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He fell into his arms

The children's words were the truest, and their happiness was also the simplest. Seeing how happy her children were, Tang You You couldn't help but wonder, could it be that the children wished for her to fall for Ji Xiao Han as well?

But, what's the use of liking her?

The two little fellows started to sing happily inside the carriage. Tang You You looked out the window at the blue sky and white clouds, and the lush green forest.

As the driver, Ji Xiao Han and his family of four looked very happy. At least, Ji Xiao Han was satisfied like never before.

When they reached their destination, they still had to climb over a mountain. The two little fellows were full of confidence as they carried a small bag on their backs as they walked ahead to scout the path, leaving their father and the Mummy behind.

"Lil 'Rui, don't go that fast. Wait for your little sister." Tang You You knew that his son had always liked this kind of outdoor adventure since he was young. His daughter also liked it, but she would always fall behind.

"Big brother, wait for me! My legs are too short, I can't walk fast!" Tang Xiao Nai shouted with her forehead covered in sweat.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's words, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Tang Xiao Rui suddenly stopped and picked a small flower, waiting for his sister to walk in front of him, he laughed: "Idiot Xiao Nai, big brother will give you a flower."

"Thank you, big brother!" Tang Xiao Nai was so happy that her face started to ripple.

When Tang Xiao Rui helped her put the flowers back on, he immediately turned towards Mummy and shouted, "Mummy, quickly help me take a picture, I'm wearing the flowers."

Tang You You quickly took out his phone, wanting to help his daughter see this happy scene.

However, at this moment, she was standing on a slope. When she was looking for an angle to take a picture, she accidentally leaned backwards.

"Ah …" Tang You You instinctively let out a startled cry, and just as he was about to roll backwards, his strong iron arm firmly grabbed onto her slender waist.

Tang You You was so scared that she quickly instinctively grabbed his hand.

"Be careful!" The deep, magnetic voice was filled with concern.

"Thank you!" Tang You You, who had yet to recover from the shock, raised her head. Facing his gaze that was as deep as the sea, her little face flushed red from embarrassment as she expressed her gratitude.

Seeing that Mummy almost fell down, Tang Xiao Nai immediately shouted out in worry, "Mummy, Mummy, are you alright?!"

Seeing that her daughter was about to run over, Ji Xiao Han immediately shouted, "Xiao Nai, stand still. Daddy, come over and hug you.

"Don't carry Daddy. If Xiao Nai wants to leave by herself, I will be careful." Tang Xiao Nai immediately turned around and left. She wouldn't want her father to carry her for such an interesting journey.

Tang You You panicked and wanted to stand steadily in his embrace, but she did not expect her feet to slip again. She was so scared that she quickly grabbed onto Ji Xiao Han's arm with her hands.

"Don't worry about me, hurry up and follow the child!" Tang You You cursed himself for being useless, and then, he quickly let go and urged the man to leave.

"Let's go together!" Ji Xiao Han never thought that this woman would always be wrestling, without the children walking steadily. This made him feel assured, so his warm big palm directly grabbed onto her slightly sweating little hand.

Tang You You lowered his head, fiercely staring at the small hands he tightly held. His expression became even more flustered, his face also became even redder, and his heartbeat became erratic.

"Don't mind me …"

Tang You You was not used to the feeling of being held tightly by him, it was as though electricity was rushing to her heart from the center of his palm, causing her to feel uncomfortable, thus, she wanted to shake him off.

"Be good, be good!" The magnetic voice that fell beside his ears made Tang You You's nerves tighten. She suddenly raised her head, and under the sunlight, the man's handsome face was turned towards her, carrying a trace of a spoiled smile.

Tang You You was completely dumbstruck. She had never acknowledged Ji Xiao Han's handsome appearance, but at this moment, she could clearly feel her heartbeat going crazy, her blood was speeding up, and even her breathing had become stifled.

"I suddenly realized that you need my care more than the children do." The man seemed to feel that those two sentences were not enough to flirt with her. He smiled charmingly and said something that made Tang You You feel ashamed.

"Who said that? I can do it myself, so just let it go and go and watch the kids. " Tang You You lowered her head, and used some strength to shake off his big palm. This time, she got rid of it, and quickly ran in the direction of the children.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her fleeing figure and immediately laughed. His laughter was low, low, candid and came from the bottom of his heart.

When Tang You You heard the man's laughter, her heart started beating even faster.

"Hey, Mummy, are you having a fever?" When she finally caught up to her sons, she heard Tang Xiao Rui shouting out in concern, "Your face is so red, I remember that when that idiot Xiao Nai got sick with a fever, his face was that red."

Tang You You froze, following that, she seemed to hear someone behind her laughing even more happily.

His son's concern for him caused Tang You You to be in an extremely awkward situation.

"I'm not sick, I just ran too fast, that's why I'm blushing. You guys hurry up and leave, be careful." Tang You You stretched out her hand to touch his face, and indeed, it was extremely hot.

It's all Ji Xiao Han's fault, why did he say such corny words to her just now, did he really treat her like a child and spoiled her?

He already had two children, but it was still not enough. He was completely baffled. If he said something like that again, she would definitely not let him off.

The family of four finally arrived at the picnic site. It was a large grassland located in the middle of a mountain. The scenery was very beautiful, and one could almost see the tall buildings at the foot of the mountain.

"Mummy, look. What a beautiful scenery, take a picture for me." Tang Xiao Nai was a little girl born to love beauty, so she naturally wouldn't let go of any beautiful scenery. Wherever she went, she would leave behind her little footprints.

When Tang You You heard about taking photos, and remembered the way the man hugged her by the waist, her face turned red again.