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C1462 go home with him

The car drove out of the wide square avenue and turned into the urban area. Lan Yan's solemn sitting posture was suddenly disturbed by a domineering palm, and she fell into his arms. in.

The forehead accidentally hit the man's fortitude and sexy chin, which caused a little pain, but it was almost negligible for the warm embrace of the closeness.

Lan Yan hoped that the two were not close enough, so she moved forward again, completely accommodating herself into his arms, and heard the gentle laughter of the man in his ear. "

This red envelope was really given to me by your mother? "Lan Yanxi asked in silence in his arms."

No, I did it! "The man is very frank, at will, he stretched out his fingers and rolled her long strand of hair, playing gently." I asked Chu Yi to give me cash, and I stuffed them one by one until I could n’t stop it. " Sealed, let him send it to you! ""

Mr. Vice President is so boring! "He was making fun of him, but the corner of her mouth was rising upward, very happy.

"Your affairs, no matter how boring, are fun!" The man sighed, this is the truth, he really felt interesting, and gave him a big red envelope, which seemed to relieve his work pressure. "

Thank you, I will accept it! Lan Yanxi lifted his head, all eyes were smiling.

At the moment, rows of streetlights came out of the window, and the light came in suddenly and suddenly. Her eyes were like falling starlight, dazzling. For a moment, the man looked a little stunned, with his head and thin lips. Gently blocked her soft lips. deep

Love, shallow lips, not warm, but lingering. Lan Yanxi raised her head voluntarily, and let the man pay her lips with gentle and watery goods. The tranquility at this moment seemed to be stolen from the busyness, which was very rare. kiss

After a while, the man's breathing was heavy, so I let her go, and kissed her in the hair for a while.

Lan Yanxi held out a finger and gently drew around the man's white collar, and whispered, "Is it really your mother that made you ask me to eat?"

"Well, my mother said that if I let me go anyway, I have to find a way to get you back for a meal. All of our relationships now, she knows, rest assured that she won't embarrass you because she knows you too. The man comforted her softly, for fear she would be nervous. "

Then I can rest assured, if you just tell me to go back for dinner, I will be really nervous! "Lan Yanxi laughed and reached out and patted her handbag." I also brought gifts to your mother and sister. I wonder if they will like them! " "

"Spending money again?" The man frowned slightly. "

No, what I spend is your money, I used all the red envelopes you gave! "Lan Yanxi laughed.

Seeing her naughty appearance, Ling Mofeng couldn't bear to blame again. Since she had this intention, he would naturally not say anything more.

After driving for a long time, the car turned into a avenue. Lan Yanxi immediately sat up straight and looked out. "I have to see where you live. Don't find the way in the future!" Ling Mofeng followed her out See, this way, he couldn't be more familiar with it, there was nothing new, but it was reassuring to him, because it was a way to return home. The door of the Ling family was just in front of her. Lan Yanxi suddenly became nervous and reached out to grab the man's big hand. "What to do? I'm still a little scared, just in case ..."

"What are you afraid of? You haven't seen my family. They are very easygoing people. Don't be afraid, follow me!" Ling Mofeng patted her back and calmed her. Having said that, for all women, the first visit to the in-law's house is nervous.

The door of the Ling family was opened, and a small head was found out. Ling Nuan-Nuan saw the elder brother's convoy return and immediately ran over with a smile.

After the door was opened, Ling Mofeng got out of the car first. Ling Nuannun hid behind his brother immediately, peeping at the future sister-in-law with a smile. Lan Yanxi took a deep breath, still walked down, saw Ling Nuannuo smiled at her, raised her hand to say hello, and gave a smile.

"Warm and warm, isn't it anyone?" Ling Mofeng immediately reached out and patted his sister's head.

"Bitch!" Ling Nuannuan's small mouth was very sweet, and she stepped out from behind Da Ke, immediately shouting with a smile. With a bitch, Lan Yanxi was called Mongolian, but she liked it very much, and blushed blushingly. Ling Mofeng looked at him with a smile on his face and was extremely happy. Entering the living room, closing the door, is the little world of the family. Ling

Nuan Nuan flew to the kitchen. "Mom, mom, brother brought the sister-in-law back!" Lan Yanxi saw the little girl beckon her, and she stayed for a while.

Immediately afterwards, I saw a gentle beautiful lady coming out of the kitchen. It was Ling mother. While holding a towel and wiping the water drops on her hand, she smiled and said to Lan Yanxi, "Yanxi is here, sit in the living room After a while, dinner is still being done, Mo Feng, please say hello first! "

"Auntie!" Lan Yanxi shouted with a very restrained smile.

"You're welcome, just be yourself, relax!" Ling's mother likes Lan Yanxi. In addition, she also has a daughter. Compared with her uneasy daughter, she finds that Lan Yanxi is still very attractive. like. Ling Mofeng stood beside, smiling at the scene, and said with a smile, "Yanxi, otherwise, sit upstairs with me. There is a small living room on it."

"Also, go up with Mo Feng!" Ling mother immediately raised her hand, and was very happy to see her son and daughter-in-law get along. "

Brother, I will go up too! "Ling Nuan Nuan will immediately follow upstairs.

"Wan Nuan, come here and help your mother clean up the living room and see what your troubles look like!" Where can Ling mother let her daughter follow, and quickly called the troubled daughter back. "

Mom, I also want to improve my relationship with Xunzi. We just met soon. "Ling Nuan Nuan was deliberately mischievous. She just wanted to see what the expression on her brother was, and she must have rejected her again."

It's okay, let Nuan Nuan come up! "Ling Mofeng had no opinion, and agreed gently.

Ling Nuannuo immediately grimaced at her mother, saying proudly, "Seeing that, my brother is reasonable."

Lan Yanxi watched Ling Nuannuan arrogantly withdraw from her family in front of her family. She was envious and sad because she seemed to have no heart or lungs when she saw her father was still alive. She just said whatever she wanted to say. Ling Mofeng took Lan Yanxi upstairs, Ling Nuannun followed, holding up a large plate of washed fruits. "

Bitch, come and eat fruit! "Ling Nuannuo greeted with a smile.

"Okay, thank you!" Lan Yanxi quickly reached for a grape and put it in his mouth to eat. Ling Nuannuan watched her elder brother walk towards his bedroom, she quietly said, "My elder brother is so boring, would you like it?" Lan Yanxi almost swallowed a grape vine, fortunately she Spit it out in time, but still blushing and blushing, dare to love that this little sister did not come to warm up with her, but to tear down his brother's stage, this sister is really interesting.

"He's okay, not too stuffy, but it's a bit mature!" Lan Yanxi replied with a smile. "

I felt that he was too mature, and he was obviously too young to be with me, but he felt like my dad, with no siblings at all! Ling Nuannuan moaned and complained. It happened that Ling Mofeng, who had taken off his jacket, came out, and heard the words of his sister, thin lips evoked a smile. "In front of my girlfriend, can't you praise me? Is it a sister? "

Ling Nuannuan was caught doing bad things, immediately spit out her little tongue, and quickly took a cherry to block her mouth, and stopped talking.

Lan Yanxi saw the man coming, his breath was suddenly delayed, and a casual white shirt could wear a special aura on the man. Slim trousers were matched with simple and expensive temperament to make him love him. People, can't help but flood into a river. Lan Yanxi really subconsciously reached out and wiped the saliva in the corner of her mouth, really afraid she would fall off. Ling Mofeng's long posture sat directly beside her and reached out to grab a grape to eat. This casual, full of life Ling Mofeng surprised Lan Yanxi because she really liked him. "

Brother, you and your sister-in-law are almost engaged, right? Mom said, pick before your election! "Lan Nuannuan asked with a curious smile.