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C572 the Queen's distress

Seeing her brother's highly nervous expression, murin stopped her movements and looked through the photos for him wholeheartedly.

After looking at several photos, murin began to get confused: "I think the person who took her picture should be someone she knows well, otherwise, she can't smile so relaxed." "Sister, do you think so? Do you think she will find any friends to travel abroad? " Mu shiye only feels her scalp is tense and her heart is in a state of turmoil. As far as he knows, Pei Anxin's circle of friends doesn't have any same-sex friends who play very well. When she was with him in the past, she had a bit of a house. At this time, who would she look for to travel with her? "My silly brother, do you believe in Anxin's character or do you have no confidence in yourself? My intuition tells me that in Anxin's heart and your seat, you should be patient and wait! " As an outsider, of course, Mu Lin will not realize how serious this matter is.

"Sister, can I ask you something?" All of a sudden, Mu Shi had a very bold idea.

"What is it?" Murin looked at him strangely.

"Bring me some oranges for a few days!" Mu shiye knows that only his sister and good friend, lohnin, are the most worthy of his trust. On the contrary, his mother, grandma of orange, makes Mu shiye uneasy.

"Ah?" Mu Lin directly pulled off the mask and looked at him incredulously: "are you going to go abroad to find Anxin? Give me the orange, can I take it? "

Murin also likes this little niece very much, but after all, she has no experience as a mother. She is not familiar with such small things as brewing milk powder. She is really afraid that she can't take good care of this little thing.

"If you don't have experience, you can take her to Tang youyou. She is a good mother!" Mu shiye believes that Tang youyou will never refuse to help. She looks like a good woman with a good heart.

Seeing that her brother was so anxious and determined, it seems that he was really flustered this time.

"I didn't expect that you were still an infatuated seed!" Murin couldn't help chuckling.

"I didn't think of it myself!" When Mu night self mocked smile: "I really hope I can take it, put it down."

"Who doesn't want it!" Mullin sighed.

Mu shiye looks at his elder sister and cares more and more about his appearance recently, so he jokingly asks: "elder sister, have you been fighting with Henning recently? How is he? "

"Son of a bitch, dare to dig your sister's news?" Mu Lin immediately gave him a white eye.

"I care about you. One is my elder sister and the other is my good friend. If you have a bad relationship, I'm stuck in the middle. Don't you want to be an outsider?" When Mu night spread out the hand, a serious expression.

Mu Lin was directly amused by her younger brother, which seriously said: "well, my sister always thought that I was a person who didn't understand love and would never indulge in love. But after meeting lohnin, I found that love is actually very good."

"Elder sister, I think you are seriously involved this time. It doesn't matter. Henning is a person to rely on. He deserves your love." Mu shiye quickly says good things to his friends.

"Is it worth relying on? I didn't think about it. Anyway, I have money and ability. I'm not afraid to lose anything." Maureen replied in a queer voice.

"Sister, don't be a queen in love. You have to be a daughter Let Henning spoil you and get used to you. This is the happiest way for a woman. " When Mu shiye heard her beautiful words, he immediately worried about her.

Elder sister has been a queen for too long. She doesn't know how to put down her pride. In the world of love, it doesn't work. Mu Lin slightly picked up her eyebrow and said lightly: "I'm two years older than him. How can I be his daughter? Besides, I don't know how to show weakness. I don't want to get rid of my coquetry, and I don't want to make trouble like a little girl. I feel that the world of adults has no childishness, and I can solve it rationally once

When Mu night a face speechless looking at elder sister, this is her love view?

How can it sound? It's a little suspended?

"What kind of person is lohnin in your eyes?" Maureen suddenly asked him.

"In my eyes, he is a friend who speaks of righteousness, affection and kind." Mu shiye is talking about the feelings of good brothers.

Mu Lin instantly felt that she asked in vain and shrugged her shoulders: "in my eyes, he is young, fresh, handsome, well-trained, suitable to be together, talking about the wind, flowers and snow, and enjoying the spring and snow together."

"Sister, you haven't considered whether you want to marry him or not." Mu shiye is really worried about her sister.

"Marriage? Like you and Ann? Like mom and dad? Anyway, I don't want to be like this. Isn't marriage about turning two people who love each other into two people who are stranger than strangers? I don't want it! " In murin's tone, there was determination.

When the night suddenly fell asleep, my sister lived in her own subjective world, she did not know love, just dare not to accept.

"Well, I can't persuade you. Do you promise about orange?" Mu shiye is really reluctant to leave his daughter, but he is not at ease when he takes such a small child out of the country.

"Well, I'll take the orange for you. Big deal, I'll take the orange to my office!" In fact, Mu Lin is also very supportive of his brother's pursuit of the woman he loves, because if he doesn't do it well, his brother is not in the mood to share her work.

"Then I'll really book a ticket and leave early tomorrow morning! Anyway, as long as you hold the orange, you can't leave her at home. I'm afraid my mother can't take her. " When night really decided to go to see Pei Anxin what kind of travel life.

"Don't worry. I don't want her to take it with me!" Murin nodded and decided to take the little thing with her.

Anyway, if she can't carry it, she can ask lohnin for help.

Lohnin is Pei Anxin's cousin and relative. He shouldn't mind helping bring a small orange together.

When Mu night left, Mu Lin sat on the chair powerless, looking at the still young and tight skin in the mirror, inexplicably sad.

Once a woman is over twenty-five years old, her skin looks less glossy and plump than when she was young.

Mureen still cares that she is two years older than lohnin. Do women care about age?

I really hope time goes against the current, let her keep this young face, Mu Lin's frown is distressed, who says that she doesn't care about this relationship, clearly cares about the life. But, her own character, let her dare not show, this is the Queen's distress?