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Early in the morning, the snow was heavy again, standing in the sky and looking out, the window was white.

When Bai Yiyan woke up, she found that the bed next to her was empty, and even a few coolness. She fell out of bed quickly, but found that the air conditioner in the bedroom was off, and she was cold. Hit a shiver.

She wrapped her towel tightly and walked out of the bedroom. The air conditioner in the living room turned on moderately. She saw Ji Yueze wearing a gray nightgown, standing straight at the window.

"Why don't you sleep?" Bai Yiyan asked curiously.

Ji Yueze turned around and watched the woman standing behind him with clever appearance. On the white skin, his masterpiece from last night, thin lips inexplicably lifted, came over with slender legs, fingers Gently fell on her face: "I can't sleep!"

Bai Yiyan blinked, and she saw Ji Yueze's fingers stop at her neck, rubbing her abdomen lightly: "Go out in a while and wear a turtleneck sweater."

"Why?" Bai Yiyan didn't like wearing a sweater with a collar because it was not comfortable to wrap her neck. "I'm afraid that the reporter captured the kiss marks on you, and will make a big fuss!" Ji Yueze murmured, and his tone became dumb immediately. After that, he made another impression: "No , There is no need to cover up, let them take this kiss mark, so that they will not doubt us

Relationship. "

Bai Yiyan couldn't think for a while because of the hotness of his fingertips, nervous and trembling, feeling that the man's thin lips began to kiss again, with hoarse: "Two kiss marks are not enough, more are needed!"

Bai Yiyan's brain buzzed, and then she reached out and nudged him: "Don't do this, we haven't brushed our teeth yet."

"I don't hate you, do you hate me?" As soon as Ji Yueze heard that at this time, he said such a disappointment, a handsome face suddenly became gloomy as if it was going to rain.

Bai Yiyan asked rhetorically, "Don't you get up in the morning, don't brush your teeth and wash your face?"

It is not a question of disapproval, but it is a matter of personal hygiene. "Well, go brush your teeth, brush your teeth, let's try again!" The problem that made Ji Yueze sleepless at night was the three-minute thing last night. In order to prove that he was definitely not three minutes, so he must We need to verify again, even if we do n’t go to work today


Bai Yiyan's face turned red with shyness, and she whispered: "No, I heard, don't do it too often, it's bad for your body."

Ji Yueze's eyes narrowed: "You seem to have made a lot of preparations."

Bai Yiyan became more nervous. "No, I just know it roughly."

"Don't worry, I'm very strong, let alone twice, even five times, it's fine."

Bai Yiyan's mind fell blind. Should this man be so confident?

"Okay!" Bai Yiyan thought to herself, those women on the Internet said that it would hurt for the first time, but slowly it would not.

Since this was a process, when Bai Yiyan thought of asking him, she never said no more.

Bai Yiyan took a bath. At this moment, it was only six o'clock in the morning. Ji Yueze had already washed, lying on the bed, looking at her leisurely.

The command tone of "come over" sounded more dumb.

Bai Yiyan walked nervously and shyly. This time, Ji Yueze was not so gentle.

More than an hour later!

Bai Yiyan was lying on her stomach in weakness and weakness, only to feel that her body's skeleton had been knocked apart.

The long hair spread out on the white bed, but a small face was pink, and he hadn't let up.

Maybe she really shouldn't hit Ji Yueze's male self-esteem, otherwise, she won't be tossed to such a point. Ji Yueze finally proved by action that he was still very good. After being satisfied, he was in a good mood and had nothing to say. After flushing again, he walked out and saw that the bed was standing still. Little woman, his tone is quite gentle: "If you are tired, today

Don't go to the company and take a good rest. "

"I'm not tired!" Bai Yiyan just felt her legs soft, so she quickly got up and entered the bathroom.

Ji Yueze asked the assistant to match Bai Yiyan with a set of clothes.

After Bai Yiyan got dressed, she went to the elevator with Ji Yueze.

Entering the elevator, Bai Yiyan noticed that Ji Yueze's eyes were smiling, and he looked at her from time to time.

Bai Yiyan's eyes blinked twice, and she felt the man reached out and rubbed her long hair.

"Why!" Such intimate behavior made Bai Yiyan feel shy, she gave him a coy look.

"It's nothing, I just want to see how my masterpiece is." Ji Yueze's tone revealed a trace of evil and dear.

Bai Yiyan found out later that the man was looking at herself, admiring the red marks on her neck, and she was totally frozen.

Immediately reached out and pulled the long hair back, and then raised the collar again, annoyed, "Can you stop doing this next time, I am afraid that others will talk about me gossiping again."

Bai Yiyan was not a showy woman at first, so she was extremely panicked at the moment.

Ji Yueze said faintly: "It's impossible to cover it, it's better to let people see it generously."

"Don't!" Bai Yiyan muttered her mouth.

After getting in the car, the sports car drove directly in the direction of the company. Ji Yueze had few works appeared recently, and not only the production of works was small, but his appearance in the lens was also reduced by half. Suddenly, Ji Yueze didn't want to act so desperately. He wanted to put down his mind and manage his company. He heard that recently there was a new media company that was digging around and cultivating new people. Ji Yueze thought about setting up this company so much

He always gave it to his vice president to take care of him. He did n’t really manage the company ’s business really. He felt that his boss was a little casual. So he decided to learn from his brother and do the company first. Manage affairs, and then consider your hobbies.

At the morning meeting, Ji Yueze announced his decision, but he did not expect to be immediately opposed by his vice president Wu Chang.

"Boss, you are popular right now, and you shouldn't take a vacation. This will have an adverse effect on the company's stock." Wu Chang said eagerly. Ji Yueze didn't expect this vice president to say such things directly to himself in front of so many company executives. He raised his eyebrows: "The company or I have the final say, I am the largest shareholder, I don't care Will the stock be affected? I have decided to take over the company. Thank you for the past few years.

I will never betray you for your hard work. Wu Chang heard Ji Yueze formally take over the company, his face froze instantly.