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LAN Yanxi has been afraid for a whole day. She always wants to send a message to Ling Mo Feng to care about his injury. However, thinking of his advice, she can only put that anxiety in her heart and dare not care. In these years, is it luxury to care for one person?

At the end of the afternoon, LAN Yanxi saw a familiar figure, Yang He, who should also be going to work. "

Yan Xi, are you free at night? I want to invite you to dinner! " Yang he came over and asked her cordially.

"It's empty, but why do you suddenly want to invite me to dinner?" LAN Yanxi asked with a smile, but he was puzzled.

"I Our colleagues have a meeting. Do you need a reason to have a meal? " Yang He looks up at her with a shrewd twinkle in his eyes. "

otherwise, let me invite you. I know there are delicious places!" LAN Yanxi knows Yang He's family conditions. If she is asked to pay for a meal, she is really embarrassed.

"No, I must invite you this time. Yanxi, I know you want to save money for me, but you don't have to save it. Our family is going to be demolished soon. My parents are very happy. They also say that I'll save my future salary for my own use. Yanxi, I won't have to save any more for simple use after the demolition!" Yang he laughed happily as he said it, as if life had been reversed and turned into what she wanted. "

wow, I almost forget that you are going to dismantle the second generation. OK, take my car out!" LAN Yanxi didn't really want to get along with her. She also took care of her, because she had an intuition that Yang He invited her to dinner, which might have something to do with Ling Mo Feng.

I don't know if my intuition is accurate, but anyhow, lanyanxi doesn't want to offend Yang he now. After all, there is a colleague, and he will work together in the future. "

OK, let's go!" Yang he nods.

After getting into the car, Yang he began to look at LAN Yanxi's small sports car. She couldn't help but reach out and touch the texture: "Yanxi, my father said that he took apart the money and bought me a car for going to work. Your car is so beautiful and suitable for girls. How much is it!" "

more than one million!" LAN Yanxi is honest. "

it's so expensive, I dare not buy it." Yang He hears this price, swallowed a saliva immediately, exceeded her to predict really.

"You are sure you can make money to buy it later. Don't be discouraged!" LAN Yanxi doesn't know how to comfort her.

"I hope my future husband can give me one!" Yang he immediately laughed happily, his face full of yearning. Blue

Yan Xi also smiled. Suddenly in his mind, he thought that Ling Mo Feng would give her a gift in the morning. I don't know if the man forgot. Even if it was just a bunch of flowers, she would like it. LAN

Yanxi takes Yang He to a popular consumer restaurant, and they pick a quiet window. Yang

lotus is generous. He ordered four dishes at a time and added a bowl of soup. "

Yang He, you order too much, we can't finish!" LAN Yanxi said softly. "

it's OK. Treat me more generously. Besides, I regard you as my best friend!" Yang he said with a smile. Listen to

the best two words. LAN Yanxi's heart is thumping. If Yang he doesn't pay special attention to Ling Mo Feng, LAN Yanxi is willing to be her good friend, but now I am embarrassed. LAN Yanxi hurriedly brought tea to drink to hide her helplessness. He took a look out of the window and suddenly pretended to be very casual: "Yan Xi, you must have a good relationship with your boyfriend." "

OK, what's the matter?" LAN Yanxi's eyelids jumped, and he asked about it.

"Yan Xi, I want to ask your boyfriend to do me a favor. I don't know if you can agree." Yang he suddenly turned around, his eyes full of pleading. Blue

Yan Xi almost choked by the tea, blinked her beautiful eyes and asked, "what can I do for you?"

Yang he saw that she asked, and suddenly her cheeks burst red. She seemed to have difficulty opening her mouth. She hesitated for a long time and then said, "I'm actually inviting me to dinner. I just want you to help me. I don't know who else to look for except you. Yan Xi, will you help me?"

LAN Yanxi was also scared, but she still had to ask.

"Yang He, don't do this first. Tell me what you want me to do!" LAN Yanxi looks embarrassed. "

I like a person, but I can't get close to him or let him know. Yan Xi, do you know how painful it is to love someone secretly? Once, he gave me hope, but also gave me more disappointment, I really feel bad, every day in the suffering of feelings! " Yang He pours out all the bitter water in his heart. It seems that he really takes LAN Yanxi as a confidant. Blue

Yan Xi looks surprised. What does Yang he mean? What kind of hope does the man she secretly loves give her? Can make her so regardless of Jin hold want to express?

"Who are you in love with?" LAN Yanxi held his breath and asked her softly.

"It's Mr. vice president!" Yang he didn't want to hide any more. He said it boldly.

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi's frightened expression, why? Why is intuition so accurate? Yang's face was surprised when he saw her, but she was indifferent: "surprised? We don't know how many women secretly love him in our general office. He is so excellent and outstanding. He is the man many women dream of marrying. If you don't have a boyfriend, you will surely like him. " LAN

Yan Xi can't laugh or cry. The problem is that her boyfriend is Ling Mo Feng.

"Yan Xi, I know you think I'm daydreaming and impractical, but if I don't gamble once in my life, I really don't have any hope. Once, Mr. vice president saved me. He was really nice, friendly and gentle. When I got along with him, I would definitely give people a warm feeling. I just fell in love with him because I knew his good!" Yang he doesn't care whether LAN Yanxi likes listening or not. He can't stop talking about things in pieces. Maybe there are too many emotions in her heart. He has to find someone to talk about them.

LAN Yanxi looked at her with a dull face. I didn't expect Yang he would say these things to her. She was totally covered. "

How did he save you?" LAN Yanxi can't help being curious. When a woman is saved by a man, it will be easier to get emotional.

"It's not saving either. I fell down when I got off work and was scared by his team. He came down to help me up and cared about me!" Yang he said, blushing. Blue

Yan Xi suddenly realized that Ling Mo Feng would really do this, because he is such a kind-hearted man.

"Yan Xi, I know your boyfriend is deputy Chu. I didn't tell anyone. Don't worry. If you don't want people to know, I will keep it a secret all the time." Yang he said definitely. Blue

Yan Xi couldn't help crying and laughing: "how can you feel that he is my boyfriend?" "

because I saw you holding hands, on the day of the exhibition, when I heard the gunshot, I ran to find Mr. vice president. I didn't see him, but I saw that Mr. Chu came to you anxiously, and then he took your hand and ran!" Yang he immediately gave evidence.

LAN Yanxi's face was shocked. That day, she was worried about Ling Mo Feng and refused to leave. Under the urgent situation of the adjutant Chu, she grabbed her arm and forced her to leave. But she just was taken away by the adjutant Chu.

Alas, how can this be explained clearly? Maybe in Yang He's eyes, that's holding hands.

"Yang He, I'm really sorry. I have a reason to hide it from you, so I can't tell you any truth." LAN Yanxi does not deny, let alone admit. "

I know that you have many rules. I won't ask more. I just want to ask your boyfriend to help me. I want to send a gift to Mr. vice president. Would you please ask him to convey his love to me? I want Mr. vice president to know that I have always loved him and will love him even more in the future. I hope he can feel my affection. Even if he doesn't choose me, I don't want to love him in secret anymore! " Yang he can't help it this time, because her home is about to be demolished. She is no longer a poor family living at the bottom. She can also be a delicate woman in the future. She will work harder and become better for the vice president.