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C1463 engagement

Hearing the two words of engagement, Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi look a little deeper. Next second, they look at each other. LAN Yanxi is embarrassed and quickly drops his head to pretend that he is not interested in this matter.

"Your grandfather asked me to be engaged to you before the election. What do you think?" Ling Mo Feng asked her in a low voice.

"My grandfather has a good heart!" LAN Yanxi sighed a little. Grandpa must be afraid that after Ling Mo Feng's election, he would break his promise and refuse to marry her. How could she not know that Grandpa asked Ling's family to be engaged to her so strongly?

"Your grandfather really loves you!" Ling Mo Feng reached over and took one of her little hands.

LAN Yanxi subconsciously broke away for a while, but the man held it tighter and didn't let her pull away.

"Shame!" When the atmosphere was strong, suddenly there was a scream with a smile. Ling wennuan covered his eyes with both hands and said angrily, "elder brother, your sister and I are still under age. Can you hold it a little bit?"

This time, LAN Yanxi directly shook off the man's hand. Ling Mo Feng had no choice but to give up, but Jun Mou stared at his sister with dissatisfaction: "if you know that you are not an adult, you should read less love novels. Look at those things in your room!"

"Brother, I read love novels to improve my Eq. if a woman's EQ is too low, her happiness index will be greatly reduced. Don't believe it. Ask your sister-in-law. She must have read love novels before." Ling wennuan doesn't think it's too big to say anything. He wants to take the blue words into the water. Anyway, my eldest brother will not give up scolding her.

LAN Yanxi was a little confused. He looked at the two brothers and sisters innocently. He didn't expect that Ling Mo Feng was such a serious brother at home.

Ling Mo Feng turned his head and looked at LAN Yanxi seriously. He asked her in a low voice, "do you see it, too?"

LAN Yanxi really doesn't want to be involved in their brother and sister's fight. However, her EQ is not low. She knows that she can't offend Ling Mo Feng or her future sister-in-law. So she nodded seriously on her face: "look, I've seen a lot!"

Ling wennuan spits out his tongue at Ling Mo Feng: "see? My sister-in-law must have learned a lot from those love novels. It's still very useful. Besides, what we read are serious novels."

Lingmo Feng found that he could not talk about these two unreasonable people, so he had to stand up and say, "I'll take a bath, you can talk about love stories."

Ling wennuan finally won the first prize, but he raised his eyebrows and said: "it's good to have a sister-in-law here. My eldest brother dare not educate me!"

LAN Yanxi looks at Ling wennuan, a little girl with a strange spirit. He is afraid that Ling Mo Feng will not worry about facing such a playful and noisy sister.

As soon as Ling Mo Feng left, LAN Yanxi and Ling Nuan had no targets to attack. They stared for a while.

"Sister in law, how old are you this year? It looks small. " Ling wennuan immediately asked for a topic.

"I'm actually going to be twenty-three next month. It's not too small!" LAN Yanxi replied with a smile.

"Well, sister-in-law, it must be very hard for you to fall in love with my brother. Listen to my mother, you've been acting with my brother. My brother's acting is speechless, but you are a young girl. Will it be hard for you to play with him?" Ling warm or sensible, in addition to occasionally mischievous, most of the things, she still see in the eyes.

"Your brother takes good care of me. He won't!" Blue words hope Mou bottom a gentle color, think of this man everywhere maintenance and care, she only felt the heart warm.

"Well, I'm really afraid that you will be scared away by my brother. You don't know that since my brother became Vice President, there have been many people who come to the house to talk to each other. There are many people who have come to the house to have dinner with their elders. Those girls are very confident. When they see my brother, they wear clothes. I feel bad for them. It's better to be a sister-in-law, naturally Fang! " Ling warm can't help but gossip up, of course, is also no words to find words, want to activate the atmosphere.

"Is it?" LAN Yan's eyes were stunned. Ling Mo Feng never mentioned this to her. Unexpectedly, he has had so many blind dates. It's funny to think of it.

"Well, my brother told me about my first meeting with you. I really admire you. How did you think of such a funny thing?" Ling warm immediately supported his chin, a pair of expressions to listen to her story.

LAN Yanxi was drinking tea when she heard about her past embarrassment and almost didn't spray it out.

She quickly reached out to wipe the tea at the corner of her mouth, and her face was embarrassed: "why did your brother tell you about this? At that time, I just wanted to help myself, but I didn't think of anything else."

"In a word, my brother is also a wonderful flower. In the past, other girls dressed beautifully came to see him. He was very polite to others. You dressed as a little sister and went to see him. He fell in love with you at a glance. Do you think his aesthetic outlook is distorted?" Ling warm blinked big eyes, a curious face of analysis.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help but laugh and say, "warm, what do you think?"

"I don't think he has an aesthetic sense. All he thinks is work. I'm really worried that he won't get a wife!" Ling warm to tell the truth.

LAN Yanxi burst out laughing. Such an interesting sister is really a small treasure. Ling Mo Feng's life must be very interesting.

"Although your brother is a workaholic, he is also a normal man. How can he not get a wife because he looks so good? I don't know how many women want to marry him. " LAN Yanxi saw with his own eyes how crazy the young women were in the office.

"You admit that he looks good?" Ling warm immediately laughed happily.

LAN Yanxi didn't expect that he jumped into the hole accidentally, and his face turned red with embarrassment.

"All right, sister-in-law, I don't mean anything else. I just want to try how you feel about my brother!" Ling wennuan apologizes to her for her accomplice.

Blue Yan Xi is generous, chuckle: "I am not angry, I really think he looks good!"

"My sister-in-law is also pretty. My brother has a good eye!" Ling warm sweet said.

At this time, Ling's mother came up with two cups of milk. Seeing the two people talking happily, she asked curiously, "what are you talking about? So happy to talk? "

"Auntie!" LAN Yanxi was still very formal. When he saw the elder coming, he quickly stood up to show politeness.

"Sit down and talk. Don't be so polite. Our Ling family is also an easygoing family. There are not so many rules!" Ling mother gently raised her hand to her.

LAN Yanxi just sat back, but he was not as relaxed as before.

"I've discussed the engagement date with your grandfather again and again. There's a good day at the end of this month. We'll arrange the engagement banquet. Please come and have a seat with your family and friends then! And the bride price. We are ready. In two days, I will ask my husband to go to the blue house and tell your grandpa in detail! " Ling's mother felt it was necessary to mention it to LAN Yanxi. After all, she was the heroine.

When LAN Yanxi heard about the complicated affairs of marriage, his head was big, and his face was naturally covered.

"It's ok if you have an aunt's arrangement. I don't mind. It's just too hard for you!" Thank you very much.

"It's the right thing for parents to do the wedding for their son. I'm looking forward to your engagement first, and then getting married to give birth to a child for our Ling family. All the children in our family are old, and they all fly out like wings. I'm bored at home, and I'm looking forward to a small one to solve the problem!" Ling's mother gently expressed her thoughts of seeking sun's heart.

LAN Yanxi is ashamed just to listen. She wants to have children before she gets married. But she can't help it if someone doesn't allow her.

"Sister in law, my brother is definitely a good and responsible man. You just have children with him, and I will definitely take my little nephew later..."

"Warm!" As soon as Ling's mother heard her daughter's words, she felt something was wrong and gave her a glance.

Ling wennuan blinked for a while, but didn't find out what he said wrong.

LAN Yanxi wants to drill a hole in the ground, but she also understands Ling's attitude, and her heart is sweet.

"Mom, what's wrong with me? Elder brother is responsible. I'm afraid that he will lift his pants... "

"Warm, go down and help!" Ling's mother really wants to slap her daughter downstairs.