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It's said that the two kids are very excited to go out to play. Ji xiaonai is the one with big eyes. He can't wait to stamp his feet and urge: "Daddy, Mommy, hurry up."

"Who does the daughter look like?

So urgent. "

Season owl cold can't help asking jokingly.

Tang youyou immediately turned his mouth: "it's not like me anyway!"

Season owl cold a choke, be like him?

"I don't have such a hurry. I'm famous for being calm and calm."

Season owl cold also refutes immediately.

Tang youyou threw him a white eye: "is that right?

I don't know who's involved. "

Ji Xiaohan has nothing to say. Of course, he understands what Tang youyou means by that word. Yes, after he took Tang youyou's mother and son home, he always wanted to have a further relationship with her. At that time, he was in a hurry, but this can't define his daughter as he is.

Seeing Ji Xiaohan, I have nothing to say. Tang youyou is a little complacent.

Ji Xiaorui is getting more and more mature now. He has been sitting in the car, taking out his game machine and staring at the screen.

Tang youyou sat up and robbed his game machine at the first time: "no playing in the car."

Ji Xiaorui is not angry, just shrugs his shoulders: "it's too boring not to play games."

"You can have fun with Xiao Nai. For example, you can do riddle guessing and boxing."

Tang youyou still has a set of ways to educate the kids.

Season owl cold also sat in, season xiaonai immediately occupied daddy's bosom, peering at Ji Xiaorui with a fox like smile: "brother, let's row, who loses, who will learn to bark."

Ji Xiaorui was defeated by his younger sister's childish topic. He immediately looked out of the window and said, "no, I don't want to play such a retarded game."

"Where is the mental retardation? Daddy, my brother hates me and doesn't play with me."

Ji xiaonai immediately turned to Ji Xiaohan for help.

Ji Xiaohan said to his son in a gentle voice, "just play with your sister. She can only play this kind of game."

"If daddy wants to let him go, you can play with him."

Ji Xiaorui is not so good at bluffing. He is a baby with high intelligence.

Season owl cold mouth corner a smoke, the son must be skin itch, dare to dig a pit for him.

"Yes, daddy can play with me. Anyway, we have a long car to ride."

Ji xiaonai's big eyes lit up in a flash.

Ji Xiaohan's expression is frozen. Forgive him. He doesn't want to play such a retarded game with his daughter.

Tang youyou is about to laugh out his internal injury. Ji Xiaohan is trapped by his son.

"Daddy..." Ji xiaonai has prolonged her xiaonaiyin. Her coquettish skill is first-class.

Ji Xiaohan looks at Tang youyou next to him and desperately asks for help.

But Tang youyou deliberately turned away from him, and naturally he would not help him.

"Daddy, don't you play with me?"

Ji xiaonai has flattened her mouth, with a very hurt expression.

Season owl cold dry smiled twice, kissed on the daughter's tender little face: "small Nai, otherwise, let's change a game, daddy put a sugar in his hand, you guess."

"Then I guessed it right. Daddy is going to learn to bark like a puppy."

Ji xiaonai immediately narrowed her eyes and smiled.

Ji Xiaohan finds that his daughter has a strong attachment to the three words "puppy call".

"Xiaonai, where's your mommy? Can you save some face for daddy?

If daddy did, your mommy might not like me

Season owl doesn't play when he's cold. He's afraid of losing face.

In front of Tang Youyou, he has to keep a good image of a deep and steady man.

Ji xiaonai was surprised: "why?

Mommy, if daddy barks like a puppy, would you really dislike him? "

Tang youyou held back his smile and replied seriously: "no, the dog is so cute. If he learns to bark, I will love him more."

"Yo, you..." Ji Xiaohan is going to spit blood because of the little wife's anger. His tall image.

Ji xiaonai immediately narrowed his big eyes and smiled: "Daddy, do you hear me? If you learn how to bark, Mommy will like you better. I also like dogs very much."

"Ji Xiaorui!"

Ji Xiaohan immediately looks at his son with a serious expression.


Ji Xiaorui said he was innocent.

"Play with my sister!"

Ji Xiaohan orders from his father.


Ji Xiaorui immediately leans to Mommy's side.

Tang youyou put his hand around his son and said to Ji Xiaohan, "it's none of our mother's or son's business to spoil your daughter like this."

Ji Xiaohan finds out that his son has a protective umbrella and can't move it.

Finally, Ji Xiaohan gave up his struggle and played with his daughter all the way. He learned all the animal barks except puppy barking and kitten and piggy barking. As for the resemblance, it's another matter.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaorui are laughing all the time. I feel that Ji Xiaohan is really looking for him. Does he pet his daughter like this?

In the end, he suffered.

Ji xiaonai is a smart baby. Whoever treats her well, she will toss about.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a villa hotel.

The bodyguard's car followed his car and stopped in a long row. Someone came to help put the suitcase.

Ji Xiaohan comes down from the car with a frustrated face, and his daughter is not happy.

Ji Xiaohan finds that he seems to have lost miserably.

"Brother, wait for me!"

Ji xiaonai jumps out of the car and follows Ji Xiaorui's footsteps. He looks at the strange environment with his novel eyes.

Tang youyou smiles on his face and looks at his children tenderly. Suddenly, a dangerous male voice comes to his ear: "Youyou, do you know what's the end of offending me?"

Tang youyou is startled, immediately Yang Mou looks at the man, to the burning fire of his Mou bottom.

He won't be really angry.

"Where did I offend you?"

Tang youyou asked with a face of grievance.

"Why didn't you help me just now?

You know your daughter is listening to you. "

Season owl snorts in cold.

"You didn't ask me to help you. I didn't hear your plea for help."

Tang youyou covers his mouth and Snickers.

"I gave you a look."

The woman that Ji Xiao feels cold is intentional.

"I'm sorry, I can't quite understand what your eyes mean."

Season owl cold really take her helpless, had to hate grind teeth: "you are not afraid that I bully you at night?"

"The first three months are very important," the doctor said

Tang youyou's smile deepened.

Ji Xiaohan is even more angry. Next second, he grabs her wrist: "your hand can also be used."

Tang youyou stared at him angrily: "I don't want it."

Season owl cold sees her finally frightened pretty face to change color, some complacent way: "we chat again in the evening."

With that, Ji Xiaohan strides in the direction of the children's running.

Tang youyou is ashamed. In fact, if Ji Xiaohan has a real need in the evening, she will not refuse it, because she knows his need. If she can let him relax once in the busy work, she will still agree.

Blue house! LAN Chen listened to LAN Bai's words, but he was angry. He stared straight and said, "Ling Mo Feng really said that?"

Lambert's eyes twinkled twice, and he nodded dejectedly: "yes, that's what he said. He said that Lambert group has nothing to do with us any more. We can't think of dividing the company's interests into half silk interests."

"Too much, Ling Mo Feng is too much!"

LAN Chen listened. He was so angry that his face was black.

"Yes, it's really excessive. We are arrogant. We are his elder generation. He can do this to us. It's mainly lanyanxi, the dead girl. She must have let Ling Mo Feng say that. She just hates Xiaolin for killing the old man. So, she is deliberately fighting for revenge."

Lambert said angrily.

LAN Chen's face was even more ugly: "if it wasn't for her scheming to win her father's trust, Xiao Lin wouldn't hate her for it. She was the source of sin."

"My third brother, it's meaningless for us to fight for this now. LAN Yanxi wants to control the whole company. I heard that she's very close to Lin Yiwen, the current president. Maybe she's the one who designs with Lin Yiwen. She wants to swallow the whole company and never give us dividends."

The more Lambert said, the more excited he became.

"She doesn't have that big stomach. Can she swallow it?

Don't hold her up. "

LAN Chen was more excited and angry.

"Don't forget that she is Ling Mo Feng's wife now. Ling Mo Feng helps secretly. Why can't she swallow it?"

Lambert sneered and sat down.