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C1799 jealous

Ling wennuan and Mu Yun go back to the car. They haven't slowed down what happened just now.

"Sister Muyun, when did you and Mr. Nangong get ready?"

Ling warm pressure can not live a gossip heart, immediately turned to look at Mu Yun asked.

Mu Yun is also depressed: "I just saw him a few years ago. What's the good news?

Can you use the right words? "


Only once?

Do you remember correctly? "

Ling warm more surprised.

"Of course, I remember. Last time he came to me and said that he would help his sister to invite a tutor. He said that he would see me in the evening, but he called me in the afternoon and said that he would not see me. At that time, I was quite depressed. I felt that he played a trick on me. I didn't find out until I saw him just now that he lied to me, either his sister or his niece. What's the intention of this man?"

When Mu Yun thought about it, he was still furious.

"It's obvious that people like you, tut Tut, too infatuated. They liked you a few years ago. They can't bear to come to you to express their love until today. I'm really curious about Nangong Yao. How can he suppress his feelings?

It must have been a great kinship that he restrained. "

Ling said with an exclamation.

"Well, don't make fun of me."

Mu Yun is in a bit of a mess at the moment.

In the villa, uncle and nephew sat on the sofa, the atmosphere was stiff.

"Siqing, I hope you can understand that you are sensible enough to know."

Nangong Yao immediately and ruthlessly educated her.

"Is uncle going to abandon me?"

Nangong Siqing showed her hurt expression, and her eyes were full of tears.

Nangong Yao's thin lips are tight. He turns his head and looks at Nangong Siqing: "from tomorrow, I want to pursue her seriously. I don't want to leave any regrets."

Nangong Siqing's eyes widened in an instant, and she stood up angrily: "I don't agree, I don't like her."

"It's between me and her. You're a child. You don't understand."

Nangong Yao is silent. This time, he didn't give in.

"Well, if my uncle wants to be with her, please send me to the orphanage. Anyway, I'm also a child nobody wants. Now my uncle doesn't want me, so I'll just die."

Nangong Sijing said, crying more sad, crying while sobbing: "I am a monster, you will not like me, I am not alive."

Nangong Yao was very sad to hear her saying this. He never said no to her. He really didn't know how she had this idea.

"If you don't want to live with me, move to your mother."

Nangong Yao is also a little angry today. He really shouldn't talk by her temperament any more. In this way, she can easily hurt others and offend others.

"I don't want to. I don't want to go to her."

Nangong Siqing burst into tears.

"Since you don't want to leave here, live here well, and my uncle will take care of you."

Nangong Yao watched her cry so heartrending and heartrending, which was also soft.

"You can get along with that woman, but you don't want to take her home, OK?

Uncle, please. "

Nangong Siqing, though vexatious, learned to be smart. She knew that her uncle was really angry today. In case she was really swept out of the house, she would be homeless. So she gave up a step.


When Nangong Yao saw that she had promised, he was still happy.

"Well, it's true that I don't object to my uncle's contact with her. After all, my uncle is an adult. It's also appropriate to find a girlfriend, but don't take her home, OK?"

Nangong Siqing has a pitiful expression.

"I'll think about it."

Of course, Nangong Yao can't directly agree. If he really wants to pursue Moyun, he will never let Moyun suffer from grievances.

The expression on Nangong Siqing's face froze for a moment. Does uncle refuse?

Nangong Yao has lingnuan's contact information, so he called lingnuan later.

At the moment, Ling Nuan is making a mask and enjoying a moment's peace. When she hears the voice of the phone, she immediately shouts, "Mu Weicheng, help me answer the phone."

The man coming out of the kitchen shakes his head wordlessly. Can this little woman be lazier?

Although helpless, but mu Weicheng or the first time to answer the phone.

"Hello, Miss Ling?"

A very nice male voice, gentle in that end, through the magnetic force of men.

"Who are you?"

Muwei Cheng did not expect to be a man, but also so gentle, all his nerves are mobilized, with a touch of vigilance asked.

"I'm the parent of Mr. Ling's senior. Is she in?

I have something to look for her

The other side was obviously shocked by this momentum, and then he introduced himself.

"Oh, she's very busy now. For things like this, you can call during the day and ask."

Mu Weicheng's Vinegar jar was kicked over directly. Thinking of a male parent who spoke so well, he called Ling wennuan at ten o'clock in the evening. What if there were other ideas?

He must put an end to it.


The phone was hung up, and Nangong Yaojun's face suddenly solidified.


He couldn't help laughing. Men are no more terrible than women when they are jealous.

Well, since it's inconvenient for Mr. Ling at night, he can only ask her for mu Yun's contact information in the daytime tomorrow.

Nangong Yao took a glass of red wine and stood in front of the French window. Under the gray bathrobe, he was a mature man with a strong body, long, straight, and crazy capital for women. But under the perfect body, he lived in a lonely and cold heart.

He looked up and took a drink. The liquor was cold, which made his brain more awake.

He turns around and tunes out the picture of a surveillance video that he has collected. In a shopping mall, an explosion suddenly happens. The fire is all over the sky. A girl, dressed in wet clothes, rushes in recklessly. Soon, she tugs a very old lady out with strength. The old lady is in a coma and suffocates. After being dragged out by her, she lies down She didn't move on the ground. She squatted down directly and gave her artificial respiration while pressing her chest hard. She saved the old lady from the edge of life and death with a few seconds of first aid. The old lady was his grandmother. Although she had gone to heaven, he watched this scene repeatedly. There were many people outside at that time, but only her So brave to break in, her delicate body, in the eyes of Nangong Yao, flashing more than the light of sacrifice and dedication.

When the ambulance arrived, she was in the crowd and left quietly.

Nangong Yao was frantically looking for this girl at that time. Finally, he got her news and knew her name. He found her, but because of the crying of his niece, this fate ended on that day. Now, he will not hesitate any more. He wants to find her.