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C1253 the appearance of love

Full of invitation words, accompanied by a woman's shy voice, ring in Lu xuanchen's ear, how many times did he think he had heard wrong, this woman did not want to order until?

Is that it?

"Rongrong, do you know that you are playing with fire?" In fact, Lu xuanchen has long been looking forward to the coming of this moment. He is 26 years old. Even though his mind can restrain once and again, his body still nearly loses control several times.

"I only know that when I meet someone I love, I can do what I want to do. Don't treat me as an ignorant girl. I know what I'm doing and can be responsible for myself!" Mao Rongrong leans on his arms, his voice and color are continuous, with the most tender feelings of women. "

Rongrong!" Lu xuanchen is still very surprised, because this woman is also very rational to see this kind of thing. He is really afraid that it is a sin for him to think nonsense before marriage. It seems that he wants more than just him.

Mao Rongrong's heart is like a fire burning. She doesn't know how to extinguish it, so she can only burn it. She is not afraid, but nervous and curious to explore the unknown areas of men and women. With a woman as soft as water, Lu xuanchen breathed heavily. Finally, his thin trembling lips kissed, and her warm palms gradually penetrated her white clothes More than ten minutes later, the light suddenly turned on, and Lu xuanchen looked at the woman wrapped in the quilt with shame. It's a shame to try it several times, but it didn't work. It needs to be true. He doesn't know where the face of the big star is. And lawyer Mao, who knows nothing about men's and women's affairs, also looks crimson and lowers his head. It's clear that her body sends a signal. Why does she still feel nervous and unable to breathe?

"Otherwise, let's forget it today and continue tomorrow!" Lu xuanchen is also in a hot sweat in a cold day. His handsome face is swollen and red, and his voice is obviously suffering.

"Well, yes!" Mao Rongrong nods hard. When they reached a common point of view, they suddenly couldn't help but smile. I've just tried so many times, but I don't know what the problem is. "

sorry, it's all my fault. I'm afraid of pain!" Mao Rongrong's head hung innocently on his face, he whispered. "

it's OK, anyway, we'll have a long way to go!" Lu xuanchen comforts her tenderly.

"Am I so useless that I let you down?" Mao Rongrong takes all the blame to himself, because when she cries out for pain, Lu xuanchen stops all the actions and comforts her gently. "

that's not true. It's much bigger than I thought. Besides, you're in good shape!" Lu xuanchen laughed humorously. Mao gave him a look, and then, learning his tone, Rong said, "you didn't let me down!"

Lu xuanchen recollected her words, and Jun's face suddenly turned red.

"Rong Rong, as a woman, you are not enough Jin hold!" Lu xuanchen had to educate her. But Rong Rong chuckled and said, "I think I can wait for you. Is it conservative?" Lu

Xuan Chen was stunned, then reached out and put her in his arms. Wen said: "Rongrong, I'm very happy to meet you. I hope we can go on like this and don't separate."

"I'm the one who has no sense of security. Today in the office, I finally see your charm. For you, I may face bankruptcy and unemployment." Mao Rongrong thought that the women in the office looked at her as if she were looking at her rival, for fear that she would lose not only a partner, but also many female employees. "

don't be afraid, I will help you. From tomorrow, all my bank cards will be handed over to you for safekeeping. If you have no money, just brush them. I will try my best to make money." Lu xuanchen is also very self reproach, because of his appearance, hurt her to lose an important partner, he felt very guilty. "

that's what you said. If Han Caisheng really wants to withdraw his capital, I really need your money to fill the vacancy, but I won't let you pay for nothing and make you one of the partners Oh! " Before Mao Rongrong finished speaking, his lips were blocked by the man. After a while of dizziness, he was let go.

"What else do you have to say about mine and yours? I will be yours in the future, not to mention my money. You only consume me and my money. You have this right and qualification! " Lu xuanchen is really afraid to hear her saying such polite words, so he will have no sense of security. "

well, it's mine, it's all mine, you're mine, too." Mao Rongrong smiled and showed her queen like strength.

When they first fell in love, they didn't want to be separated, so they held each other for a long time in bed until a strange voice sounded, which was Lu xuanchen's hungry coo. "

let me cook!" Mao Rongrong snorted and laughed.

"I didn't have time for lunch, so I came to see you in a hurry!" Lu xuanchen's face flashed with embarrassment.

It's a shame. After that, his masculine face could not be guaranteed. "

I'll make you something to eat!" Mao Rongrong listened to his shy explanation, and his heart was warm.

Mao Rongrong reached for a white shirt of his own and put it on. He stepped down from the bed. By

Yu shirt just block a landscape, and Mao Rongrong is too lazy to wear anything else, so he walked towards the kitchen with straight white legs. Lu

xuanchen sits on the bed and looks at her beautiful leg shape. She only feels that the courage to conquer her just now has come back.

Lu xuanchen also hurriedly got out of bed, casually put on a coat, and followed her out.

Mao Rongrong is opening the refrigerator to see what can be cooked for him immediately.

Looking around, there is only the fastest pasta. Fortunately, there are tomatoes and eggs, which are nutritious. When Mao Rongrong was standing in the kitchen making faces, Lu xuanchen stood behind her like a scoundrel, with her strong arms around her slender waist and thin lips on her shoulders from time to time, watching her do all these things.

"Well, stop it. Can I make this bowl of noodles quietly?" Mao Rongrong was teased by him. "

No, I always feel that you are better than this!" Lu xuanchen was not a greedy man, but at this moment, he could not control himself, and wanted to stick to her. "

well, you may not have enough just now, so you have no strength. You're full in a moment. Let's try again!" Mao Rongrong hit him with a smile. Lu Chenjun's face was stiff, he immediately sucked hard at her neck, and immediately a red mark appeared.

"You What are you doing? " Mao Rongrong immediately reached for it. "

what I didn't do was to show those men outside. You have a master of famous flowers!" Lu xuanchen said. "

boring, do I have to leave a mark on you? You are more attractive than me!" Mao Rongrong asked him in defiance.

"I will mark your name here tomorrow, and then untie the belt, you will see your name!" Lu xuanchen grabbed her hand and put it on his strong abdominal muscles. What's Rongrong's hobby? "

I'd better not. I'm so sorry!" Mao Rongrong can't be more serious. He doesn't have so many methods.

"I'm all right. If you're afraid of anything, it's settled. I'll have it tattooed tomorrow!" Lu xuanchen said seriously, as if he had made the decision.

"That line, you tattoo, I will not stop you!" On Mao Rongrong's beautiful face, there was an expression of affection.

Lu xuanchen side Mou, suddenly mischievous will take off her glasses.

"Hey, don't make any noise!" Mao Rongrong only felt the blur in front of him, and immediately cried with a smile. "

it's wasteful to cover your eyes with such beauty." Lu xuanchen is telling the truth. Mao Rongrong has a pair of very charming apricot eyes. They blink like butterfly wings, which fascinates people.

"I'm going to make noodles for you. Give them back to me as soon as possible!" Mao Rongrong was suddenly praised and blushed.

"I'll do it. You stay out!" Lu xuanchen grabbed her wrist and took her out of the kitchen. Later, he came in and picked up the unfinished work himself.

Mao Rongrong took his glasses and gently put them on. In front of her eyes, he saw that the man was skillfully stirring the eggs with chopsticks. Her heart was numb. At this moment, her happiness was beyond description.

Only wish time is quiet!