it's too serious for me to abandon you. When my uncle was alive, he helped you for help. Do you remember his kindness? I don't know. But now his old man is not alive. Should you calm down, smart people, understand the current affairs, understand the situation is gone, and be more calm, In business, we should operate in good faith, work for the government, and do our best. Ling wennuan and I really have a relationship with each other. But it's definitely not for the purpose of attaching to Ling's family. Let's not confuse them. Today we are talking about Xiao Bai's arrest. Maybe you don't know the seriousness of this. He intimidates a pregnant woman who is about to give birth, and she is still disgusted Curse her, no matter who it happened to, it will be angry. "

All the people on the scene looked at Mu Weicheng in some shock. Although he didn't mean to help his relatives, the calm and firm aura he exuded was still convincing. "Mu Weicheng, so you and Ling Mo Feng's sister really got together? Hum, no wonder your uncle died in prison. You're not angry at all. Your heart has been with Ling's family for a long time. We're blind. We'll find you to preside over justice. " Immediately a middle-aged man angrily scolded him.

Mu Weicheng's brow is sharp, and his eyes are cold: "please respect others, what is collusion? Are you allowed to fall in love? Is it not right for me and warm to be honest? "

Mu Weicheng suddenly became angry, and the atmosphere at the scene was suddenly frozen.

Everyone looked at each other and couldn't figure out the reason for mu Weicheng's anger for a while. Just now when everyone suspected his intention, he was able to calm down. Now his eyes were cold and angry, which was shocking. "Ah, our Mu family and Ling family are always at odds. There are many girls in the world. If you marry any woman, we will bless you. But if you choose one, we don't agree with you." The middle-aged man was deterred by a younger generation. He suddenly felt that his face could not pass, which made him more angry and scolded.

"Do I need your blessing? Can't I get married and have children without your permission? Who stipulated it? " Muwei Cheng's voice is colder, and Junrong seems to be frosted.

"Tut, why do you quarrel like this? Weicheng, we don't mean to stop you from getting married. We just think you can find a girl from another family to get married. What do you want to find? We uncles can choose for you. Ling's daughter may not really love you." Next to an old man hurriedly stood out of the circle.

"Warmth is a girl I like since I was a child. Even if my uncle is still alive, I will marry her. I don't need anyone's consent. I'll never marry her. If you have any opinions, please talk behind my back. Don't be my face, let alone speak in front of the warm face. If you let me know who hurt her, don't blame me for not thinking about family 。” Mu Weicheng said in a deep voice, and without waiting for the people next to him to speak again, he resolutely turned around and left.

"Look, what kind of attitude is this? A young generation, arrogant, no literacy, no tutoring." Some people were so angry that they were gnashing their teeth and pointing their fingers.

"Let him go. His father left early. He didn't teach him to respect his elders. We don't know what to do with him."

Mubai's grandfather was angry at the moment. He roared: "OK, shut up. Xiaobai's business hasn't been handled yet. What kind of coax do you have? Now all we can hope for is mu Weicheng. Look at what you have done. What about Xiao Bai? He is my only grandson. "

The people present, like dead people, stop talking.

When Mu Weicheng got back to the car, he looked sad. To be honest, he really didn't want to make trouble with these relatives. But when he heard that they hurt their loved ones, he couldn't help his temper. Maybe, he should really think clearly about the next road and how to go.

At the gate of Jijia, a long limousine stopped outside the living room. The door opened. Two Yuesao walked down carefully holding the two little babies of Jijia, and two Yuesao got off with the things the children needed.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan also follow along. Tang youyou is not comfortable walking now, because when she gave birth to a child, she tore some small wounds to make her feel painful.

Women are really suffering, even if you have money, no one can replace it.

Tang youyou walks into the living room, and Ji Xiaorui's two brothers and sisters can't wait to run over and hug her. "Mommy, you're back at last. I can't sleep in your absence these days." Ji xiaonai has a small mouth. Although she has a younger brother and sister, she is only six years old after all. She is still a baby in need of care.

Next to Ji Xiaorui, he snorted: "I can't sleep. I sleep like a pig every night. I can't wake you up because of thunder."

"My brother is so annoying. Daddy, can we give him away?" Ji xiaonai's beautiful face is full of dissatisfaction with her brother.

Ji Xiaohan holds Tang youyou by his side. Hearing his daughter's naughty words, he immediately makes an expression of serious thinking, and then nods: "yes, but only if someone wants your brother."

Ji Xiaohe is not happy when he listens to her. He rings his hands around his chest and snorts: "Daddy, do you forget how you chased mommy to her hand? I've helped you a lot. "

Of course, Ji Xiaohan is joking. Seeing that his eldest son is angry, he immediately laughs: "well, daddy is playing with you. Xiaonai, if you send your brother away, who will protect you in school?"

"I don't need him to protect me. I've grown up." Ji xiaonai turned her mouth.

"Well, that's what you said. If you are bullied later, don't say I'm your brother." Ji Xiaorui immediately reached out a finger to seriously tell Ji xiaonai.

Ji xiaonaiwu's big black eyes were blindfolded for a while, then he immediately rushed over and grabbed Ji Xiaorui's finger and bit: "no, you are my brother."

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at the way these two small treasures come and go. Although they sometimes make people laugh and cry, their brother and sister are still affectionate.