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C1312 hopelessness is the most terrible

Ji Lin was shot twice in his leg. Before he was taken away, he couldn't stand the pain and coma. When he woke up, he had been locked in a dark room. The wound on his leg was simply bandaged. When there was no anesthetic, someone was sewing the needle for him. He woke up to the pain and saw the wound that was totally different from his face. Then he fainted again and again. Several times, He has only one feeling of dying.

He knew that if he did not have the courage to die, Ji Xiaohan would not let him die easily. There are thousands of ways to torture him. Nearly 50 years old, he has been struggling all his life. In the end, he has come to this end. All this is his own fault. He has no face to beg for forgiveness. When the closed door opened, a cold voice came: "Ji Lin, come out, someone wants to see you!" Ji

Lin immediately stood up forcibly from the ground. He thought that the general manager would come to save him, but when he went out to see the man, his hope failed again. For example,

now he has not taken over the equity of Ji's family. As for Mr. President, he is already an abandoned son. So the old president didn't send someone to kill him, because Ji Lin doesn't know many secrets, but he believes that the president will not let him go easily. Ji Qingshang sits on the chair and looks at him sadly, as if he is looking at a stranger. "

Shangqing, how can you come here?" Ji Lin is afraid to look at his son. He is afraid. Season

Shangqing's teeth are clenched, and after a long time, he asks: "you forced grandpa to death? Is that what you want? Are you satisfied now? " "

Shangqing, even you want to laugh at me? I am your father... " "

grandpa is also your father. You can force him to death, and I can learn from you. Do you think you are qualified to continue to be my father? I'm ashamed of you! " Ji Shangqing hit the desk with a fist of hate, and his brow was full of rage. Ji looked at his son's angry and resentful eyes, and he was stunned.

"Shangqing, I didn't know that you still have such deep feelings for your grandfather. I thought..."

"Why? Think I'm as cold-blooded and heartless as you are? You don't know at all. Five years ago, after you were arrested, my grandparents could have returned home to enjoy their old age, but his second eldest brother stayed abroad to live with me. What they did for me, you cold-blooded people don't understand. My grandparents never gave up on you. You gave up on yourself. " Ji Shangqing's eyes were red and his tears were rolling in his eyes. He roared in pain. He couldn't accept the result. He would rather that his grandfather was defeated by his illness than that he was killed by his father. He couldn't accept this kind of flesh cutting pain. Ji

Lin listened to his son's accusation and looked at the condemnation and disappointment in his eyes. He was still blindfolded.

"I don't want to harm your grandfather. I just want to threaten Ji Xiaohan to give me the equity. It's him He made the choice. He would rather die than let Ji Xiaohan give me the equity. What does that mean? It shows that in his eyes, I'm not as cold as the season owl. " Ji Lin wants to explain something, but finds that he can't prove it for himself. "

then you should die too!" Ji Shangqing stood up, without a trace of affection in his eyes, just said this sentence coldly, turned around and left. "

Shangqing, Shangqing, stop and listen to me. Be careful. I'm afraid they will hurt you!" Ji Shangqing ignored his son's curse and shouted at his back.

"They? Who is it? Is the season owl cold? Or the old dog you're loyal to? They just come, the father pays the debt, and I'm ready to take the blame for you. " Ji Shangqing stops and sneers at himself coldly.

"Sorry, son!" Ji Lin was shocked. Suddenly, there was nothing to say. Ji left directly without even looking at him. His heart had been numb for a long time. Ji suddenly calmed down. He sat in his chair and looked at a watchman beside him and asked, "is there any smoke? Can I have one? " The man was motionless and loyal, just staring at the wall in front of him.

Ji Lin laughs at himself. Now the miserable life makes him not respect his words. It's really meaningless for him to live harmfully.

My son must be desperate for him. Late at night, Ji Leng shivered. Suddenly, he heard that the door was opened and a man came in. I can't see his face clearly, but his voice is callous: "Ji Lin, sir, let me give you a few words. If you want your son to be safe, you'd better bite your teeth."

"Will Mr. President save me?" Ji Lin asked with the last hope.

"As the president said, dead people are not bad. You have to live and be dumb, or die. You have the choice!" The other side finish saying, turned to leave directly.

Ji Lin knows that Mr. President is an old fox, and he will not waste time to save an abandoned son. Ji is reluctant to die because he is still waiting for someone he wants to see the most.

Unfortunately, he has been locked up for three days, and the man he waited for still hasn't appeared.

He couldn't help but ask the guard nearby: "can you tell Ji Xiaohan for me, let me see my mother for the last time, I have something to say to her, please!"

The guards were still expressionless, like two statues.

Ji Lin looks up at the top of his head. He doesn't believe that his mother will be so desperate. He doesn't even want to see his face again.

Finally, he waited for the Ji Xiaohan brothers. Season

as soon as Yueze came in, he wanted to beat him up, but he was grabbed by season owl cold: "don't dirty your hands!"

Ji Yueze looks at Ji Lin angrily, and doesn't even want to talk to him. Ji knew that he had made a great mistake, and that even if he died, he would not be able to pay for it.

"Has my father done anything about his affairs? I want to kowtow to him! " Ji Lin said. "

grandpa won't want to see you!" Season owl cold double eyes, cold look at him, like looking at a dead thing. "

What about my mother? Doesn't she want to come and see me? I know I won't live long. Let me see her last time! " Ji Lin pleaded again, looking sad. "

grandma said that she didn't have your son and didn't want to see you anymore!" Season owl cold still cold talk. "

no way, my mother is the one who loves me the most from childhood. She can't not come to see me!" Ji Lin's mood finally collapsed, and he screamed painfully, "you didn't let her come. It must be!" Ji

the more Ze looks at Ji Lin's crazy look, sneers and sneers: "grandma has been so disappointed with you that she doesn't want to see you again in her life." "

you lie!" The last straw in Ji Lin's hand was easily broken by Ji's brother. His breathing turned painful and his hands pressed on the painful head. In fact, his hair had been white for more than half of the three days when he was locked, and now he looked like a madman. "

you are the paw and tooth of the president. Do you have anything to say?" Season owl asked him in a cold voice. "

If I said that, would you let me go?" Ji Lin looks up with a sneer in his eyes. "

see if the information you provide is valuable. It's not worth your life!" Season owl cold eyes as cold as electricity.

"Did Ji Xiaohan and Ling Mo Feng give you great benefits? Tell me, what is it? " Ji Lin laughs like crazy.

"You greedy people don't understand!" Ji Xiaohan knows that Ji Lin can't say it, because he has a son. For his son, he will definitely bite his teeth to the end. "

is it your indestructible friendship?" Ji Lin asked sarcastically.

Season owl coldly swept his face: "if you don't want to become your son's burden, you should settle down. In this life, you can't leave here, you will be here, facing the wall, until you die." If the ice is cold, there is no hope. Looking at the four walls, Ji Lin is as strong as an iron cage. He will be locked here for the rest of his life, even a ray of light will not come in.

"I hope I don't meet your family again in my next life. We don't want to be relatives again!" Ji Lin swore a poison oath.

"No, because you are a traitor and a villain. There is no next life!" If Ji Xiao is cold, it's even more bone piercing. Ji Lin's whole body is stiff and his expression is gray.

Ji Yueze also made up a knife: "you will go to hell!"