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C1886 is the son's pawn

"Master Ji, this is your exclusive position. If you need anything, just call me!"

The restaurant manager's expression of flattery was speechless.

Jimucheng nodded to the other side, not because of being flattered to show the color of complacency and arrogance, but still good cultivation, bearing good.

Perhaps, this is what people often say to be content with wealth, which is the precipitation temperament of the real aristocracy.

Xia Xinnian is depressed for a while. It's not easy to eat with him.

The menu is all in English. Jimucheng is holding his son and his father and son are looking at the menu together.

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes pretended to look at the restaurant's environment. He accidentally glanced at his father and son's low brows and thought seriously. His heart moved slightly, and there was an illusion that he could not move his eyes.

If Susie, a friend of mine, told her that her son looks like Timothy, she really didn't take it seriously.

But now, two faces, one big and one small, even have the same expression of serious thinking. Because of the slightly frowned appearance, it's the same. She can't deny it.

My heart is even more stuffy. Xia Xinnian reaches for the cup on the table to drink.

"Do you like my cup?"

When she Gulu Gulu drank half a glass of water, she suddenly heard the man chuckle.

"Cough..." Xia Xinnian choked fiercely, coughed immediately, looked at the cup in his hand, and then looked at his left side. His cup of water could not be moved again.

"Mommy, don't be nervous. Daddy won't be angry with you for drinking his water!"

How can the little guy realize the impulse of Xia Xinnian to hit the wall at this moment? He thought that mommy was afraid of daddy's anger to choke.

"Yes, I'm not angry!"

The man seemed to show that the atmosphere was not embarrassing enough and answered his son with a smile.

Xia Xinnian is so embarrassed! Quickly put the cup in the palm of your hand, and then pass the cup of water you haven't drunk to the man.

"It's too late. I've drunk that cup!"

But the man saw her mind, and the evil spirit of thin lips rose.

In a word, Xia Xinnian blushed again. She had to stare at him angrily, bow her head and brush her mobile phone.

"Mommy, are you watching uncle Yan's video?

Let me see, too! "

Little guy doesn't know which eye is too sharp. It happened that Xia Xinnian turned over a video and it was Yan Junhan. When little guy saw it, he made a scene.

The man's hand holding the water cup suddenly froze, and Jun's face was suddenly covered with a cold color, and his eyes were sharply fixed on her mobile phone.

"Take it!"

Xia Xinnian was also helpless and gave his mobile phone to his son.

The little guy immediately happily holds the mobile phone and looks at the man walking on the T platform. His little mouth opens.

Xia Yuchen is sitting on the leg of jimucheng. At the moment, the man's eyes are also fixed on the screen. It has to be said that the handsome face is really good, and it's no wonder that it can make the woman fascinated.

"Son, you seem to like Uncle Yan very much."

Seeing his son's mouth is always on the air, the man's heart is very bad. Being able to let his son approve means that Yan Junhan has some means, which also implies the danger. If his son approves him, the chance that this woman wants to be with him will increase. What should he do as a biological father?

"Yes, uncle Yan is very nice. He often buys me toys and delicious ones! Daddy, if you see him, you'll make friends with him. When you see him later, I'll introduce you to him. "

In the eyes of the little guy, the two of you can become good friends.

"Is it?

Well, get to know each other! "

When Ji Mucheng said this, his dangerous eyes were fixed on Xia Xinnian, and he deliberately bit the two words he knew.

Fortunately, Xia Yuchen didn't understand it, but Xia Xinnian heard it, and his heart beat missed a beat.

Why does the man's eyes become so cold and sharp?

Did she do anything wrong?

"Son, give me your cell phone. I'll go to the bathroom!"

Don't want to let the son continue to look, Xia Xinnian directly reached for it.

The little guy has a pity to toot up his mouth: "Mommy is so stingy, she doesn't let me watch my cell phone every day!"

Jimucheng gently explained: "your mommy is for you. If you see too much mobile phone, your eyes will be sour. Don't get shortsightedness at a young age. It's not handsome!"

"I'll watch it for a while..." The little guy still wants to fight.

Jimucheng saw the woman go far away and immediately asked her son, "what's the relationship between your mommy and uncle Yan?"

"Friendship, however, is a kind of good friend!"

The little guy blinked his eyes immediately and replied seriously.

"Isn't it A relationship? "

Jimucheng knows that his son can distinguish between friends and lovers, so he asks boldly.

"No, uncle Yan and mummy are good friends. They are not together!"

The little guy replied more seriously. Obviously, he was afraid that Daddy would misunderstand him.

Jimucheng saw that his son was not lying. He could only touch his hair gently: "well, daddy knows!"

"Daddy, are you mistaken?"

Of course, Xia Yuchen is not stupid. On the contrary, he is very smart.

"No, how could daddy misunderstand?

Daddy is very broad-minded. It's normal for your mommy to have friends of the opposite sex. "

It really takes time and energy to build a tall father image in front of his son.

"Does Daddy have many heterosexual friends, too?"

Xia Yuchen's big black eyes narrowed instantly, and his little face was full of suspicion.

Jimucheng's routine was thrown back to him by the little guy. His handsome face froze for a second, then he immediately laughed: "of course, daddy has no heterosexual friends!"

"Daddy, don't lie to me. I'm not a three-year-old! My mommy said that a handsome man with money and long life like Daddy can't be a good man! "

The little guy opened his mouth and opened his father's lies.

Not a good person?

Jimucheng was indirectly slapped by the woman, and it was still that kind of sullen.

"Son, how does your mother teach you these things?

How could her mind be so gloomy?

Daddy may not be nice to outsiders, but he must be nice to you! "

Jimucheng was a little angry and felt that the woman's education was a little extreme.

"Will daddy be nice to Mommy, too?"

The little guy looked at him at once.

Jimucheng grinds his teeth secretly. This little thing is good. It's necessary to get a share for his mother.

"Of course, I'll be nice to her, too!"

In front of his son, he really can't say half a word about that woman, otherwise, the little guy is sensitive and will have bad associations.

"Daddy's word counts!"

The little guy blinked his big eyes, and then he didn't feel enough. He held out his little finger: "Daddy, let's pull the hook. You promise to be good to my mommy!"