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For dinner, Mu Yun stayed in nangongyao's villa. Nangongsiqing had figured it out and smiled a lot. Moreover, because she was in a bad mood, her academic performance was always average. As Mu Yun was a teacher, she was ready to let Mu Yun help her study.

Of course, Moyun won't refuse. She will come here every night to coach her for two hours.

Nangong Yao looks at the two of them who have business and quantity. Everything has been arranged properly. Instead, he sits by and looks like an outsider.

"Uncle, take your aunt home. If you don't want to come back tonight, you don't want to come back. Just stay at the aunt's house."

After having supper, Nangong Siqing made a very active arrangement.

South palace Yao you Mou a deep, look to Mu Yun, Mu Yun smile but not language.

"Didn't you say I didn't go home before, would you be afraid?

Are you lying to me? "

Nangong Yao looks at her niece seriously and asks her.

"Of course, I lied to you. Who makes you so easy?"

Nangong Siqing made a face at him.

Nangong Yao put out his hand to cover his chest, with an expression that he couldn't breathe, and pointed to her: "well, you are a villain. When did you learn to cheat?"

"When I'm sensible, I know that when I cry, my uncle will coax me and buy me many toys and beautiful princess skirts. When I say I'm afraid, my uncle will hold me and take me everywhere. When I'm sick, my uncle will worry. I like to see my uncle worry for me. I Is it really bad? "

Nangong Siqing doesn't want to cheat any more at the moment, because she finds that she doesn't need to cheat, and her uncle really loves her, and she can't bear to cheat him any more.

Nangong Yao: "..." Mu Yun smiled politely. She knew that Siqing was not a normal girl. Seeing her speaking eyes, she knew that she was smart.

"Siqing, uncle is so kind to you, that's how you repay me?

It hurts you. "

Nangong Yao doesn't know whether to be angry or to laugh at the moment. Although his niece has cheated him for so many years, he doesn't seem to be very angry, because she is too small and insecure to cheat his love. In fact, he is very attentive to everything about her, without any adulteration.

"Uncle, I'm sorry. It's a big deal. When you have a baby, I'll let her cheat. I'll hurt her, take care of her and teach her to do a lot of things, OK?"

Nangong Siqing also knows that this kind of behavior is wrong, so at this time, she can only hold her ears and face a good attitude of recognizing mistakes.

"Well, for the sake of your sincerity..." "Then you and your aunt will have a baby for me as soon as possible, won't they?"

Nangong Siqing's eyes brightened and he asked happily.

Nangong Yao is choked by her words again. Mu Yun finds that the conversation between the two uncles and nephews is really interesting. Maybe it's just because it's always so interesting that their feelings are also friends and fathers. This way of getting along is actually very easy.

"Here Ask your aunt. I can't be the master. "

Nangong Yaojun blushed.

"Uncle, your EQ is really too low. Maybe there is no perfect person in the world. God has given you super intelligence and only a little Eq. I always thought you were invincible in front of girls. Now it seems that I overestimated you. I don't care about your affairs. I went upstairs to have a rest. Come on."

It's hard for Nangong to bring this generation of adults. She's worried about her uncle.

Nangong Yao almost didn't get angry to spit blood. She's such a little girl with no conscience.

The smile on the corner of murun's mouth hasn't been reduced. Inexplicably, it's wonderful to see nangongsiqing fighting nangongyao.

"Let's go. I'll take you back."

Nangong Yao lost his grace in front of his niece, but in front of Muyun, he picked up his grace and raised a gentle smile with his thin lips.

Mu Yun nodded, took the bag and followed him to the door.

Nangong Yao specially drove over his most expensive car this evening. Mu Yun was amazed by the charcoal gray body, which was cool and dazzling. The wheel bones of the car were even more aggressive.

Driving on the road, the car attracted a lot of people's attention. In front of the traffic light, several girls stared at the car, trying to see what was sacred inside.

Muyun's life has always been very low-key. Although she can afford such a good car, she has only a car worth more than half a million yuan so far, which was given to her by her brother for her birthday. She thinks that her car is very convenient and applicable, but sitting in such a high-end sports car, her mood is really different, the feeling of being noticed, To be honest, it's cool.

To the community downstairs, Moyun cut the long hair beside the ears, a pair of eyes to the man.

"Do you want to go up and sit?"

Mu Yun asks him.

Nangong Yao is in a hurry. In fact, all the way, he is looking for an opportunity to ask this question. Unexpectedly, Muyun will ask him first, which also saves his embarrassment.

If this sentence counts as him, it may mean to play a rogue.

It's not fair.

"Well, it's still early. I'll come to your house."

Nangong Yao is as calm as possible.

Two people got out of the car and walked toward the elevator.

"I don't seem to have any drinks at home. There's a supermarket nearby. I'm going to buy some."

Mu Yun suddenly thought of it, and said.

"Let's go."

Nangong Yao has reached out and held her hand. Mu Yun is just stunned and holds his finger.

The man's thin lips raised a smug smile.

Two people go to the supermarket.

Not long ago, I bought a lot of things in the shopping cart.

"Check out."

Said Mu Yun.

"Is there anything else you forgot to buy?"

Nangong Yao asked her with a smile.

Mu Yun crooked his head and thought carefully: "yes, there is one thing."

Nangong Yao saw that her expression was a little abnormal and didn't think much about it, so he pushed the car behind her. At last, Muyun stopped in front of a shelf of daily necessities. Next second, Muyun pointed to it with his fingers: "you can choose it by yourself. It seems that there are yards."

Nangong Yaojun's eyes widened instantly. He looked at the woman. She turned her back and twisted her hands on her back.

Nangongyao can't laugh or cry. How could Muyun let him buy such things?

"Are you sure you want to buy it?

You can use it when you buy it. You can't waste it. "

The man was in her ear, and her voice was deep.

"Of course."

Mu Yun didn't take a good look at him: "you pick it quickly, I'm so sorry."

Nangong Yao took a few boxes, looked at the size, and finally threw them into the shopping cart.

"Why do you buy so many boxes?

Isn't a box enough? "

Mu Yun blushed.

"Don't worry, all will be used up."

A man's smile deepens, but he doesn't mean well.