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C1934: Chaos

Ling Susi fainted and fell asleep in Xia Xinnian's office. Xia Xinnian went to a meeting. Ling Susi's cell phone rang and she woke up abruptly.

She took out her mobile phone and looked at it. Her beautiful face began to ache. Then she wrote a note and put it on Xia Xinnian's desk and left quickly.

Xia Xinnian returns to the office with two cups of coffee in her hand. Seeing the empty sofa, she is stunned for a second. She is about to take her cell phone and see the note on the desk.

She sighed. In fact, she had called Ling Suxi several times before and wanted to ask her out for dinner, but Suxi always said she didn't have time, so she had to wait until now.

Xia Xinnian has transferred the money to her account. I hope she can quickly get over the difficulties at present.

Time flies, it's the day of the design competition. Xia Xinnian is very nervous. After all, the judges are all senior celebrities. She has a fierce vision. She's afraid that she's overconfident.

Early in the morning, Xia Xinnian had already arrived at the competition venue. She saw several senior executives of the company in front of the T-stage. After greeting them, she went to the backstage to prepare for the competition.

As soon as he went in, Xia Xinnian heard a strange voice: "Oh, this is the senior designer hired by Kalan from abroad? I don't know if there is any real talent and learning in such a young age. "

Xia Xinnian raised her eyebrows and saw the woman who spoke. She also recognized her. Her name is Liu Mei, and she is also a designer in the industry.

Xia Xinnian came here to compete, not to quarrel with others. She decided to ignore her sarcasm and just take her team with her and prepare the model to try on the clothes.

"Xia Xinnian, don't you know me?" Being ignored, Liu Mei can't hang on her face. She stops Xia Xinnian directly, and her tone is more aggressive.

She also saw the design works of Kalan company just now. She was very proud because there were two clothes that were not quite different from the design draft Xia shuran gave her last time. If Xia Xinnian let the clothes appear on the stage in a moment, she would lose her face. Today Xia shuran arranged a surprise for her.

"Liu Mei, if you want to quarrel with me, you can choose another day. I have no time to pay attention to you today." Xia Xinnian still has a personality. Her voice is cool.

"Quarrel? Do you know I'm here to fight with you? In just a few months, you have robbed nearly 100 of my customers. Xia Xinnian, don't be complacent. You will soon finish playing. " Liu Mei's teeth were biting with hate, and finally she let out her inner dissatisfaction.

A nearby designer immediately stood up and choked for Xia Xinnian: "Liu Mei, we are all in our business by our own abilities. What are you shouting about here? Go to the reporter if you have the ability to say it. Let everyone see your face of failure."

"What did you say? Who are the losers? " Liu Mei suddenly became fierce, and her company's people immediately came to join in the swearing war.

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to make things bigger. It's disgraceful. Besides, half an hour later, the competition will start. She has a lot of things to prepare.

"Well, don't argue with her. It's important to work." Xia Xinnian pulled himself apart, and Liu Mei's group was still sneering.

"Manager Xia, what are you afraid of? You are the younger grandmother of Jijia in the future. She is not only a green onion, but also a match for you." Someone nearby was angry for her.

Xia Xinnian sighs and laughs: "of course I am angry. I was scolded for no reason. Who can stand it? But now we have to do more important things. If we miss the game, we will lose."

Liu Mei's swearing made her happy a lot. Xia Xinnian didn't dare to quarrel with her, but thought she was guilty.

Xia shuran didn't come to the scene, but she found two female stars to support the scene, and the clothes on the female stars were the surprise she prepared for Xia Xinnian.

Two female stars just came in, wearing coats outside, so no one can see what kind of skirt they have inside.

The competition was held as scheduled. There were four brands participating in the competition. Nearly 60 sets of clothes took turns. The lights were shining, the models walked steadily, and their temperament was different. It was indeed a rare visual feast, which was applauded frequently.

Xia Xinnian saw the brand under Ji's banner. The female superior who took the lead in the competition looked at Xia Xinnian. When Xia Xinnian looked up at her, she nodded friendly.

Xia Xinnian is stunned for a while, and then smiles and says hello. It seems that jimucheng has done a good job and has not let her meet her tricky opponent again.

In the stands, the models play a unique match with the rhythm of the explosion.

Liu Mei's team came to the stage in the first round. She brought more than 20 sets of new products. After the model had gone, the host invited Liu Mei to the stage. Liu Mei smiled and stood gracefully on the stage to introduce her design inspiration. She was full of confidence.

Round by round competitions are arranged in this way. The designer delivers a speech on the stage.

Just after Ji's brand left, it was Xia Xinnian's turn. Xia Xinnian's tense palms were sweating. She stood in the background of the curtain and watched the stage closely.

At this time, the two female stars who were still wearing coats suddenly took off their coats. The clothes they were wearing actually collided with the styles of the two models on the stage.

At the beginning, no one noticed this matter. Until Xia Xinnian, as a representative, went on stage to deliver a speech, Liu Mei suddenly came out. She had a laugh on her face. She didn't say a word and directly grabbed the host's microphone: "Xia Xinnian, you just said that these works are your latest designs, and you also said a lot of ghost stories about how you find the inspiration source. Then you go to Look on your left side. It seems that I saw someone colliding with your design. "

Xia Xinnian just wanted to be angry. Hearing Liu Mei's words, she instinctively turned to the left.

At the same time, almost everyone's eyes were on the two female stars.

The two female stars have already made their way to each other. However, at the moment, they pretended to be panic, but they stood up from their position to let more people appreciate the two distinctive skirts on them.

"What's the matter?" Summer heart read beautiful eyes a surprise, hard to believe murmur.

The judges on the spot and some people in the industry who came to watch the show all fell off their chins. It's true that the styles are the same, even the patterns are similar. Is this a plagiarism?

Liu Mei was shocked to see all the people, and she was even proud to sneer: "Xia Xinnian, open your eyes to see clearly. The clothes on those two ladies are the same as the works you just made. How do you explain?"

Xia Xinnian is in a mess. She didn't expect this to happen.