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C912 arousing suspicion

Ji Yueze sorted out the company's accounts in the first time after Wu Chang left, and found that Wu Chang really filled every account.

Ji Yueze sat in the office with a cold look. Only one day after Wu Chang left, a number of senior officials of the company delivered their speeches. It seems that they have reached a consensus and are all proud. Ji Yueze didn't pay much attention to the huge blow brought by the company. He didn't care about the people with more money and less money. When he started the company, he was also interested for a while. He just felt tired and betrayed. Sometimes it was more unacceptable than cutting meat with a real knife. For example,

as a result, Ji Yueze lost his trust in people, and he became more silent than ever.

Bai Yiyan looks at it all. She is very distressed. In the evening, Ji Yueze brings Bai Yiyan back to Ji's home for dinner. On the table, LAN Yue's eyes were distracted. Bai Yiyan's smile made her trance. The reason why LAN Yuezhi feels so trance is that at a certain moment, she seems to find a white shadow on Bai Yiyan's face. I sent many photos of her to LAN Yue in front of Bai Zhenzhen. LAN Yue had seen the cute, gentle and sweet look in the photos one by one.

Because of the deep hatred, so the white and true face is still deep in her memory. Bai

Yi Yan noticed LAN Yue's expression of looking at her from time to time, and her heart quivered gently. A sense of uneasiness spread across her chest, and she suddenly felt like a needle. At this time, Ji Yueze asked Ji Xiaohan to go upstairs to study and chat. LAN

Yue is almost puzzled by her guess. She can't help sighing at the bottom of her heart. What's wrong with her? Why do you always want Bai Yiyan and Bai Zhen together? He is clearly two different people.

What makes LAN Yue think so is that last time she talked with her little son about Bai Zhenzhen, Bai Yiyan was also at her home. If Bai Zhenzhen had anything to do with her, she could not have behaved at all.


LAN Yue's heart was choked. She was adamant that her son would cheat with her. In the study of the second building, the two brothers are sitting on the sofa and desk, talking about Ji Lin. For the sake of Grandpa, although they wanted to take him to Dharma early, they always had many concerns. "

elder brother, Wu Chang has resigned. I plan to recruit new people." Ji Yueze's light opening.

"How could he resign? Don't you trust him the most? " Ji Xiaohan doesn't know what happened to his brother's company, but the relationship he has established over the years makes him know that Wu Chang is a key figure for his brother.

"He doesn't deserve my trust. We've fallen out. He set up another company behind my back and is fighting for business with me." Ji Yueze said it lightly, as if he was also indifferent to Wu Chang.

"I see!" Season owl cold also not too surprised, because, benefit can change a lot of people. "

I may be busy recently. If you have time, you should take care of your grandparents!" Ji Yueze decided to put his mind to rectify the company. "

don't worry, I will take care of them!" Ji Xiaohan comes to him and taps him on the shoulder to show sympathy and encouragement.

Men are not like sisters. When they are sad, they can cry and scold together. The two brothers, Xiao Han and Ji Yueze, grew up from small to large. They both expressed their feelings in a rather dull way, but with a heavy weight.

"If you need my help, just talk. No matter who betrayed you, I will always be your big brother!" Ji Xiaohan said with a light smile. "

I know that big brother has always been the source of my peace of mind!" Ji Yueze is a little embarrassed to say this kind of meat. Season

Xiao Han joked: "do you know you are shy in front of me?"

Ji Yueze shook his head: "of course, I'm not shy. I have another thing to talk to you!"

"Oh!" Ji Xiao raises his eyebrows and beckons him to talk.

"Elder brother, have you ever doubted that someone is helping Ji Lin and his son in secret?"

"Why do you say that?" Season owl cold look slightly surprised.

Ji Yueze shook his head: "I don't know. Ji Lin's father and son don't have that kind of strength. They think he can fight us. If there is no support behind them, I don't believe it."

Ji Xiaohan's face gradually became heavy: "I need to make a good investigation of this matter. Maybe they have found a way to rely on it. Maybe, someone has already planned Wu Chang's betrayal of you." "

Yes, I'm suspicious of our brother, so I want to remind you in particular!" Ji Yueze whispered. "

do you have any suspects now?" Season owl cold eyes dew cold light, unfathomable. "

at present, I don't have one, but I can think about who can become your opponent in our country!" "

I have a lot of opponents, but most of them I don't pay attention to, but we have been safe these years, but it doesn't mean that there are no potential enemies." Ji Xiaohan is alarmed by his brother's words. "

maybe it's my guess, brother, please be careful!" Ji Yueze finished, looked down at his watch: "it's not early, I went upstairs to say hello to Grandpa and went back."

"Are you and Bai Yiyan OK?" Ji Xiaohan is still worried about them. "

it's ok now!" Ji Yueze shrugs his shoulders, then opens the door and leaves. Ji

the more Ze he went upstairs, he found that the old man had fallen asleep. He couldn't bear to disturb him, so he went downstairs directly. In the

living room, he saw Bai Yiyan, who was pale. She sat nervously, her beautiful eyes seemed to keep staring at the direction of the stairs. When

saw that the season was brightening, she was relieved. Ji said to her, "let's go, let's go home!" Bai

Yiyan nodded, and after greeting Ji's family, they got in the car and left.

On the way back, Bai Yiyan held her hands tightly together, as if she was very nervous. "

What's the matter? You don't look very well! " Ji Yueze finally found something wrong with her.

Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip lightly, and said with a trembling voice for a long time: "Ji Yueze, let's tell your mother that I'm Bai Zhenzhen's niece. Don't let her have suspicion."

"What did my mother say?" Ji Yueze eyebrow color a Lin, also nervously clenched the steering wheel. In fact, he has been deliberately avoiding this matter, thinking that as long as he does not mention it, he can cover the past.

But now it seems that he wants to ignore it, and can't. "

your mother is looking at me today. I always feel like she knows something. I'm worried!" Bai Yiyan's courage is getting smaller and smaller. Because she cares, everything changes carefully.