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C763. She cares

Hearing her saying don't drink, Ji Xiao's handsome face flashed a smile.

"Promise me!" When Tang youyou saw that he only smiled and didn't answer, she was so upset that she quickly reached out and shook his arm: "you used to drink things from Jining yunning, and then you would do that to me, in case..."

"In case of no accident, I won't drink!" Seeing the uneasy expression on her face, Ji Xiaohan immediately comforted her gently: "I'll do a good job in defense, and definitely catch their trap!"

Hearing this, Tang youyou was a little relieved.

"You should obey at home, and don't see Ji Shangqing!" Season owl cold low voice admonishes her.

"I don't want to see him!" Tang youyou grits his teeth angrily. If Ji Shangqing is really like what Ji Xiaohan said, and wants to prove something in her, it's just too hateful.

"Well, then I'll rest assured!" Seeing that she hated each other more than she thought, Ji Xiaohan raised a smile on his lips.

"Get up!" Ji Xiaohan reached out and rubbed her white waist lightly, so he got off the bed contentedly.

Tang youyou doesn't want to leave the warm quilt, but just now, he touched it secretly, which makes her happy.

Curious and strange, before, she was very exclusive to men's touch, but why did she feel at the moment that Ji Xiaohan felt so disorderly that he still felt the meaning was not enough? Do you want him to touch more?

Tang youyou suddenly has a cold. She is thinking about something.

Ji Xiaohan came out of the bathroom and wore a suit of sportswear. He has the habit of running in the morning. Although it's snowy outside, he still goes to his private gym to do some exercise.

"You sleep a little longer. I'm going for a run!" Ji Xiaohan comes over, kisses on the forehead of the lazy Tang Youyou, and tucks in the quilt for her, which turns around and leaves.

Tang youyou has a sweet smile on his lips. Ji Xiaohan just pulled the quilt for her, as if subconsciously. It can be seen how much this man takes care of himself. In Ji Yueze's private apartment, it's also more than six o'clock in the morning. Ji Yueze holds Bai Yiyan in his arms, and they are sleeping very heavily. Suddenly, Bai Yiyan shakes a little too, opens her eyes, and feels the big hand, which is strong around her waist. She sighs, but it's OK. It's just a dream.

Ji Yueze felt the woman's tremor in her arms and woke up in a flash. He rubbed her soft waist twice: "what's the matter?"

"Nothing!" Bai Yiyan immediately replied in a low voice that she could never tell him that she had dreamed of cheating. Indeed, in her dream just now, Bai Yiyan seems to have dreamed that she and a man were tangled up and caught by Ji Yueze on the spot. After Ji Yueze had a fight with each other, both of them were injured. Bai Yiyan ran to hold Ji Yueze's people and found that many parts of his body were bleeding. She couldn't stop her. She was scared out of cold sweat and woke up.

"Sleep!" Ji Yueze touched her long hair and went on sleeping.

Bai Yiyan leans on his arms and looks dark.

Ji Yueze has already mentioned the cancellation of engagement to her. Although she is not angry at all, she is sad and shocked.

Her relationship with Ji Yueze is very complicated now, unlike the normal boyfriend and girlfriend. Although what should happen, what shouldn't happen, all happened, they are not like lovers, they are really a bit like transactions.

Bai Yiyan doesn't like this strange feeling, but she can't change it.

Aunt has ruined the happiness of Ji's family. Although it has nothing to do with her, Bai Yiyan can't hold back her joint and several responsibility. Aunt is still good to her, because she hasn't had a child, so she will feel like a daughter to the only niece.

Fate is really wonderful. It seems that people who don't meet each other have so deep feud.

In recent days, there have been new rumors in the media. Yang ChuChu's stories have spread all over the network. Therefore, the negative impact of the shadow puppet before Ji Yueze has turned the page.

Bai Yiyan hasn't officially met Yang ChuChu. However, the Internet news of the past few days has revealed her background. Only then did she know that she was also a girl growing up in a single parent family. She was only 18 years old and became famous. In fact, it's really not easy. She must have paid a lot.

When Bai Yiyan didn't set foot in the entertainment circle, she only saw the dazzling light of the stars, but she didn't see the efforts and hardships behind them. Sure enough, no line is so easy to get ahead. Behind Yang ChuChu's incident, it also involves Ji Yueze's company, as well as several previous scandals about Ji Yueze and her. Some people are shameful to point out that Yang ChuChu has a track record in the love of young scholars. When she signed into Ji Yueze at the age of 15, her relationship with Ji Yueze was ambiguous. If Bai Yiyan is still a bystander, of course, she will feel that this matter may be true. But at the moment, she looks at Ji Yueze's angelic face after falling asleep, and feels that these people are too talkative. She doesn't believe that Ji Yueze is the kind of fool that even a 15-year-old girl can't let go.

More than eight o'clock, after Ji Yueze got up, he smelled the smell of breakfast. He stepped into the kitchen lazily and saw the little woman who was seriously frying eggs.

Bai Yiyan is wearing a set of pajamas. Her long hair is tied behind her head and becomes a ponytail. Her clear face is all exposed. Her white muscles are like snow. How do you look at them? They are very eye-catching.

At the sound of footsteps, Bai Yiyan looked at him and smiled, "are you up?"

"Today, I'm going to see Yang ChuChu. Are you going with me?" Ji Yueze asked, wrapping his arms around her slender waist.

"I I won't go! " This is a very sensitive question. Bai Yiyan was stunned for a moment, then stammered to answer.

"Who is still doubting that I have an indistinct relationship with Yang ChuChu?" Ji Yueze's thin lips gave her a slight bite on her earlobe.

"It's not me!" Bai Yiyan immediately turned over the two fried eggs and replied calmly.

"Isn't it? Aren't you curious? " Ji Yueze didn't say a word, but he wanted to bite her, whether it was her face or neck, as if he was deliberately teasing her.

Bai Yiyan is speechless. Can she fry eggs well?

"I'm curious, but I know you're innocent." Bai Yiyan opens her eyes and tells lies.

"You have to go if you don't!" When Ji Yueze saw her dead duck, he was obviously suspicious, but he was not curious. He really wanted to punish her. "Well, I'll go!" Bai Yiyan hears his threat at the moment, and immediately makes it.