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C1304 women's counterattack

The light in the room was so dim that I could hardly see anything, but the man knew that her eyebrows must have been wrinkled.

The air conditioner in the room is not turned on. It's very cold, but LAN Yanxi, hiding under the quilt, sleeps soundly.

Ling Mo Feng stood up straight. He was reluctant to wake her up, but he didn't want to leave like this. So he decided to take a bath first, and then come to sleep with her. After all, he rarely came here, and he didn't want to leave like this.

Ling Mo Feng found his clothes and trousers and went to the public bathroom outside the corridor to take a bath. Turning on the light, he saw a series of daily necessities of the girl, which were filled with two cabinets. In the bathroom, he could smell the faint fragrance of her body. Ling Mo Feng saw that the bathroom was completely occupied by the girl's things, and his mood could not express his satisfaction.

Suddenly, his eyes saw a glass beside him. He took it up and looked at it. There was still some red wine in it.

How can this woman drink while taking a bath? Where did she come from?

Ling Mo Feng suddenly thought that there were a lot of them in his wine cabinet. It seems that she opened his wine.

In a bad mood? Want to drink away?

The man's mind was awe inspiring, and his movements were faster. After washing, he came out and walked towards the room quickly.

Just when Ling Mo Feng pushed the door in, he felt something hit him from the left side.

Fortunately, he reflected quickly. Next second, he put out his hand and locked his tiny body behind the door.

"It's me!" The low voice of the man fell, and his tight body was soft.

"Ling Mo Feng?" Lanyanxi just woke up. She felt as if someone had come into her room. She was scared to take a baseball bat to defend herself immediately. She was so confused about some bad people because Ling Mo Feng made a bad impression on her. She felt that someone was always watching here in the dark. In case she got hurt in the dark, she should be on guard.

"Close to the murder of my husband!" The man hugged her tightly in his arms, feeling that her body was still warm, and he laughed in her ear.

"How can you come back so late?" Once LAN Yanxi's nerves were relaxed, he felt warmer than the quilt in his arms next second.

"I miss you. Is that enough?" The man said in a hoarse voice, and the thin lips could not help kissing her soft earlobes.

LAN Yanxi shivered all over, a current from the ear root spread all over her body, she subconsciously whispered, unable to bear the sudden warmth.

Ling Mo Feng's mind, which was calm at first, was also shocked violently after hearing her low voice. Then, his thin lips couldn't help kissing her little mouth.

Lanyanxi didn't expect to be burned by his enthusiasm in the middle of the night. His dizziness and drowsiness suddenly disappeared. The whole person was ignited, straightened his toes and recklessly accepted his enthusiasm.

Under the shadow of darkness, two people rotate a circle, and then roll directly to the bed. Under the thick quilt, it seems that all the behaviors have become more natural.

LAN Yanxi was almost out of breath. His brain was buzzing and blank.

The man's reason also gradually returns, finally, he propped up his hands and stared at the little woman in the dark.

"I heard you went to the third floor of the canteen today? What are you doing there? " Men want to find some topics to break the endless ambiguity.

"Of course, I'm worried about you. I'm afraid you'll get hurt again!" LAN Yanxi's brain swells, and answers him quickly.

"When did you care so much about me? How flattered am I? " The man chuckled, with a trace of evil.

"Are you making fun of me? Ling Mo Feng, you have no water in your head. It's not good to care about you! " LAN Yanxi is not a coquettish little girl. When she hears the man, she is still in a mood to laugh at her. In a moment, she quickly answers back. Not only that, she also bends her waist up, and the man immediately makes a groan. It can be seen how deadly the punishment is.

"Yan Xi, you are getting more and more uneasy!" Ling Mo Feng helplessly laughs, but his voice is hoarse.

LAN Yanxi was also shocked by the instinctive action just now, then pretended to ponder and said: "I don't want to be safe, or I will not be bullied to death by you!"

"Where did I bully you? Are you bullying me The man turned over and lay down, relieving the heavy pressure on her.

But the next second, he became the one who was pressed.

LAN Yanxi overbearing will be the weight of the whole body to his body, huff and cry: "since you want to say that, then I'm not polite."

"Yan Xi, what are you going to do?" Ling Mo Feng's nerves are tense, and his healthy body is also tight. He feels that he has no way to take this woman, just as she wants.

"In the middle of the night, I have to make up for disturbing my dream!" LAN Yanxi is just in a dream, but she is almost getting married with him. Now, when she wakes up, how can she find the sweet honey feeling? Of course, he can compensate.

"Stop it and say hi!" The man found that the woman was not joking. Where are her two little hands going.

"Haha!" Girls laugh badly.

In fact, lanyanxi is a playful girl. Like a curious baby, she wants to explore the unknown field. But when she does, her brain is buzzing and her movements are still.

"Cough In fact, I just have a look. I have no other ideas! " LAN Yanxi quickly loosened his hand, then turned around and lay down, obedient like a obedient baby.

Ling Mo Feng hung in his throat at one breath. At the moment when he saw her let go, he seemed to come back from the moment of death. He gasped hard, turned his head, and stared at her hazy face. I don't know her expression, but he must be shy.

"Yan Xi, are you angry?" Ling Mo Feng's fingers gently touched her pretty face, which was really hot.

"No!" The girl replied, biting her lips.

"Is it because I didn't come to you in time that I left you alone?" Ling asked.

Lanyanxi turns around and plunges into his arms. His two small hands hold him tightly and die.

"Ling Mo Feng, when I was alone, I didn't feel lonely anywhere. But now, Mingming is still alone. Why do I feel lonely?" LAN Yanxi asked him sobbing.

Ling Mo Feng was so distressed that he held her in his arms and kissed her gently with his thin lips on her hair: "because you installed me in your heart!"

"Then can I ask you to leave my heart?" LAN Yanxi asked mischievously.

"Dare you!" Ling Mo Feng was enraged instantly.

"You're still playing rogue?" LAN Yanxi immediately turned to cry and laugh, just like the sky in June, saying that change will change.

"Yan Xi, I'm sorry!" The man did not continue to be tough, just a sigh.

"I'm tired of hearing your apology. Can I have something else?" Lanyanxi knew that the man was blaming himself, but she didn't need him to do so.

"I don't know what else I can do to make you happy every day!" Ling Mo Feng's brain is blank. In the face of feelings, his wisdom and cleverness are nowhere to be exerted, because the girl in his arms is also a person who doesn't play cards according to common sense, and he can't guess her mind.

"If you think about me a few times a day, I'll be happy!" Lanyanxi's request is very simple.

"Of course I miss you." Ling Mo Feng was almost positive.

"I know!" LAN Yanxi's little mouth, kissing at his neck, murmured, "I know!"

Ling Mo Feng laughed and clapped her fingers on the back of her hand: "go to sleep, don't leave tonight!"

"Well!" Lanyanxi knows that nothing more can happen. Of course, she is not prepared for it now. She is very satisfied to be supported by his arms.

Ling Mo Feng also calmed his mind. He would not go into this relationship too early. Even if his body was shouting and disturbing him, he would never hurt her.

The most precious, always stay in the best days.

Ji Xiaohan received an invitation from a big client whose son is going to get married. He was invited to have a wedding party.

Because it's a regular customer, Ji Xiaohan decides to go.

If it had been in the past, he would have taken his wife with him. But now the situation is tense, he decided to go with only a few of his friends.