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He Jiaxuan knew that he couldn't hide tonight, so he had to go to the bedside and crush Xia shuran on the bed like an actor in acting. He repeated all his previous actions. Unfortunately, what he didn't want to do in his heart would also cause his body to be affected.

"What's the matter?"

Xia shuran suddenly felt that the man was lying on her body with stiff movements, and his expression flashed over the sense of embarrassment.

"I I may not be able to satisfy you tonight! "

The man said with a face of shame.

Xia shuran immediately reached for the past, a pair of beautiful eyes unbelievable open.

"Honey, what's the matter with you?

How... " Xia shuran's whole body was a little lost. Obviously, she didn't expect such a result, but she really wanted it.

He Jiaxuan rolled to her side, lying on his back, closed his eyes and replied, "maybe it's too much pressure recently, and I haven't had a good rest. Otherwise, try it in a few days!"

Xia shuran's enthusiasm all over her body seems to have been suddenly poured with cold water. Her whole body is frozen. She does not give up on the man and flirts with him. However, the man still doesn't have a strong reaction.

"How could this happen?

Husband, you are OK. "

Xia shuran was suddenly discouraged. He Jiaxuan asked with a look of discontent.

He Jiaxuan thought a turn, immediately put on a very worried expression: "my body should not have a problem, or, I will go to the hospital tomorrow to do a test!"

"You must remember to go, but don't go wrong!"

Xia shuran is worried when he sees him now. He knows that he may not be pretending, but he is also worried.

"No, I'm still so young and you're so beautiful. I'm probably tired because I've had a lot of entertainment these days!"

He Jiaxuan turned over, explained, and went to sleep.

Xia shuran is suffering from emptiness and sleeplessness all night.

She couldn't figure out why he Jiaxuan suddenly couldn't be healthy. Did she really lose her charm?

If he Jiaxuan's health is not good all the time, how does she live?

Are you a widow?

She is so young that she doesn't want to be a nun.

He Jiaxuan actually went to the hospital the next day. However, he was so active in going to the hospital because he wanted to find a reason to take Xia shuran and took a lot of medicine back. This time, Xia shuran died completely.

If a woman's body is not satisfied, then her heart will become more empty, lonely and cold. Her mood will get worse and the whole person will become suspicious.

Xia shuran sat on the sofa with a dark face and was about to pinch the magazine in his hand.

No, she still doesn't believe that he Jiaxuan has a problem with her body. She just called her sister and asked her. If a man doesn't care about his wife when he comes home, there are only two reasons. One is that he has a real problem with his body, and the other is that he ate it outside.

Xia shuran thought of the second reason: her chest was going to explode. If she knew that it was because she was full outside that she would not touch her, she would definitely like to see he Jiaxuan.

Xia Xinnian's work is busy. In the past, when she met this kind of busy time, she would feel guilty because she couldn't spare more time to accompany her son. At first, her son would come to her from time to time to talk and show her his toys. But slowly, his son became more understanding. When she was in a hurry, he would play, read and Hu would be quiet It's a mess of pictures, but I won't disturb her.

Now, she can devote herself to her work and no longer worry about her son's loneliness.

Xia Xinnian holds his hands and looks out of the window at the busy street. He has known jimucheng for a while. Although he can't help but want to hold his breath when he meets him, some of his thoughts seem to be changing.

Every time she saw her son's happy and contented appearance when he was with her, she was angry and sad, and now she accepted calmly. She didn't know where it had changed, but what had changed was different.

The mobile phone on the table suddenly rings, interrupting Xia Xinnian's mood. She looks down at it. It's a strange call.


Her voice was clear and pleasant.

"Xinnian, I'm back home. Can we have a meal together in the evening?"

At that end, a gentle male voice came with a smile.

"Brother Yan?"

Xia Xinnian's eyes flashed a touch of joy, and then asked happily, "why did you come back all of a sudden?

Didn't you say last time that you had to work abroad for at least half a year before returning home? "

"If I say I miss you and Yu Chen, you will certainly say that I am flirtatious."

The man joked.

"You are still so fond of joking. When you go back to China, it must be because of work. I have seen all your interviews."

Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing.

"I can't hide anything from you, so you still pay attention to my trend."

Yan Junhan was a little complacent.

Xia Xinnian smiled two times: "I'm a fashion guy, OK?

I'll watch some of your star affairs. "

"In that case, you must come for dinner at night, won't you?"

In Yan Junhan's light tone, there is a touch of expectation.

"Of course, when you sent me back home last time, I said I would invite you to dinner in China. Tonight, I will invite you to dinner."

Xia Xinnian is grateful to Yan Junhan. In foreign countries, he shares a lot of pressure for himself. No matter money or energy, he helps her a lot.

"Don't worry, I never argue with others about paying the bill. Please just ask for your seat. I just arrived at the hotel and I'll have a rest."

Yan Junhan is not polite. His relationship with Xia Xinnian is already a good kind of friend.

"OK, I'll text you later."

Xia Xinnian nodded and hung up.

Xia Xinnian begins to tangle up another matter. She promises to take her son to invite elder brother Yan for dinner. Do you want to ask jimucheng's opinion?

Xia Xinnian can't help being distressed. In fact, she wants to cheat jimucheng and secretly bring her son out.

But it's not good to cheat. Her son depends on jimucheng again. As a parent, she lies in front of her child. Surely her son will look down on her.

Xia Xinnian breathed in a low voice, so he had to take his cell phone and make up a text message.

In the next second, the phone call from jimucheng came in.

Xia Xinnian's breath is so fast that he has to answer calmly.

She was ready to be sneered at by him, but did not expect that the man's lazy voice came: "have you reserved a seat?"

Summer heart read scalp a hemp, suddenly did not understand his brain circuit.

"Not yet."

Xia Xinnian answers instinctively.

"I'll book it. I'd like to meet your son's friend, too."

Jimucheng's thin lips are gently raised, and the meaning of laughter is unknown.